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mephisto94 Level 188 Reboot Aran 4
Hi, Im a lv 163 BM. I have little funds, my fafbow only has +21 atk and I barely will have %DEX %BOSS %ATK %DMG because I dont expend NX. My range, with buffs is actually of 85k, and I hit 300K-600K, with Hurricane and with arrow stream. I don't know if switch to MM, I get seduced because of the high numbers. But, the thing I love of the BM is the combo of platter + hurricane + moltres + magic arrow, that is like if 4 attackers were with me, plus, the blood arrow that has saved me multiple times from dying at gollux. Is it really worths a change? Thanks in advance. God and Mary Bless you and Happy New Year
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elufu Level 240 Scania Mercedes 4 Reconcile Guild
Don't forget the ancillary costs of class switching . If you're unfunded it's best to stick with that class than to play around deciding what you want to become.

If it's just the high numbers that attract you, I don't recommend the change. (Not saying there's nothing else for MM but I don't want to make your decision hard)
Dec 30 2015
trancem5 Level 250 Khaini Bow Master
if you're hoping to get massive damage increase out of swapping jobs you will not at 85k range. i personally think MM is better for the most part but you wont see any significant differences til at least 500k+
Dec 30 2015
nikeball123 Level 210 Windia Bow Master See what games, anime & art nikeball123 is intonikeball123
MM is a lot easier to fund and will be better until you have close to 2m range. It would definitely make you stronger but they are really boring.
Dec 30 2015
distantsky Level 205 Khaini Marksman See what games, anime & art distantsky is intoDistantSky
I mean, you would hit alot harder as a MM but if you really like BM playstyle, then why switch

@nikeball123 eh eh eh. boring is subjective.
Dec 31 2015
distantsky Level 205 Khaini Marksman See what games, anime & art distantsky is intoDistantSky
@nikeball123 I switched to BM for 1 day and I would've felt better if I had dated a big fat slobbering neckbeard for a month
Dec 31 2015
appall Level 210 Windia Marksman
@distantsky: that's how I felt when I first switched! Then the reboot buff came and now I kill bosses faster than I could even dream of on my capping MM.
Dec 31 2015
ahnzap Level 207 Bellocan Bow Master
+5 Look like it's your lucky day. I just switched back to bow master from marksman and this is what I think about both class. Note that I have only like 200k clean range, so no capping and 2m clown here.
Marksman is better with low funding. The damage reduction from the shield and the second hero's will really helps in tight situation.
I believe marksman is the only class can solo madman ranmaru at low funding. The shield prevents you from being 1-hit-ko from ranmaru and snipe deal 600,000,000 damage aka shut down his inferno onmyouji in 1 shot without any funding.
With arrow illusion solo hard gollux is managable as long as you have enough dps to kill it in time limit.
I did solo both with 150k damage range as marksman and still have time to spare. I just switched back to bm today and even with 400k buffed damage range I failed to kill madman before the flame cover the whole field. Hard gollux is managable, but still not a walk in the park like marksman. Gotta miss those arrow illusion, tanking like a boss while you do your dirty work. And the distance thing too, anyone think marksman boring is a dummy. Positioning your character properly to maximize your damage is fun, and super snipe is just way cooler. Targets lock-on...BOOM! Windprey is just....
The 1-slow-hit snipe really helps against damage-reflection spammer like pink bean and empress if your reaction is not good. I lost count how many time arrow platter killed me. That was so annoying, it was the reason why I have to change to mm because dying as lv200+ is PAINFUL.
In otherhand you have bowmaster. They have better hit-per-second, but marksman snipe damage cap is quite high, hitting there is no pleb. Binding shot is a nice debuff to cripple bosses's heal.You have magical arrow and DoT that can bypass super physical defence. Arrow platter and DoT can still damage bosses while you jumping around avoiding stuffs like meteor, lazer etc. But I have to say locking magical arrow every 30s is annoying as hell and there should be a way to make it easier. Anyone think bowmaster is all about spamming boring hurricane all day is wrong. You have to rebuff, keep an eye on arrow locking, setup your turret and holding hurricane WHILE avoiding bosses's skills and timing damage reflection. Your eyes will be glued on the screen while bossing and you will die because of damage reflection.
And the most important reason that make me change back to bowmaster is the character stance. No one like 2hands stance and no one like their gorgeous faces being covered by a HUGE UGLY xbow. As marksman soon enough you will think about finding a good nx cover to hide that xbow, and it's just a temporary bandage. Your hands are still in the way and cover your lovely dress. Why do marksmans HAVE to hold them??? Why cant they just put xbow on the back like cannoneer or zero?
Dec 31 2015
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
funds are obviously a problem for you, so i don't think it's worth it for you to change. you'd have to pay a fee to change jobs and you have to get a new weapon.
Dec 31 2015
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