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mrbasil Level 198 Broa Jett 4 See what games, anime & art mrbasil is intocaptainCaptain
Update Oct 6: my apologies for all the site issues in the last 24-36 hours. I know there've been some big problems, including inability to log in. If you haven't been able to log in, didn't get a new password or couldn't sign up again, please try again. If you still can't and/or you don't remember your email, please email me at contact at basilmarket dot com with your ID and I'll help you get back in. Thanks for your patience.

Greetings Basilers!

Welcome to the new BM v10 engine! Sort of... as you can see there are still lots of issues. Much of the work involved in porting the site over has been done over the past couple of months. Unfortunately, there was no clean way to make the final jump except to pull the plug temporarily, which is what I did earlier today. Since then, I've been working on getting the site to a usable state.

We're not quite there yet. I've started a list below with known issues that I'm working on.

I thought it'd be better to put the site back up in a mostly working state rather than keeping it down for an extended period of time. Please bear with me while I resolve all the remaining issues.

Thanks for your patience and understanding

I can't log in!

BM is using much improved encryption for your login credentials. As such, everyone has to reset their password. The process is quite simple. If you have any problems please get in touch and we'll help.

To be updated

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skyenets Level 205 Scania Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art skyenets is intoSkyenets
-looks around-

Looks like someone figured out responsive design.

EDIT: Please do change the max width to something smaller. The current length for lines of text in larger resolutions is absolutely terrible for readability.
Oct 05 2015
falsemirror Level 133 Demethos Bow Master
what is this? a tween's blog?!
Oct 05 2015
windowlegs Level 142 Kradia Buccaneer
website gets changed despite the users voting against it =(

Oct 05 2015
thomas1985 Level 218 Windia Marksman Odysseia Guild
Fonts on Firefox desktop are blurry (Firefox mobile seems ok), see css:
.topic-bar h1, h1.topic-bar { font: 'Passion One' }

Also I think many will prefer the chat topic overview on top instead of the media items (screenshots+video's), I know I do.

The links in each section could be wrapped in div's to form blocks. Seems to make more sense than a list-top anchor element followed by a bunch of links, coherence is lacking.
Oct 05 2015
iamdusk Level 129 Kradia
@MrBasil, I cant log into my original account. I dont remember the email. I am @Xaiosun
Oct 06 2015
freezya Level 203 Scania I/L Arch Mage
Bring back the tags for different forum topics. Having to go through 2-3 menus is a no go. Merging all the forums in one list is the most disorganized thing I ever seen. Bring back the preview of forum description. Probs just me but I like having the id next to the avatar. Front page: oh god where do I begin. The condensed sizing is not pleasing to look at. If the fp layout is gonna stay this way, at least separate it like before from video/screens. More slots for front page. Still no easier way to view non front page material. Instead of fitting the fp into all in one window make 3 separate sizes: desktop, mobile , widescreen. myfoodforthought
Oct 06 2015
msnite Level 230 Scania Kanna 4
Revert back to old site please, this looks awful
Oct 06 2015
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