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Greetings Basilers, hope you're well.

I started because I was a bit disheartened to keep losing contact with friends I'd made in MS when they left / didn't come back. Surely I'm not the only one who this has happened to? I thought if there was just some common place where we could all post about our interests we wouldn't lose touch when one game got boring.

Using this as the inspiration, I created BZL. You all post about a big variety of stuff - console / pc games, anime, manga, illustration, tv, streams, etc. So my thinking was to mashup Basil's Stories feature with a more open-ended site where you are free to post about any of the above (and then some).

Unlike Basil's Stories, you can post links to anything and BZL will grab the thumbnail / video, making it really easy to share interesting stuff without much effort. So it's much "richer" (visual, etc) than just posting text snippets.

If you're remotely curious, I've made a special link which imports your BasilMarket account over so that you can bypass the whole signup process. Just click the below link and your BasilMarket account (just the portion related to logging in - not any media / posts) will be transferred over to BZL. You'll then be taken to the login page where you can use the same login/password you use on Basil to log in. If you'd like to change your username there, no problem, just shoot me an email (hey at bzl dot co).

Looking forward to seeing you there -

I and some of the mods have done a LOT of work to make this a really easy to use site. We hope you enjoy it!


PS - For those of you who remember, BZL is formerly known as Profil3. I started that site for the exact same reason many years ago, but for personal reasons was unable to maintain it.

PSS - If you have a and want to link it on Basil, you can do so on this page: Once you've done that, a link to your account will appear anytime you comment on BasilMarket
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mrbasil Level 198 Broa Jett 4 See what games, anime & art mrbasil is intocaptainCaptain
@natty2: n,ty!
@rtyu: sorry about that, fixed the avatar issue, sloth on.
@duzz: Thanks for the kind words. that is a good tlr - BM Story 2.0. It's VERY easy to post vids/pics tho - just paste a link (YT, soundcloud, anything) and the code will grab the video / thumbnails and even tags. For example, posts lots of interesting tracks.
Oct 21 2016
stormgrief Level 200 Scania Buccaneer
looks like discount tumblr nty
Nov 01 2016
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