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chyeung360 Level 202 Scania Demon Avenger 4
Yea, as well as alot of increase in support.[/quote]

Both active AND passive support. Besides. dmg formula has been changed (presumably buffed), so in the end the overall dmg output stays the same, if not being greater than it was.
May 30 2013
Bosnie1996 Level 202 Scania Blade Master
@chyeung360: Exactly, the healing angel ray is just WOAH.... dont have words
May 30 2013
Aznguy999 Level 175 Bera Bishop
It's going to be amusing if healing from angel ray can kill players under zombify.
Then your angel ray can kill both monsters and players alike =D
May 30 2013
I've always wanted a reason to kill people who are zombified... this could be it!
May 30 2013
Deadly1337 Level 200 Bera Bishop
I've always wanted a reason to kill people who are zombified... this could be it![/quote]

being a bishop gives you the power over life and death how ironic.
May 30 2013
nc4228 Level 205 Kradia Bishop
U look like a lvl 30 cleric to me.
Jun 04 2013
MinusHeel Level 204 Windia Bishop
Never hung on a rope, don't wanna get rope burn
Jun 04 2013
Bishops need a skill called, summon holy rope".
Jun 04 2013
jolteon7 Level 205 Broa I/L Arch Mage
@Jh00nKnights nailed it. I'd actually be happy if you could make a rope that stays there til you get hit. One, its mad funny and two, itd be awesome for rebuffing at bosses.
Jun 04 2013
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