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Balanced Fury Screen

By mateocl

mateocl Level 169 Elnido Blade Master
Oct 23 2014 I was bored one day and decided to draw up my take on a balanced fury

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yoyotwistap65 Level 193 Kradia Zero Transcendent
The grey color made me remind of 'Yin Yang Yo'
Oct 23 2014
kiue Level 200 Scania Night Lord
Now throw them and show me how durable they actually are.
Oct 23 2014
JetlagJag Level 201 Windia Cannoneer 4
CAD programs can do this? That's amazing~
Oct 23 2014
Voxous Level 209 Windia Blade Master Teased Guild
This reminds me of when I was toying with autodesk inventor in class and making throwing stars. Good times.
Oct 23 2014
MateoCl Level 169 Elnido Blade Master
You should take this design to an engineer and have them made in metal or 3-d printed[/quote]

I'm pretty sure none of the people I know that have 3D printers will let me print a weapon with it...
Oct 23 2014
Briqht Level 217 Scania Kanna 4
What a beauty
Oct 24 2014
xVoltage Level 130 Bellocan Bow Master
I would buy this if it was real.
Oct 24 2014

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