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Banana freshness: 9 Screen

By jiyur

jiyur Level 36 Windia Gunslinger Memories Guild
Jul 17 2013 dear big sis noen, lieutenant jujube is a big meanie poopy head

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klu180 Level 159 Scania Battle Mage 4
+42 I've been waiting
Jul 17 2013
Kazno Level 203 Bera Kaiser 4
+1 HAHAH the last comic, that face is priceless.
Jul 17 2013
Azzamok Level 214 Scania Bishop
+1 Haha, a flower pops up at the end.
Jul 17 2013
Orochi Level 177 Yellonde Wind Archer 4
Dem Eyelashes at the end
Jul 17 2013
Koncept Level 53 Windia Fighter
this both scares me and makes me laugh at the same time
Jul 17 2013
MagicFrappe Level 89 Scania Angelic Buster 3
Don't you ever stop doing these.
Jul 17 2013
Cholange Level 181 Khaini Bishop
omg that last panel made me so mad at that lieutenant
Jul 17 2013

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