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Banned for billing issues?

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Sheckamaru Level 163 Bera Corsair
Did anyone else get that?

I logged on when i got home from school, went afk for acouple hours. came back and relogged and nothing happened.
I tried logging on the website to see what happened and it said i was banned for billing and/or payment issues.

Is this a glitch? Last time i bought nx was 4 months ago. . .
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go to yahoo or hotmail or w/e email ugot and email billingpp@nexon dot net and give em ur account id n information on what u did all day before u got banned.
Nov 12 2010
Lol? your saying i was trying to get rid of my pink scrolls? Well i wasn't i was looking buyers for my friend and your the one who bought them. and if this ban was from mesos exploit then why did people get banned even the ones who didnt log off for months
Nov 12 2010
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