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aznguy999 Level 175 Bera Bishop
Hey guys!

Out of nostalgia, I stumbled my way back to this site.
Though I have not been using basilmarket for many months (or years), its easy to see how neglected the site has been compared to modern sites and technologies we commonly use.

Given the state of this website and having low expectations with basilmarket as is, how long will we be able to keep this thread alive? Rather than saying something arbitrary to keep this alive, share a piece of your life this week, talk about the things you remember about basilmarket, or make some discussion with other people in the thread c:

Remember, this is a community effort to keep this alive. For those who are still active on basilmarket, please drop by this thread here and there. If you are like me and happen to come back to basilmarket out of nostalgia, please drop by and leave a comment. Who knows if your efforts will make a difference, but for this thread, its a matter of life and death ><
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