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Basil Community How long can we keep this thread alive?

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aznguy999 Level 175 Bera Bishop
Hey guys!

Out of nostalgia, I stumbled my way back to this site.
Though I have not been using basilmarket for many months (or years), its easy to see how neglected the site has been compared to modern sites and technologies we commonly use.

Given the state of this website and having low expectations with basilmarket as is, how long will we be able to keep this thread alive? Rather than saying something arbitrary to keep this alive, share a piece of your life this week, talk about the things you remember about basilmarket, or make some discussion with other people in the thread c:

Remember, this is a community effort to keep this alive. For those who are still active on basilmarket, please drop by this thread here and there. If you are like me and happen to come back to basilmarket out of nostalgia, please drop by and leave a comment. Who knows if your efforts will make a difference, but for this thread, its a matter of life and death ><

P.S. Rip I can't change the polls but deal with it haha. -1 for basilmarket's lack of modern functionality
Posted: March 2019 Permalink

Basil Community How long can we keep this thread alive?

35%5 / 14Active Basil Citizen
50%7 / 14Nostalgic/ Inactive Basiler
7%1 / 14Conspiracy theory of counting your heads
7%1 / 14Are you procrastinating...


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qwedsa87 Level 190 Windia Mercedes 4
Just since this is basically the only active thread: Did the notes section get purged? I had some nostalgic links sitting in there
Mar 18 2019
audio Level 21 Yellonde Blade Recruit See what games, anime & art audio is intoaudio
@helpingly: thanks buddy, i appreciate it! same to you man, hope everything's going well for you. i know we didn't talk all that much but i've always thought you were a pretty good guy. i hope you've been able to reap some good karma from all the helping you've done over the years hahah
Mar 19 2019
repentant Level 211 Bera Hayato 4 Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art repentant is intoRepentant
+2 I still visit the site out of habit, though I'm only ever bothered to log on when I see my old friends. @weeb @helpingly: uwu

I also miss my Hayato brothers. @quasar @deeemon @fighterdoken @chickensoul wya

Got back into Maple a few days ago to pass the time until Classic WoW's release, like a last hurrah of sorts. Hoping I can get strong enough to solo Lotus before then, though knowing me I'll probably get distracted with something else soon enough.
Mar 19 2019
deeemon Level 214 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art deeemon is intoDeeMon
@repentant: I'm still here, dood. But I don't play MapleStory anymore because of what nexon did to Hayato. Now I have to abuse a bug to keep crit rate at 100% without Hitokiri Strike buff while in Normal stance because Hitokiri Strike sucks now. It's very discouraging.
I know that if I move onto another character, nexon Korea is going to find some way to destroy that class to become less enjoyable than it already is. So I give up on this game.

I'm trying to complete my video game backlog now. 65 games left. And then more games to be released in the future.
Mar 21 2019
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