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Basilers are like Pokemon

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@uwotm8 evolves into @tiesandbowties (looks like lv15 sin to lv50 sin)

@chema evolves into @piana (looks like lv15 mage to lv50 mage)

@pokiitia evolves into @riin3x evolves into @rixworkwix (increase sheep coat size)

@cherrytigers evolves into @ericmart (first there's 1, then there's 3)

@badfurdays evolves into @ramenfenrir (level of edge, which is not a bad thing in this case)


@kayfabe evolves into @mizuichan (must hold deep sea scale & trade)

@juarmo evolves into @keyan22 (cool so it's like Magnemite and Klink)

@chopin evolves into @quasar, or evolves into @deeemon with max friendship or evolves into @repentant when given King's Rock

@masinko evolves into @xdarkshynobi (trade with Reaper Cloth)

I'm bored. Help me compare basilers.
(when I say evolve, I don't mean one is better, do you know what happened to several island birds who evolved? They're extinct because they don't know wtf a predator is. I'm sure somebody is going to be offended by this.)
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xdarkshynobi Level 204 Scania Blade Master
I want to digivole!
Apr 05 2017
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