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Basilmarket: the movie 2 Screen

By 3moRaccoon

3moRaccoon Level 186 Mardia Paladin
Dec 14 2012 3moRaccoon Productions presents the all new sequel to the Academy Award Winning movie Basilmarket: The Movie:

Hey guys! I'm sincerely sorry for the MASSIVE delay in this piece but I had alot of preoccupations. But here it is! The quality got a little messed up so I could put it here on Basil and if you want to see the piece without the graphics messup, just ask.

Thank you to all who participated in the [url=]contests![/url]. As you can see, the winners were featured in the comic. If you are not in the comic it is because by the time I got to individually putting you in it, you were banned from Basilmarket so I could not see your avatar. Also, if you avatar is missing clothes/has different clothes on it's because you gave insufficient information toward your equips and/or they were not in Bannedstory.

The Basilmarket ID's that were featured in the comic are:
Skyenets, MellowYellow, aznseal, Broccoleh, Laviathan, daviddabest, doesnotmatter, reasonable, zarago, imcensored, iitnathan, nhan1st, peta, pieshadowxx, shyshadow, xxjumpstar1299x, waywan, starfoxhgss, brub, IcicleArrows, RandomDudeGuy, Translate, TheWarrior495, Mhmmmm, KyHuntress, Bwreak

Programs used:
- Photoshop CS6
- MS Pain
- BannedStory
- Google Chrome
- My Brain


PS: this the last panel (with all da peepz and the December message) was rushed. heavily. lol.
PSS: One of the panels was edited for Mr Basil's sake.

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Broccoleh Level 204 Scania Mercedes 4

Upon first viewing of "Basilmarket: The Movie 2", I found it quite exciting. The acting was well done, there were no problems with the music, and the production was swell. With that said, it was not a perfect movie, and I will get into further detail.

**Production:** Let us start with the producers. @Aznseal is a fine director and producer, having created films such as "Ariana in Ariant" and "Henehorrors". Those past movies that I have listed were barely shortlisted for Oscars, and they were excellently made. Unfortunately, this was not his best piece of work. At around 45 minutes into the movie, one could tell that the lighting had a few minor errors, behind @Skyenets, you could tell that the 3-point lighting wasn't set up properly, and there was a slight shadow of the camera and crew. Some transitions weren't as clean as in his previous works, and sadly, I believe that he may be losing his touch.

[i]Overall rating for production: 6.5/10[/i]

**Narration:** MellowYellow is a great narrator, and I believe that his voice can be compared to that of Morgan Freeman's. You can tell that the voice is deep, sexy, and tickles my pickle (I'll talk about that another time). I found it very easy to sit down for 2 hours watching this movie, because his voice was absolutely perfect. I found no flaws in his voice, nor the tone and pitch of which he used it. The one thing I would change, is that rather than (around an hour and a half into the movie) saying "As @BimmieMcGee stalks the little girl", I would have much preferred something along the lines of "@BimmieMcGee follows the little girl down the alleyway". His voice is much better suited for those tense, dramatic scenes.

[i]Overall rating for narration: 8.5/10[/i]

**Acting:** This is where I can truly break down what the quality of the movie really is. Among the actors, I believe that there were a few standouts, which I shall not personally name, for sake of keeping the other actors' and actresses' feelings calm. The actors, at least to me, showed a lot of poise and passion when they were being filmed and playing their roles. I have seen the works of many of these talented performers before (such as in "El Nath Neighbors" and "Perion Pelicans", and by far, this is one of the performances where I think all of them truly got into the part, and did what they were required to.

Unfortunately, it was not perfection. I noticed that during the opening scene (where a certain female is being chased by a certain male with a rose in his hand), the girl didn't seem that she truly wanted to escape from the clutches of that evil no-gooder. Now, this may be because even as a man, I find that actor incredibly attractive. Now, similar to the works of Neil Patrick Harris, it is hard for a girl to be repelled from a man of such masculinity and handsomeness. I have a feeling that the girl in this scene couldn't help but have a part of her run into his arms and be embraced for a hug and a kiss. I understand that not everybody can control their emotions, and that is acceptable.

The humor and the way that the actors throw them out in their lines and roles is outstanding. From the slips and falls to the jokes and one-liners, I was able to not only laugh with the (small, private) audience, but with the actors themselves onscreen. The humor in this is extremely uncanny, and can be much related to famous sitcoms such as "How I Met Your Mushmom" and "Big Bang Theory".

The acting was superbly done, and although there were a few rough patches, the light can still clearly shine through.

[i]Overall rating for acting: 8/10[/i]

**Storyline:** This movie had a lot of different storylines, and I found it near impossible to keep up with.That said, I think that it's best for me to break this up into parts in the story.


[i] "Ian, will you love your wife until the day her hair becomes as white as the yeti's fur?"[/i]

[i]"Well," I remarked, "that day will never happen on my watch." [/i]

* In my opinion, the romance in the movie was excellently done. There was just the right touch of lust and passion, but there was still humor and wit, it was not the perfect fairytale, but then again, what is? There is just the sense that this was written extremely well, not only from your typical teenage girl's perspective, but the hopelessly-in-love boy's point of view.

**Action and adventure**

[i] "The bus flew into the building, shattering all the windows and walls. Fire was spewing out from the windows, black smoke engulfing the sky. There were screams of terror and fear, as not only the town was thrown into chaos, but also the false sense of hope and peace.[/i]

* The action and adventure in this movie was well done. You couldn't tell when the special effects were done with CGI, and when it was all with real explosions and fire. The scenes were crisp and clean, and the acting was very realistic in these scenes. I feel that if the movie was to be remade into an action flick, it would still be amazing. Absolutely love these parts of the movie!

**Random scenes in the movie**

[i] I jumped off the cliff, just in time to see a narwhal emerge from the forest of love and flying potato monsters that become french friends that jump off a cliff, just in time to see a narwhal emerge from the forest of love and flying potato monsters that become french friends that jump off a cliff, just in time to see a narwhal emerge from the forest of love and flying potato monsters that become french friends that jump off a cliff. [/i]

* I don't know what that scene was, but **I loved it.**

[i]Overall rating for storyline: 11/10[/i]


With all this said, "Basilmarket: The Movie 2" was one of the most beautiful pieces of art that I have ever seen. It has touched me in more places than @3moRaccoon himself. The story has spoke to my soul, and I have come out a much better person because of it.

[i] OVERALL RATING: -1/10 [/i]

**tldr: Not a better love story than Twilight**
Dec 15 2012
This should have got to teathers instead of twilight saga
Dec 15 2012
3moRaccoon Level 186 Mardia Paladin
Praise Jesus! It finally got accepted! This was my **sixth** time sending it.

Remember to like it if you want a Basilmarket: the Movie 3!
Dec 15 2012
3moRaccoon Level 186 Mardia Paladin
@EMSfreeze: She was on the brink of suicide for not being in the first comic.

@iShottedSnow: Um... uhhh... YOUR SHOE'S UNTIED! *runs away*
Dec 15 2012
Suryoyo Level 207 Scania Bishop
50 shades of fried chicken?
Dec 15 2012
3moRaccoon Level 186 Mardia Paladin
I love these things XD, especially the panel with the threads on it
Any idea on when the next one is going to come out?[/quote]

If I make another one I need an idea if I want to do it..

That panel that says "OFFICIAL ____ THREAD" is supposed to be official "pr0n" thread. But Mr Basil told me to edit it out...
Hence the 999999 replies.
Dec 15 2012

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