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Battle Mage Guide

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Remedy's Battle Mage Guide

There hasn't been a Battle Mage guide yet, so I figured I would write one. Keep in mind that this is the first guide I've done, so don't expect it to be perfect, but feel free to message me with any suggestions. This guide will cover the new job known as Battle Mage. In this guide, you will find information on the storyline of Battle Mages and the Resistance as a whole. You will also find SP guides, and post-Big Bang training locations.

What is a Battle Mage?

A Battle Mage is one of the classes that is part of the 'Resistance.' The Resistance is a new race of classes similar to the Heroes or Explorers. The story is that The Black Wings took over the town of Edelstein in their quest to revive the Black Mage. A small number of people banded together to rebel against the Black Wings and their plans. Thus, the Resistance was born.
The Resistance currently consists of three classes: Mechanic, Wild Hunter, and of course, Battle Mage. Battle Mages are a Magician class, using staffs (not wands) to fight. Their attacks mainly consist of hitting monsters with their staffs, and buffing themselves with various Auras.

Battle Mage Skills

This is a list of all of the Battle Mage skills. The statistics on all of the skills was inaccurate on all of the sources that I was able to find. Once I get some accurate info, I'll update this.

First Job

Triple Blow (Max Level 20): Hit the skill key to attack up to six monsters three times with your staff.

Dark Aura (Max Level 20): Hit the skill key to cast an Aura that gives up to 10% extra damage.

Finishing Blow (Max Level 10): Hit the skill key following Triple Blow or any enhanced version to deal a finishing blow to a monster.

Teleport (Max Level 15): Hit the key to teleport a certain distance. Just like any other mage's teleport.

Second Job

Quad Blow (Max Level 20): Hit the skill key to strike up to six monsters with your staff four times. Requires Triple Blow level 20.

Dark Chains (Max Level 20): Hit the skill key to pull up to six monsters closer to you with chains. May stun the enemy, as well.

Blue Aura (Max Level 20): Hit the skill key to cast an Aura which allows you to absorb some of your party's damage.

Yellow Aura (Max Level 20): Hit the skill key to cast an Aura which increases Moving Speed and Attacking Speed.

Blood Drain (Max Level 20): This buff allows you to recover some of the damage you deal as HP.

Staff Booster (Max Level 20): This buff increases the attacking speed of your staff.

Magic Mastery (Max Level 20): Increases the mastery and critical rate(?) of your staff.

Third Job

Death Blow (Max Level 20): Hit the skill key to attack up to six monsters five times. Requires Quad Blow level 20.

Advanced Blue Aura (Max Level 10): Absorbs more damage than Blue Aura, and increases the party's defense. Requires Blue Aura level 20.

Dark Lightning (Max Level 20): Hit the skill key to create a field of lightning that damages monsters.

Conversion (Max Level 20): Use a large amount of MP to increase your HP.

Revive (Max Level 20): As long as the buff is active, there is a chance that a monster you kill will be revived as a summon and fight for you.

Advanced Dark Chains (Max Level 20): A more powerful version of Dark Chains. It has higher damage and a larger range. Requires Dark Chains level 20.

Battle Mastery (Max Level 20): Increases damage and Critical rate.

Teleport Mastery (Max Level 20): Increases Teleport range, and causes Teleport to deal damage to monsters, with the possibility of stunning.

Fourth Job

Final Blow(Max Level 30): Hit the skill key to strike up to six monsters six times with you staff. Requires Death Blow level 30.

Advanced Dark Aura (Max Level 30): Increases damage by 10% more than regular Dark Aura. Requires Dark Aura level 20.

Advanced Yellow Aura (Max Level 30): Doubles the moving speed and attacking speed of Yellow Aura and reduces monster speed. Requires Yellow Aura level 20.

Dark Genesis (Max Level 30): The Battle Mage's Ultimate. Just like any other ultimate, attacks 15 monsters and deals massive damage. Unlike current ultimates however, this one has a cool down. This will be normal by the time Battle Mages are released, however.

Cyclone (Max Level 30): Hit the skill key to turn into a tornado for a short period of time. While in this form, you deal damage by running into monsters. You can move left and right, and teleport, but you cannot jump.

Shelter (Max Level 30): Hit the skill key to create a shelter which prevents your party from taking damage for a short period of time.

Maple Warrior (Max Level 30): This is just like any other job's Maple Warrior.

Hero's Will (Max Level 5): This is just like any other job's Hero's Will.

UPDATE: Advanced Dark Chains has been confirmed as a third job skill.
UPDATE 2: I received some info from a friend of mine on third job skills and changed the skill info accordingly. Once I can find accurate info on fourth job skills, I will change the skill info, if it is necessary.

Battle Mage SP Guides

Remedy's SP Guide

Well, this is the SP build that I used. I'm sure it's not perfect, but I don't have much information to go on, seeing as they were just recently released.

First Job
Level 10: Triple Blow +5 (5)
Level 11: Triple Blow +3 (8)
Level 12: Triple Blow +3 (11)
Level 13: Triple Blow +3 (14)
Level 14: Triple Blow +3 (17)
Level 15: Triple Blow +3 b**
Level 16: Teleport +1 (1), Dark Aura +1 (1), Finishing Blow +1 (1)
Level 17: Dark Aura +3 (4)
Level 18: Dark Aura +3 (7)
Level 19: Dark Aura +3 (10)
Level 20: Dark Aura +3 (13)
Level 21: Dark Aura +3 (16)
Level 22: Dark Aura +3 (19)
Level 23: Dark Aura +1 b**, Finishing Blow +2 (3)
Level 24: Finishing Blow +3 (6)
Level 25: Finishing Blow +3 (9)
Level 26: Finishing Blow +1 b**, Teleport +2 (3)
Level 27: Teleport +3 (6)
Level 28: Teleport +3 (9)
Level 29: Teleport +3 (12)
Level 30: Teleport +3 b**

Max Triple Blow
Max Dark Aura
Max Finishing Blow
Max Teleport

My reasoning for the random points into certain skills is to help increase the speed of training. One SP in Teleport will give you mobility, and the one SP in Finishing Blow allows for a quick finish to monsters who don't have much HP left, so you don't have to use Triple Blow again.

Second Job
Level 30: Quad Blow +2 (2), Dark Chains +1 (1)
Level 31: Magic Mastery +3 (3)
Level 32: Magic Mastery +2 (5), Staff Booster +1 (1)
Level 33: Staff Booster +3 (4)
Level 34: Staff Booster +2 (6), Magic Mastery 1, (6)
Level 35: Magic Mastery +3 (9)
Level 36: Magic Mastery +3 (12)
Level 37: Magic Mastery +3 (15)
Level 38: Magic Mastery +3 (18)
Level 39: Magic Mastery +2 b**, Quad Blow +1 (3)
Level 40: Quad Blow +3 (6)
Level 41: Quad Blow +3 (9)
Level 42: Quad Blow +3 (12)
Level 43: Quad Blow +3 (15)
Level 44: Quad Blow +3 (18)
Level 45: Quad Blow +2 b**, Staff Booster +1 (7)
Level 46: Staff Booster +3 (10)
Level 47: Staff Booster +3 (13)
Level 48: Staff Booster +3 (16)
Level 49: Staff Booster +3 (19)
Level 50: Staff Booster +1 b** +2 Yellow Aura (2)
Level 51: Yellow Aura +3 (5)
Level 52: Yellow Aura +3 (8)
Level 53: Yellow Aura +3 (11)
Level 54: Yellow Aura +3 (14)
Level 55: Yellow Aura +3 (17)
Level 56: Yellow Aura +3 (20)
Level 57: Dark Chains +3 (4)
Level 58: Dark Chains +3 (7)
Level 59: Dark Chains +3 (10)
Level 60: Dark Chains +3 (13)
Level 61: Dark Chains +3 (16)
Level 62: Dark Chains +3 (19)
Level 63: Dark Chains +1 b**, Blue Aura +2 (2)
Level 64: Blue Aura +3 (5)
Level 65: Blue Aura +3 (8)
Level 66: Blue Aura +3 (11)
Level 67: Blue Aura +3 (14)
Level 68: Blue Aura +3 (17)
Level 69: Blue Aura +3 b**
Level 70: Blood Drain +3 (3)

Quad Blow 20
Yellow Aura 20
Blue Aura 20
Dark Chains 20
Magic Mastery 20
Spell Booster 20
Blood Drain 3

My reasons should be obvious for this job. SP into Quad Blow because it replaces Triple Blow. One SP into Dark Chains because even at level 1 it does its job, which is to pull monsters towards you. Then 5 Mastery and 6 Booster so you have Booster for a minute. Then finish mastery because it increases Critical Rate, so it helps to have it maxed, not just at 19. Then Yellow Aura for faster training, and max out Dark Chains because you need it for Advanced Dark Chains. The last three SP go into Blood Drain because there's nothing else to put them in.

I will continue this SP guide once I get my Battle Mage stronger, so I can have some more accurate information.

Training Spots

Level 1 ~ 10: Storyline Quests
Level 10 ~ 20: Storyline Quests, monsters at Edelstein
Level 20 ~ 30: Storyline Quests, monsters at Edelstein
Level 30 ~ 40: Mushroom Kingdom and Kerning Square
Level 40 ~ 50: CDs at the top of Kerning Square
Level 50 ~ 60: Drakes in Sleepywood, most monsters in Ludibrium
Level 60 ~ 70: Drakes in Sleepywood, Magatia. Puppets in Edelstein.

I will continue this section once my Battle Mage get stronger as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Are Battle Mages evil/working for the black mage?
A: No, No, No! I can't tell you how often I hear this question. They are part of a group of people who RESIST the Black Mage. The only class that has worked for the Black Mage in any way so far is Evan.

  1. Q: Wild Hunters get their Jaguars, Mechanics get their Robots. What mount to Battle Mages get?
A: At this time, Battle Mages do not get a mount.

  1. Q: Battle Mages are just wannabe Strength Mages with Aran skills.
A: Okay, not a question, but I saw this posted elsewhere, and it really annoyed me. Battle Mages are NOT Strength Mages. They use Staffs, which means they require INT and LUK. As for the Aran skills, they may gain an improved version of their main attack with each job advancement, but other than that, they are not similar to Arans in any way.

  1. Q: Do the Auras stack?
A: The Auras do stack, but you can't stack them on your own. Each Battle Mage in a party can cast a different Aura, and they will stack. Two Auras of the same type do not stack, however.

  1. Q: Why isn't it worth it to max Blood Drain?
A: Blood Drain is only useful for solo training. If you have no plans to boss with your Battle Mage, you can replace Blue Aura with Blood Drain.


Thanks to TikeyMasta for providing info on a few Third Job skills, ShinySword for providing info about skills that I messed up.

Thank you for reading!

Thanks for reading the guide! I hope it was helpful to you. Feel free to message me with any suggestions that you might have.
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Umm... just wondering wont triple blow be a mistake to max it (unless there r no other skills to put the sp in) because wont quad blow replace triple blow like with double stab and triple stab for dual blades?
Aug 22 2010
deathleaper Level 154 Broa Mechanic 4
Umm... just wondering wont triple blow be a mistake to max it (unless there r no other skills to put the sp in) because wont quad blow replace triple blow like with double stab and triple stab for dual blades?[/quote]

Not completely sure about this, but the past has shown that these types of skills need their previous counterparts maxed.
Aug 22 2010
Umm... just wondering wont triple blow be a mistake to max it (unless there r no other skills to put the sp in) because wont quad blow replace triple blow like with double stab and triple stab for dual blades?[/quote]

Seriously man, read the skill descriptions. Quad Blow requires Triple Blow to be maxed, Death Blow requires Quad Blow, etc.
Aug 23 2010
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