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Battle mage solos kacchuu massha Screen

By LimeLahv

LimeLahv Level 124 Khaini Marksman
Jan 06 2011

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oh gosh, youve used 2,000 family reps!
Jan 06 2011
I wish i could use that much rep. I have -1224.
Jan 06 2011
DarkEternity Level 61 Scania Brawler

How long did it take? Such a shame he only barely hits anything now, compared to pre-bb.
Jan 06 2011

I'm surprised that will all those FaceDesks you have done you are still here trolling pictures.

OT: Nice. Sadly I quit my BaM at lvl 52 like i did with the rest of my 20 chars at lvl 52 =P.
Jan 07 2011
what is that orange thing that dropped?
Jan 07 2011
GeEmEs Level 180 Scania Shade 4

*Grabs sha969696's head* *Multi-facedesk* *Grabs dead body and throws it into sea*

OT: Grats. I hope someday I can do that.
Jan 07 2011
PamperJN Level 171 Elnido Buccaneer
Where did you find that? I can't find it >.>
Jan 08 2011

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