Sad Mask
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Fort Follow-Up

Li'l Fort appears after every 4th attack to deal an additional attack. [Command]: Attack 4 times with a Bear Mode Active Skill. Number of Attacks: 1
Requires Deep Breath Level 1
1Additional Damage: 405%
2Additional Damage: 410%
3Additional Damage: 415%
4Additional Damage: 420%
5Additional Damage: 425%
6Additional Damage: 430%
7Additional Damage: 435%
8Additional Damage: 440%
9Additional Damage: 445%
10Additional Damage: 450%
11Additional Damage: 455%
12Additional Damage: 460%
13Additional Damage: 465%
14Additional Damage: 470%
15Additional Damage: 475%
16Additional Damage: 480%
17Additional Damage: 485%
18Additional Damage: 490%
19Additional Damage: 495%
20Additional Damage: 500%