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Beast Tamer Buffs?

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peachtime Level 215 Bera White Knight
Ever since today's maintenance, I noticed that Lil' Fort is now able to crit, just like every other summon in this game. This makes me wonder what other QoL changes they made to Beast Tamer as well as all the other non-KMS classes. I can't find anything else that's new to the class, but I did see that certain common changes (such as Maple Warrior having its cast time removed) still haven't touched BT.


Oh god, 5th job completely screwed over Beast Tamer. Where do I begin...

- We can't use any decent skills at all. Keeps coming up with "Switch to the correct animal mode to use this skill" whenever I try to hotkey one. Same goes for the common skills (i.e. Rope Connect).

- We can't upgrade Furious Strikes. Instead, we get to upgrade Lil' Fort, the two Deep Breaths, Table Flip, Fishy Slap, and
Paw Swipe (granted 2 of those are useful to upgrade). We only get the +2% Final Damage boost for every skill regardless of level as well.

- How is our actual 5th job skill supposed to work? The instant I select a direction key, I only get Lai or Arby to come out regardless of stance. It's nothing like what the video showcased for us. (Edit: you're supposed to keep pressing the skill. Nothing in the description mentions anything like that)

- Mana Overload cannot be used with our weapon. I'm simply locked out.

We're effectively prevented from using 90% of the V matrix system. But I kinda didn't expect any less since it's a non-KMS class.
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yiffyfurry Level 217 Bera Beast Tamer Shared TwoAmores Guild See what games, anime & art yiffyfurry is intoyiffyfurry
Well, lets have a discussion here.

Yeah, i think it sucks common changes we haven't gotten yet, maple warrior still has cast delay.
Also the class is still badly glitched, just today i got the meow card gold glitch which locked my character, this has been a glitch for like 2 years now. And just yesterday i got the death glitch where when i died in a boss i couldn't re-spawn and had to re-log.

As far as 5th job goes:

I did notice it does indeed say to keep pressing the skill key in the patch notes, so i was able to get the hang of that kinda quick. As far as damage goes i think the damage is sub-par, the bear one looks like it would only be good on bosses as it's mobbing capability sucks. leopard has decent damage but mobbing isn't very good either. Hawk has really good mobbing and i like it, but the damage is half as much as other animals and sucks. cat doesn't mob really, and i don't see it being used.

As far as screwing us over, yeah i think it sucks. First off, no one uses deep breath, its garbage. i definitely think it should have included furious strikes. Also, why does it increase damage on macho dance? that's kinda pointless as well i think it should have been macho slam.

i haven't tried any of the decent skills as i heard it's better to use skill upgrades instead and leave decent skills for potentials nor have i got chance to sue common skills yet either, i wasn't that lucky with my nodestones. i haven't tried mana overload either, do u need a core for that?
Dec 17 2016
peachtime Level 215 Bera White Knight
@yiffyfurry: You can disassemble all the nodes you don't need and use the fragments to create whatever core you want, which is how I got Mana Overload. I honestly might not even use Champ Charge outside of mobbing since the cast duration is awful, and even that's a stretch since I can just cover the same area with a couple sweeps of leopard.
Dec 17 2016
yiffyfurry Level 217 Bera Beast Tamer Shared TwoAmores Guild See what games, anime & art yiffyfurry is intoyiffyfurry
@peachtime: i didn't have alot of nodes to begin with, i kinda slacked on the events lol. i didn't think the cast duration was that bad cuz each animal attacks during the animation for damage, its like a combo skill.
Dec 17 2016
peachtime Level 215 Bera White Knight
@yiffyfurry: After playing around with it for a while, I can safely say that it's useless to upgrade compared to upgrading Fishy Slap or Lil' Fort. However, it seems to give some secondary effect once the animation finishes: a buff that lasts for a few seconds (at level 4). Because there's basically zero information on what it does, it can only be deduced through testing. The only two that seem to do anything are Fort (gives 500 defense) and Lai (gives attack speed). If the buff duration scales with level, this could be gamechanging. Unfortunately, only time will tell.

Edit: Arby heals you (and possibly your party) for x amount.
Dec 19 2016

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