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Beefy Kitchen Pet Buffs

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nohopeever Level 30 Mardia Mechanic 2
Are some of the free pet buffs redundant and not worth making such as:
- Auto Feed and Movement Skill
- Auto Move Skill
- Expanded Auto Move Skill

Which is the best one or should i make them all?
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antisora99 Level 218 Bera I/L Arch Mage
Most redundant one is the MP pot buff.
Most important is probably the Auto Buff or HP buff
Aug 12 2015
oriontempest Level 218 Broa I/L Arch Mage
- Auto Feed and Movement Skill - Feeds itself once Fullness drops below 50 and follows better on platforms.
- Auto Move Skill - Moves to drops while you're standing still.
- Expanded Auto Move Skill - Increases the distance your pet moves to loot in its own.

May as well get as many as you can before the event ends next month.
Aug 12 2015
if playing one char 3 pets, the only redundant ones are auto hp/mp, and cures
auto feed only affects the pet that has it
auto move +extend x3 isn't bad either because the loot range is independent of your position but rather dependent on the pet's default placement when 2 or more pets are being used
ie your left and right pets will be able to move father than the middle one
Aug 12 2015
epikkhighh Level 218 Scania Blade Master
i would farm dipq during 2x and get all of the skills. in the rare chance you want to main a new character and transfer a pet over. 1 of your 2/3 pets wont have the same skills as your main pet, which might tempt you to buy nx. but as others said worry about mp last.
Aug 12 2015
fairystories Level 219 Bera Night Walker 4
**AUTO-BUFF SKILL**, especially if you boss regularly and you're not a Shade.

Hasn't anyone else realized that you can make yourself a free Auto-Buff pet skill if you farm 400 coins (you don't have to level up your kitchen) and it's the only skill you can make that costs over 3k nx.. the rest are only 1k nx.
Aug 12 2015
mslexibelle Level 212 Nova Luminous 4
The pet buff is the most cost worthy, it cost 3.5k nx in the cash shop for a 90 day one (while every other pet skill cost 1k) and the kitchen one is perma
Aug 12 2015
hacame Level 208 Kradia Night Lord Sanctuary Guild
auto pet feed is actually so nice bc i hate feeding my pets. auto move is nice too bc you dont have to run around as much. might as well expand auto move while youre at it
Aug 12 2015
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