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Beefy Kitchen Pets

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Mustafa Level 195 Scania Phantom 4
Are the pets you make from Beefy Kitchen permanent?
Posted: July 2015 Permalink


jdmteggy06 Level 178 Windia Bow Master
what about the transparent equips?
Jul 23 2015
plsdonotbanme Level 170 Windia Shade 4
Nothing nexon gives you potentially for free (when you normally have to pay for it) is permanent.[/quote]
dead wrong. i got perm dragonoir and perm beasts of fury damage skin from quests and firepower coins bruh
Jul 23 2015
PandaSheepBoy Level 200 Bera Zero Transcendent
The pets are NOT permanent. You can revive them for 90 days though. @Dorks The pet skills ARE permanent once you apply them. All the other NX items you can make are not permanent. The transparent ones last like a week and im not sure about the rest of them but they aren't permanent.
Jul 23 2015
TuneX Level 196 Kradia Xenon 4
yeah i was wondering if the pet skills i make will last forever bc if so this is awesome[/quote]
They will last forever if you use them before they expire.
Jul 23 2015

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