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divineroze Level 183 Bera Bow Master
Hi guys, was hoping you could help me out. I've just hopped on to maple for the first time since I quit 7 years ago and did a bit of gacha and need PCs on stuff as I have nooo idea what these are worth now!

2 x Paper Bag Alley Citizen Familiars
Wise Grand Pauldron (+10int/+6 att/+6m.att)
Raven Horn Chaser Gloves
Raven Horn Chaser Hat
Lionheart Battle Shoulder
Sky Lantern Chair
Slimy Scene Chair
Land of Contemplation Diorama Chair
Fun Cloud Chair
Land of Warriors Diorama Chair
  • * Nebulite (INT) +6 int
[a] Nebulite (All damage 6%)
[a] Nebulite (STR 4%)
Fearess Rampion (59)
Elemental Wand 8 (145 m.att)

Thanks so much :]
Posted: January 2018 Permalink


beefly Level 60 Bellocan Beginner Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
Next time you spend NX in an attempt to earn mesos just buy a maple point coupon and sell maple points to the meso market in FM. (or if you use NX Credit, buy premium surprise boxes)

I know the pauldron, raven, lionheart, rampion are often dropped by people. Worthless. (although the raven and lionheart can be used it's not bad at all, there's just better equipment thats easily accessible)

the ele wand isn't worth much either, but could be a collectable.

idk much about the nebulites, the 6% damage would be hard to sell because it has to compete with 25% boss neb. The str neb is ok.

idk about chairs. Usually worth a good chunk, especially if its huge and obnoxious.

familiars are offerable, but they are just paper bag alley citizens, so it's nothing too interesting, unless they have %drop or something.
Jan 09 2018
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
@beefly: Is that legal to sell MaplePoints ? And ifso, how much do they go for ?
Jan 09 2018
ledave952 Level 163 Renegades Blade Master
Are Maple Points Coupons tradeable or do I have to gift them?
Jan 16 2018

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