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Best DB Dojo time - 4:52 Screen

By klytta

klytta Level 215 Bera Blade Master AUniversityO Guild
May 20 2015 My fastest Dojo so far. Anyone have a better time? ^^ Please share. I'll try to 4:4x after finals week is over! ^^

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bluebook Level 213 Bera Blade Master
ooh that's me at #2 xD
May 22 2015
alanron14 Level 180 Mardia Demon Slayer 4
@Klytta: ahh thanks mate c:
May 22 2015
bluebook Level 213 Bera Blade Master
@Klytta: lol DB -> Shad -> DB.
May 23 2015
PichuCrunch Level 155 Bera Shadower
Same exact time on 3 and 4
May 27 2015

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