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Best Potential?

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pizzaboy Level 131 Windia Wild Hunter 4 Intrepidity Guild
I'm not really sure what to aim for with the potential on my Terminus Bow. Suggestions for the perfect potential?
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Akaizer Level 212 Windia Hayato 4
70% boss and a attack/total damage 12% line[/quote]

total dmg is useless since it is additive with %boss.
%boss > %pdr > %atk >> %totaldmg
*The less you have of one, the more it will impact your damage output

(4 * Primary_Stat + Secondary_Stat) * Weapon_Multiplier * (Attack * (1 + Attack%)) * Skill% * (1 + Total_Damage% + Boss_Damage% + Reinforce_Damage%) * (1 + Critical_Damage%)[/quote]
Sep 13 2013
pizzaboy Level 131 Windia Wild Hunter 4 Intrepidity Guild
I'd say boss%, %atk, and %PDR are noteworthy.[/quote]
I'm already up to 69% def ignore so I don't think any more will make much of a difference.
Edit: where does %dex fit on the scale?
Sep 13 2013
Akaizer Level 212 Windia Hayato 4
i disagree, i prefer att% >%pdr > boss % because you can replace boss with total damage easily with link skills + dojo gloves[/quote]

highest rank of %total dmg you can achieve on a given line of potential is 12%. Whereas, you can get up to 40% boss.
As for pdr/atk, PDR has a stronger influence over bosses with high def such as pb, RA, hilla.
Sep 13 2013
Akaizer Level 212 Windia Hayato 4
sorry should be been more clear, total damage wouldn't be on the weapon/secondary they would be from my dojo gloves + link skills then my weapon/secondary will be a combination of att%/pdr with maybe 1 boss line[/quote]

But the OP is asking about his bow...
Sep 13 2013
ChrisChrisChris Level 204 Scania Shadower
@pizzaboy: If you got 30% PDR on another line in addition to boss I'd probably keep it if I were you. PDR is kinda funky now, doesn't hurt to have a little more.
Sep 13 2013

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