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Best Self-Funded Class for Reboot

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shieid Level 162 Scania Dark Knight
Who do you guys think is the best class for Reboot, as it requires lots of self-funding?
Posted: December 2015 Permalink


vacillant Level 214 Bera Shade 4
the 1 u enjoi mosy so u wont get bored.
not bored=play time = progress
Dec 19 2015
fighterdoken Level 220 Scania Hayato 4
someone with crazy buffs, so probably dawn warrior, but personally I like hayatos cause they're challenging to fund especially on reboot

Or Demon Avenger cause HP = Att
Dec 19 2015
chaosh Level 182 Windia Kanna 4
The answer would be Zero, since they are already an incredibly good unfunded class, but they are locked from Reboot for precisely that reason (or at least that's the only reason I can see).

Either way, what @vacillant said is correct, if you get bored from playing a class for long periods of time, specially mobbing, then that you shouldn't chose that class for Reboot. Other than that, the 'best' class would be a class that is a great mobber and at least either a decent bosser or someone people would like in a party, preferably even with low funds.

So, I'd say... Mechanic, Xenon, Demon Avenger, Demon Slayer, Hayato, I/L Mage, Evan, Bishop, Phantom, Night Lord... It really depends on play style and how you spend your time in Reboot.
Dec 19 2015

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