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Best choice of World

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latepuberty Level 152 Galicia Beginner See what games, anime & art latepuberty is intoLatePuberty
I'm looking for the most populated world, or future most populated as the world transfer arrives. As we all know, we have limited options. I'm hearing Bera, but I don't know.

What world are you considering most? Why?
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vietua Level 210 Scania Beast Tamer Cat See what games, anime & art vietua is intoVietUA
+2 everyone is considering transferring to bera because windia ins't available. either way, both worlds are relatively empty. scania is still the most populated p2w server. reboot is the most populated server overall, but you need a lot of commitment to do well in reboot.
Sep 13 2017
horsechub Level 212 Bera Beginner
+1 Hey mate, I'm a fellow Beginner and collector moving to Bera. It'd be nice to have a friend there
Sep 13 2017
alienpetplease Level 151 Bera Beginner
Im a perm beginner also a collecotr already in bera.

Youre welcome to come over!
Also made a collectors guild named "Collects",welcoeme to join the fun and collect poopy!
Sep 17 2017
irlesley Level 200 Mardia Buccaneer
+1 I'm moving my mains to Bera from MYBCKN. ^^ Hope to see you there
Sep 18 2017
angels41 Level 58 Scania Luminous 2
Awesome, I'm moving my mains to Bera from Scania.
Sep 18 2017
angels41 Level 58 Scania Luminous 2
@alienpetplease: My entire guild (about 80 active people) and friends (about 30-40 active people) are moving to Bera, because everyone from all the worlds are about to move to Bera and it's very very likely that Bera will be even more active than Scania very soon.

I've also heard and seen a ton of random people here in Scania that are talking and planning about moving to Bera as well, the amount of people in here that planning to move to Bera is just crazy!

I've seen way too many people and friends, even big and active guilds in here which are about to move as well, from Scania to Bera.
Sep 19 2017
alienpetplease Level 151 Bera Beginner
@angels41: idk if i should be happy or not.. cuz like mostly of scanian people are toxic and mentally retarded (no offense ofc), tons of dupes and crap. So yeah, lol.
Sep 19 2017
angels41 Level 58 Scania Luminous 2
@alienpetplease: You should be happy.

Because all of my friends, including my Guild are very nice and humble people.

Also most of the random people that I saw, which are planning to move to Bera, seems to be like a very polite people, also very high lvls, such as 220+ and 240+ as well, including a few 250's.

And if you want to see the MOST Evil and cruel people in Scania, you're more than welcome to visit General Store Ch 1.

If you only say a word, anything, especially things such as "I move to Bera today", people over there will attack you and mass defame you immediately.

I once talked with a friend about that we're moving to Bera soon, and we were talking in General Store.

Literally people started to mass defame us and told us to "fk off" and "get the fk out of here"
and even "nobody is leaving scania, including you two b1tch3s".
Sep 19 2017
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