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Best guild for each server

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SweetArts Level 146 Bera Marauder
Well, I've only played in four servers since 2006, and I'm wondering what are the top guilds for each server!
Please note, bias votes will not count; especially if it's from a guild most people that post here do not even know.
Basically, when I say "best guild", it doesn't matter if they're full of hackers or not, I meant like, the popular guilds of each server. For example: Scania has Gucci and Memory (which idk if they even exist anymore). Also, for a guild to be put on the list, there must be atleast 3 votes (or mentioned 3 times) for that guild!
EDIT: You are allowed to vote have one vote for more than one guild, but the max. is three! Also, you can pick guilds from more than one server as well. And more than one guild will be placed for each server with their respective votes Like someone mentioned, there is no "best guild" in a server, but there can be a group of famous guilds in it!

-Gucci [6]
-Mercuria [5]
-Eternity, NikeSB, Corporation/Inspiration [3 each]

-AUniversityO [17]
-EvoLove [16]
-Risk [15]

Broa: P.S: Sorry for spelling Aeris wrong the first time LOL
-Aeris [20]
-DigitalPixel [11]
-Radical, Essence [6 each]

-FM, Cliche [10 each]
-Vibrant [9]
-Lethal [6]

-Contagious [9]
-Varsity, Concept [7 each]
-Salt [6]

-Forsaken [8]
-Pirates [7]
-Beta [4]

-Harmonic [3]
-Perfume [3]
-Invictus [1]

-Revenge [9]
-Pioneer [8]
-Princess [6]

-Kryptonite [3]
-Creationist, Squibbles, Celebrity, UnBreakable [1 each]

-Innocence [6]
-Kradians [4]
-Delirium, Defiance [2 each]

-Demigod [4]
-Notorious [2]
-Covet, Nightsky [1 each]

-Mode [7]
-SoulGasm [2]
-Loner, Relentless, Dream [1 each]

El Nido:
-Bloodshot [4]
-Halfblood, Wrath, LegacyReborn, Luce, Angelic [2 each]

-DarkRecon [10]
-Aristocrats [8]
-LightRecon [6]

-Timeless, Ambitions [7 each]
-Opulence, Crayons [3 each]
-UniquePwns [2]

-Excellence, Reflex [5 each]
-Reverie, OneForce [3 each]
-Blaze, TheRoyals [2 each]

Since Chaos, Yellonde, Kradia, and Mardia are now allianced:
Four-server alliance:

Edit: When posting, keep in mind the following:
-The guild you vote for may be in other servers, but must not be disbanded
-You can vote for your own guild, but please try to vote for at least three guilds for your server or another server
-This thread is based on a variety of things; including most famous, most popular, strongest, most active, etc.
-This thread is not necessarily made to find "the best" guild for a server
-If you write a comment like " *insert guild here*, because they have the most hackers ", then that will count as a vote for that guild
-Please include the name of your server before or after posting a guild- it saves me tons of time!
-Please do not vote for guilds that were "good back then". For example: " *insert guild here* oldschool/was pretty good "
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EDIT AGAIN: I do not need people to call this thread unofficial and/or pointless. Also, I do not need people to say there is no such thing as "a best guild"; when I made this thread, I clearly outlined what I meant by "best", and I did not say that even how I gave examples of "best" that they qualify for a guild being the best in a given server. If you want to assume something, please do not make an ass out of you and me . Now that Chaos, Yellonde, Mardia, and Kradia are allianced, if you have a vote for the new alliance, state it below
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BossLegacy, AUniversityO, Exthatique, Risk, MSxLegends, Luscious, Vivacious, Experienced, and a few others I probably mossed.
All of those mentioned above are pretty famous Bera guilds, filled with a lot of nice people. No matter what others say about them, they're nice and friendly.
Jun 10 2012
SweetArts Level 146 Bera Marauder
@JustForComments Even if all answers are bias, not every single person commenting here will belong to the same guild, so it's unlikely that one single guild will get all of the votes for its' server (Also, that's why I put that only guilds with a min. of three votes will be put on that list I made)
Jun 10 2012
Bera's Risk, Luscious, AUniversityO. They're pretty friendly guilds.
Jun 10 2012
Also, please keep it clean, no flames, no rage and no hate. Lets have some healthy competition
Jun 10 2012
jasonxddd Level 133 Mardia Cannoneer 4
most likely every answer will be biased, so there is not really any reason to make this thread.[/quote]

what he said
lets wait for more stupidly biased answers
Jun 10 2012
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