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Best item from V Royal gift box?

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derkion Level 162 Bera Night Lord
well title says it all , which item do u think is the best ?
Posted: January 2017 Permalink


kaxi Level 210 Renegades Zero Transcendent
correct me if im wrong but i heard you get all the items within the box?
Jan 18 2017
derkion Level 162 Bera Night Lord
ohh i see thank you, so i can get all cool =P
Jan 18 2017
zfredo Level 77 Reboot Night Walker 3
So I just dc'd on Reboot channel 8 and the box in my inventory disappeared.. Any idea on how to get it back? Nexon support basically told me it's my fault, but when I dc'd from the channel the entire channel was empty.

So in other words how do you guys use the item on different characters? Because my little gift box on the left side of the screen is gone now and the item isn't in anyone's inventory.
Jan 19 2017

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