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Best link skills for Blaze Wizard

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atanate2 Level 121 Reboot Mercedes 4
I need to start grinding out my link skills and was wondering which ones are the best for a blaze wizard and what order you would suggest I get them in. Also is Mihile worth getting because I'm having an issue with stance?
Posted: March 2017 Permalink


Order may be subjective, but I'd go with something like Kanna and Demon Avenger, Phantom, Demon Slayer and Xenon. Luminous is good for end-game bossing. After that, some other useful ones if you really have the time to level these ones, although they're less important, are (in no particular order) Cannoneer, Hayato, and even anything from the Cygnus Knights (not just for the link skill but also the Blessing).

I would say having stance is pretty important especially when bossing and training, as it increases your damage efficiency by constantly not being knocked around all the time. Mihile is definitely worth it if you have the time to do it. I'd also suggest the Kaiser link skill for extra max HP if you don't feel squishy enough as a BW.
Mar 23 2017
ecarina Level 237 Galicia Cannoneer 4
I think the Resistance link is really underrated, it's super useful at bosses where you die a lot, like Magnus.

Also make sure to make a Beast Tamer and Zero when you have the opportunity. Character creation's not open for them right now but when it opens back up make them, their links and character cards are both very nice.

Otherwise, what Reader said is good. Definitely Kanna + DA first, and Mercedes for the sake of leveling other Links.
Mar 24 2017

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