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Best pirate class?

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crumpled Level 180 Scania Buccaneer
What's the best (define it however you like since I only want to hear your opinions!) pirate class atm? I just came back to GMS after two years and haven't really been updated on what's been going on.
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maple7user Level 201 Bera Mercedes 4
lol trolls...
tbh xenon prob best...other than that I really enjoyed corsairs.
Aug 30 2016
okaythen Level 125 Windia Buccaneer
Xenon is not a pirate. They are a thief that can use pirate gear.

Best would probably be Cannoneer or Shade.
Aug 31 2016
tubring22 Level 188 Bellocan Zero Transcendent
1) Cannoneer
2) Thunder Breaker (Shade is likely stronger, TB is more fun though)
3) Eh
Aug 31 2016
kanji Level 160 Demethos Demon Avenger 4
I haven't tried Xenon enough to comment on him. Mechanics are pretty strong and fun if you enjoy summons and, while not complex game-play, micromanaging your summons. Corsairs are fun but lack in the bossing department. Thunder Breakers are entertaining to play because of the quick skill chaining and animation cancelling, but they have a hard time against moving bosses. If you want a straight bossing class, Shade is really strong with (if I remember correctly) one buff, 100% stance, a key-down skill, and lots of lines. Regarding Buccaneers and Cannoneers, I haven't touched mine for a while, so I couldn't say. Cannoneers do seem pretty strong in terms of overall bossing/mobbing, though.
No comments on Angelic Buster and Jett. I haven't played either enough.
Aug 31 2016
crumpled Level 180 Scania Buccaneer
Okay cool. Thanks everyone!
Aug 31 2016
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