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Best place to farm for Ilbis?

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then where i can farm them easier?
Apr 16 2014
FruityCake Level 141 Chaos Night Lord
It's a lot easier to get steelies or something.
Apr 16 2014
XxTRiiKzZ Level 210 Bellocan Phantom 4
Ok, this is from my personal experience, Spirit Vikings is horrible, at least for me, I went there for a whole 2x event with a lvl 129 DS using Demon Cry. Now I went to Lycanthopes, I believe is what they're called? :o The white werewolves in El Nath, but I got about a set every 30-45 minutes on 2x with my DS using Demon Cry :o so up to you, but I also had a Kanna at both places.
Apr 16 2014
MileyTwerks69 Level 72 Renegades Cannoneer 3
wolf spiders don't drop them? haha so thats why i didn't get any after staying there for like 2 hours
and yeah spirit vikings drop rate is really really low and I have had no luck with mushmom
haven't tried lycanthropes yet
Apr 16 2014
JacobIsRaw Level 172 Windia Phantom 4
Last week when I changed from a cannoneer to a bucc I went outside to test one of the skills on a rash and it dropped ilbis
Apr 16 2014

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