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Best shield for battlemage?

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soo im having a trouble deciding my endgame shield : /
timeless prelude seems too expensive for its stats. I just think its not worth it, noting that i would need to cube it myself
if not prelude then what? how much 3rd, last and VIP unwelcome mage shields are?
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last is good if ur not all that funded
Apr 25 2011
Just hold out for now, if hackers get their hands on pink bean preludes will drop. And I like how prelude looks
Apr 25 2011
how much is a decent last unwelcome
Apr 25 2011
Tbh, i think a prelude is a good option. Only thing sucks is its not tradeable.
but its ur best stat capability with lowest price.
vip are i know are close to max mesos. And thats if u can find one.
and my current sheild is at 16 int, 6 luc and 6 matt, 3 slots left...
level ups hate me. but it was 2 line first cube i used to it to epic, second to 6% int. Decent enough for now.
might white 60 last 3 slots just for sake of a good enough one..
Apr 25 2011
toastyc12 Level 200 Broa Mercedes 4
Preludes are so easy to get now, they were something unique back when I first received mine. If you're lucky enough to find one, a vip magician shield is also nice. I have a few friends with their own vip's.
Apr 25 2011
Cthulhusama Level 180 Windia Zero Transcendent
Best is obviously the VIP magician Shield. 4th tier potential is just unbeatable by any other shield. Getting one is not gonna be easy (might be impossible since most or maybe all of the people who have one are not going to want to sell) or cheap (clean or 3 line is probably 3 bil+ minimum).

Best affordable one I would say 3rd unwelcome guest shield or last unwelcome guest shield since they have 3rd Tier Potential. They are more expensive than the Timeless but are tradeable so I think that is worth the extra cost.
Apr 26 2011
It is kind of up in the air.
For most Magicians, a good M.atk Maple Shield is the best shield for them.
Getting good shields for Maigicians is one of the hardest upgrades.

For Potential, VIP equips are the best and most costly.
For M.atk, it is all the same, but you aren't likely to find a good M.atk on an Alien shield due to the rarity and risk of scrolling with dark scrolls or heavy cost of 60% scrolls.

Funding is also crucial to decision.
Apr 26 2011
3rds should be cheaper and in the same tier, so i'd rather get one of those.
if you are willing to take the risk, scroll it with m. att 70% a couple of times and then chaos
Apr 26 2011
GeEmEs Level 180 Scania Shade 4
Try to aim for a shield that is level.71 or above for the maximum potential should you decide to cube one for the %INT, etc.
Apr 26 2011
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