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Best unfunded class?

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echoes Level 210 Broa Night Lord
Just wondering
Posted: April 2019 Permalink


gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
Ark. Then Shade i think.
Apr 24 2019
azureduran Level 162 Kradia Mechanic 4
Shade needs funding...much more than other pirate classes just to be mediocre. Don't get me wrong i like shade's story, but range sucks. Ark is pretty good though and has a decent backstory. So go with Ark if you wish.
Apr 24 2019
gakinotsukai Level 240 Bera Bishop
I've had pretty good luck with Mihile recently, but from my experience most classes with epic 6-9% main stat on all equips do fairly well. Coming from someone that's got every class to 140, I really only didn't like Mech due to the constant need for upkeep on bots but that's just my opinion as I probably had bad bot placement to begin with.

I think outside of BT/Jett whom have some broken things, every class is pretty usable in endgame content.

I feel that you should define what you feel is "best" first and then go from there.

Personally -
"Damage" - Hero
"Utility" - Kanna, Bishop, Mihile
"Style" - Mercedes, Cadena, Blaster.

Apr 27 2019

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