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Big Bang 2

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Suppose there was another Big Bang style update planned with the addition of 5th jobs. Would you guys be open to another massive update?
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goomu Level 225 Reboot Kanna 4 Tipsy Guild
With the release of 5th... and all the planned job balancing and changes to bosses... it's kinda like another big bang is happening already.
Apr 08 2016
nyan Level 250 Scania Shade 4
If i remember correctly, last big bang, a lot of people quit. How will it turn out this time around?!
Apr 08 2016
shadeace Level 200 Scania Shade 4
@nyan: Lots of people can't quit this time..... Not enough people playing anymore. Hah...ha....ha.... I'm so lonely T_T
Apr 08 2016
caeg Level 241 Windia Corsair Trill Guild See what games, anime & art caeg is intoCaeg
Would be x2 the first Big Bang.

So we'd have:

Even more pay to win.
Just f my maps up even more.
A huge damage increase for everyone.
Easier leveling.
More maplers complaining.
Apr 08 2016
rogue Level 1 Reboot Night Lord
Well if Nexon would pull their heads out of their bums, they could attract more people with a big bang 2.
Apr 08 2016
platypeoples Level 196 Bera Blade Master
Let's protest by not playing anymore! Then they'll be forced to stop their wretched ways!
Apr 08 2016
windowlegs Level 142 Kradia Buccaneer
would be nice if it were actually easy to level
Apr 08 2016
ulieq Level 166 Reboot Hayato 4
remove mesos
Apr 09 2016
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