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Big Foot Patrols

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nilesboy Level 120 Mardia Night Walker 3
I'm just wonder which worlds have Big Foot Patrols in them please leave the world name if u have it.
Posted: August 2010 Permalink


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Instead we have Horntail Police..[/quote] Soo Does Broa 0-0 N Ruz u for got Gallos Police Silly Drew
Aug 19 2010
bandducky511 Level 147 Khaini Bow Master
Don't even get started with Anego. All the KSing Night Lord blowhards go to Anego and KS like crazy. I see alot more NLs than BMs at Anego. iPopAnego is like the most obnoxious player in Khaini; thinks he owns Anego. I've seen players make Marauders just to rush Anego into him. >.>[/quote]

People get ks'd all the time. Also, Cole isn't that mean. He left me and my friend there when my friend was soloing. There is some BF ksing in Khaini but not that much.
Aug 19 2010
SoulOfClaw Level 124 Kradia Phantom 4
Yea, there are not any. There are a handful of us who kill the majority of BFs and we tend to stay away from each others preps and such. Not too much KSing.[/quote]
Say's the guy who threatens to KS because of false rumors >.>, and then goes ahead and gets some other guys to go KS some of my preps. *Cough That time with you and Jesus/DarkFireDK
Aug 19 2010
Thats why im leaving broa and go to a dead server. does anybody know which one i should go to?[/quote]

Aug 19 2010
Bera has the guild Bigfoot. My friend and I were KSed 2 times yesterday. They even d/c hacked him. Maple, everyone always turns to hacks now
Aug 19 2010
Scania doesn't have a BigFoot Patrol but instead a Horntail Patrol. DX No one can Horntail anymore
Aug 19 2010
haha actually bello is the least dramatic/horrible server the first time there was a dc hacker in the fm was like yesterday or 2 days ago and like theres no police or anything at all xD[/quote]

we have this that bfp guild called turtles and some person said that broa bfp is gonna come... probably lies

EDIT: i just realized i posted on a dead thread... oops
Aug 19 2010
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