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Big Foot Patrols

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nilesboy Level 120 Mardia Night Walker 3
I'm just wonder which worlds have Big Foot Patrols in them please leave the world name if u have it.
Posted: August 2010 Permalink


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Say's the guy who threatens to KS because of false rumors >.>, and then goes ahead and gets some other guys to go KS some of my preps. *Cough That time with you and Jesus/DarkFireDK[/quote]

Sounds like you are just making crap up. If I would want to KS someone (which I don't do anyways because I am pretty chill) I would do it myself since that would only be easier. Jesus only kills preps of those that have taken his own, which was you, so that has nothing to do with me.
Aug 20 2010
Scania doesn't XP[/quote]

we dont need one.....
Aug 20 2010
Not here
Aug 20 2010
MrTouchnGo Level 198 Bera Shadower
This rages me. Who do they think they are?
Oh yeah, a group of immature brats.
If I was BFing and they tried to ks me, I would annoy the schnitzel outta them.
How? Well, this is how I pushed 2 bishops out of my gallos channel today:

-bishop comes in, uses genesis-
Me: "Wow, so cool! I love genesis! "
-bishop continues-
Me: -uses BoT and Assaulter while F2ing- "Yay! YAYAYAYAY"
Bishop: "cc plz"
Me: "Nooo we were here first. Sorry D:"
-bishop continues-
-I continue-
Eventually he got annoyed and cc'd.

Just act like a noob, continue spamming your skills, and F2 the **whole** time.[/quote]

Ahahaha, I like your methods
Aug 20 2010
Legendaire Level 200 Broa Wind Archer 4
Wtf? Why prevent horntail?[/quote]

Certain skills drop from horntail. They do this to keep prices of these skills high.
example: genesis 30 costs aloottt,
Aug 20 2010
Bera has the guild Bigfoot. My friend and I were KSed 2 times yesterday. They even d/c hacked him. Maple, everyone always turns to hacks now[/quote]

Rofl,i remember that
Aug 20 2010
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