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Big Foot Patrols

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nilesboy Level 120 Mardia Night Walker 3
I'm just wonder which worlds have Big Foot Patrols in them please leave the world name if u have it.
Posted: August 2010 Permalink


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why doesn't anyone report the BF Police?
Aug 17 2010
You could always try Demethus. I'm not sure if we have one here, though.[/quote]

Travis says there is.
Aug 17 2010
Scania doesn't XP[/quote]

Scania doesn't need one. The server itself is the police, it always crashes.

Aug 17 2010
He lies... They tried.. But bera doesn't take that kinda stuff. We scared em away[/quote]

They didn't try it on me. Nor a 127 bucc I saw killing. Nor 5 other BF sellers. Not even my friends who kills them. Either that or you were unlucky. I was leeching my Dual Blader there for 3 days searching. Never got ks'd or d/c'd.
Aug 17 2010
Not a Police. BFPATROL
They only BF and that's it. If you're killing one, they won't d/c you or ks you.[/quote]

This i took almost 2 hrs killing a bf and no one tried to ks me or dc me.
Aug 17 2010
Mardia technically has one, but they fail so hard that no one really counts them. Plus their fail leader is leaving Mardia, so yeah
Aug 17 2010
ninjastar2k Level 210 Broa Phantom 4 Nimbus Guild
I'd hate to play in a world with BF police.[/quote]

It sucks. They locked my level 41 cleric.

Ooh, the BigFoot'ers are soo smart! You guys locked my level 41 cleric who was in SleepyWood training on Zombie Lupins who can totally kill BigFoot with Magic Claw at level 41. And from casting it at SleepyWood.
Aug 17 2010
0omageboyo0 Level 181 Bera Mercedes 4
Bera has it[/quote]

We dont... We used to have it for a short period. But they didn't really ks at all. BFPatrol leader has disbanded
Aug 17 2010
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