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Big Foot Patrols

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nilesboy Level 120 Mardia Night Walker 3
I'm just wonder which worlds have Big Foot Patrols in them please leave the world name if u have it.
Posted: August 2010 Permalink


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wut a joke man =.=
why are heroes only ones belong at bf?
does this mean u cant pap because its aran territory? cant scarlion or targa because arans dominate it?
u cant RGTS or Anego cus its bowmen territory ?

@ the doing it wrong, ppl have their own way of doing w.e, u cant decide if its wrong or not, i can decide that you suck at ksing, but obviously you have your own opinion about it.

All hail Harry! -bows down-
Aug 18 2010
Any BF police in KHAINI? :0
Aug 18 2010
giblets Level 120 Broa Wind Archer 1
Says the jealous pally?[/quote];amp;s=4 (soloed with no apples or MW, just SE and warrior elixer.)
yeah right! Blast auto targets and i can get 3 blasts out while you finish one barrage or demo. And that hero is junk namely because he is using red katana at BF. highest DPM means nothing when it comes to KS. I explained this before but edited it out. You guys couldn't Ks me if you teamed up. I watched the zerohero's videos too. You both KS people weaker(in game) than you and brag about it on here. Ive seen you post about it before specifically recall you bragging and posting a SS of you Ksing a level 70 DB at bigfoot, and this hero makes videos of him KSing people 10 levels below him.
Aug 18 2010
I can't say about Kradia, since I've only killed BF once, and it was at like 4 in the morning, but I don't think we have a guild specifically for it.[/quote]

Yea, there are not any. There are a handful of us who kill the majority of BFs and we tend to stay away from each others preps and such. Not too much KSing.
Aug 18 2010
Bera has the occasional person who ks'es and D/C hacks, but no real "bigfoot policiing" guilds
Aug 18 2010
giblets Level 120 Broa Wind Archer 1
@giblets: Oh hey I've ksed a 147 Dark Knight, good enough? Oh and no HB And caught him dead if you'd like... Nope? Not good enough?

My point is they're not perfect. Hell, I even have one of a 120+ DB now if you'd like. Not one, but 3 (unsure about the other's levels)[/quote]

UglyFist: "Everyone, I would like your attention please. Be impressed by my God-like powers for I can kill steal at big foot in MapleStory and post about it on basil forums." -crowd cheers- "CHAAAAAA YEAaaaHH WOOOO YEAH WOO YEAH WOOOOOo"

Back on OT: UglyFist and ZeroHero are BF patrol/Ksers.
Aug 18 2010
giblets Level 120 Broa Wind Archer 1
No dude, that means we lost.[/quote]

That is what i was thinking. Its a shame, id be able to level off BF if I didnt get d.ced for near a week straight every time i go near haunted mansion.
Aug 18 2010
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