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Big Foot Patrols

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nilesboy Level 120 Mardia Night Walker 3
I'm just wonder which worlds have Big Foot Patrols in them please leave the world name if u have it.
Posted: August 2010 Permalink


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Logic Level 144 Reboot Night Walker 4
I'm so fail, how bout you tell me the name of your main plawks .[/quote]

Uh oh, here comes the ego.
Aug 18 2010
6ppl3m6g3 Level 123 Mardia Jett 4
Mardia tried...
Aug 18 2010
Zeroavilon Level 136 Bera Marauder
I don't belong there by his logic :l Oh well, we still get along

@Harry: I find Anego more of Corsair territory than Bowman territory ;_;[/quote]
Sorry meng, I tottally forgot about Buccs, havent played in a while. Buccs BF too. Others can get lost.
And about me ksing people 10 levels lower than me, I dont really think that plays a part considering my sword has the same attack as an underaverage clean Executioners, 10 levels =50 STR. Most Heroes have a 130+ Sword. 50 str =/= 24+ attk. My damage isnt the greatest, but you cant even judge damage with all the potn items out.
Aug 18 2010
I don't understand KSers in general.

Why do you guys feel compelled to stop people from playing the game?
Aug 18 2010
i think its BF criminals if they're ksing bfs
Aug 18 2010
Yellonde doesn't.
Aug 18 2010
HUSTLES, a 185 bucc in Windia will always KS a BF from you if you have one... He has a few people who always BF who he ./finds and then goes to KS them, very obnoxious. His damage is pretty insane, so no one can KS him.
Aug 18 2010
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