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Big bang rent. What do you think about it?

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Sheckamaru Level 163 Bera Corsair
Title Typo--rant... wasnt paying attention.

In my opinion, big bang ruined the game.
The only thing i liked about this game, was in fact bossing.
Zakum, pianus, pap, anego, crow, CWKPQ,heck even HT, and i would enjoy doing so.
Now that big bang is out, the bosses are nerfed.Anegos, gundams, and frogs give 5k exp, and the rest give no more than a mil, atleast with a party.
Everyone's just so insanely strong, and even with the added HP, the bosses are still not worth it.
Not only that, training isnt even as easy as i thought it would be; I've trained 3 corsairs to 140+, and i know what its like and honestly, i think its harder now.
If Nexon wants to keep people on this game, they need to fix the bosses, and change the damage back to what it was

Side note--Boss damage, apparently has been nerfed too.

What do you think about this patch, Basil?
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I wanna go on a short **rAnt** or **Vent** on how your title incorrect
Dec 08 2010
i agree with basically everything you said, mostly about it seeming even harder to level disappointed.
Dec 08 2010
I don't understand why its harder to level. maybe its because i'm not level 120 yet?
Dec 08 2010

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