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Bishop teleport Screen

By Naritta

Naritta Level 210 Galicia Bishop
Mar 12 2013 I remember when Big Bang came out, I was totally impressed by the idea of Teleport Mastery.

I think it'd be neat to step it up just another notch and make each Teleport Mastery a little different to reflect their class.

Kanna and Luminous have their very own special Teleports so why not the Adventurers? (Evans have Dragon Blink so they would keep the original Teleport Mastery?)

For example (and these are just ideas):

Bishops would get a Teleport similar to Luminous when it came to distance but rather than invincibility they'd retain the stun effect and have a trail of heavenly feathers and a yellow glow effect to their Teleport. (Party members that are in the trail get a buff or heal perhaps?)

F/P Arch Mage would get, again, similar distance as the Luminous and they'd get a small fiery little explosion (with a smoke trail) that either gave a little DoT effect or a Status Effect, like Blindness or something.

I/L Arch Mage would, yup, get similar distance to Luminous and as they Teleported left an ice trail complete with either a Freeze, Status, or DoT effect?

Discuss! ^^

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