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Black Friday shopping and where?

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So where are you going shopping?
Do you have an eye on something special on the store?
Which stores are having the best sales
Posted: November 2012 Permalink


thingy97 Level 110 Chaos Corsair
All I know is that I'm going with my friends in about an hour and a half. Dunno where we're going, but she said places like Walmart and jazz like that. Maybe we'll hop down to the King of Prussia mall and just be like "HEY STORES." But parking would be stuuuuuuffed like last Black Friday.
Nov 22 2012
AmyTheDino Level 51 Windia Mechanic 2
50% off everthang.
Nov 22 2012
Black Friday? Ain't nobody got time for det!
Nov 22 2012

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