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Black Ops 2 Or Halo 4

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LongCrayon Level 108 Windia Ranger
I'm planning to get either one of these games on Black Friday. I've been a big CoD Fanboy for the longest time till Black Ops came out. I have never really got into playing Halo as much but I've played Halo reach and it was alright. :]
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I thought new games don't go on sale on black friday?
Nov 16 2012
Considering that you've been a CoD fanboy, it's going to be VERY frustrating trying to play Halo 4 competitively.
Nov 16 2012
mike3110 Level 120 Scania Night Walker 4
Halo 4 is a lot more like CoD than Halo compared to previous games, keep that in mind. I hear BO2 is fantastic though.[/quote]

How? Halo is still Halo. There's like nothing that could make it like CoD other then ordinance drops. That's it.
Nov 16 2012
LongCrayon Level 108 Windia Ranger
More opinions please
Nov 16 2012
ShiKage08 Level 138 Bera Hero
Halo 4 would probably be the game with the most replay value. It has a great story, stable online servers, and great multiplayer.

Then again, I've never played either, nor do I even own an XBox 360 or Playstation 3 and never have delved into the Call of Duty franchise. I like the sci-fi theme better, though.
Nov 16 2012

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