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Black heaven act 3 air battle Video

By cb000

cb000 Level 222 Bera Hero
Mar 26 2015 Figured I might as well try to beat it instead of skipping. Didn't take as many tries as I thought it would. Wish I could record in 720p without dropping performance.

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Anthorix Level 201 Windia Mechanic 4
great job nexon fer makin a 2D side scroll shooter
Mar 27 2015
iPROLE Level 202 Scania Mechanic 4
dam that took me like 1 or 2 hrs (yes i know you could skip it)
Mar 27 2015
DeLaSigh Level 200 Nova Luminous 4
You can actually shoot here? D:
Mar 27 2015
Chuseyo Level 170 Scania Kaiser 4 See what games, anime & art Chuseyo is intoChuseyo
WTF u shoot that fast? when i held down my button... my firing rate was so bad...
Mar 27 2015
Verkins Level 220 Reboot Kaiser 4 SacredSword Guild
+1 If you played the R-Type games, you'll master this section on Black Heaven.
Mar 27 2015
Edatron Level 220 Kradia Kaiser 4
I failed at Stage 4, so I skipped
Mar 28 2015

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