Sad Mask
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Sep 05 2011 Just wanted to post this so it didn't go to waste.


"The empress searches for the tree of life in order to have the power necessary to defeat the black wings. She finds the black mage instead who is more than happy to grant her wish."

Should have worked on the joke/art more before turning it in but at least I had fun with the splatter brush.

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Huce Level 170 Nova Blade Recruit
The Black Mage's expressions are amazing.
Sep 06 2011
BluePrint Level 153 Scania Phantom 4
lol like
Sep 06 2011
Hey, did you draw the skull yourself? If you did, did you use inspiration, from a real skull photo? Or did you do it completely out of your head? And how long have you been drawing.

PM me.
Sep 06 2011
Love the expressions
Sep 06 2011

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