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Blaze wizard equips Video

By flya

flya Level 250 Bera Blaze Wizard 1 EvoLovE Guild
May 21 2015 The equips it took me to reach 2m2m gotta learn how to scroll properly

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Flya Level 250 Bera Blaze Wizard 1 EvoLovE Guild
I always wondered how you guys managed to land two %matk lines on bonus potentials. Yet I cap on cvel already so I don't care now. [/quote]

I spent atleast 900k nx going for that bpot on my emblem and only 25k for the 2ndary. you win some and you lose some
May 22 2015
@Flya: oh.... I spent 20k on emblem to land one 12%matk line... explorer ftw...
May 22 2015

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