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Bleach confused // Questions My subject is too short Hi

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Okay so wow.. This is pretty devastating cuz i wrote a long ass paragraph And it all got erased cuz it said my title was short -_-"
Okay SO yeah.. I've stopped watching bleach for about a month or so..
I stopped After the Aizen vs Ichigo fight ( Sickk) Then it became fillers..
And i got to lazy to start watching back..
So yeah i recently started watching it back Like 2 episodes after Thank you. Episode..
(No spoilers ! ) And I've forgotten quite a bit of stuff.
Soo here are the questions !

  1. Wait , How does Chad and Inoue Have special powers? "
  2. Damn forgot my 2nd Question because of restarting thread -___-"
  3. Why does Ichigo Lose his powers?
  4. Can u refreshen me up with What's Zanpakuto Powers? Soul reapers? Reitsu?I forgot all these stuff D:

Thanks Alot Basil! I could always count on u guys !

Edit: Alright, But Another question
  1. who's the guy that was always inside ichigo?
Hes like Kinda old guy with glasses? Brown hair long
  1. Who/What is the White ichigo that keep's on attacking ichigo?

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1. Because Ichigo

3. Because merged with Zangetsu

4. Profit.
Feb 05 2012
3: remember when he was fighting Aizen and he turned into like some super form? to turn into that form he had to give up his powers.
Feb 05 2012
yumtoast154 Level 147 Broa Hermit
1) Because Kubo
2) Because Kubo
3) The Heart
4) The Heart
Feb 05 2012
1. I forget. Go on wikipedia.
2. Hopefully Wikipedia will help.
Feb 05 2012
Okay i got question 3.
But Q.1 Why becuz of ichigo?
and 4.?
Feb 05 2012
1. You suck
2.You suck
3.It's an amazing show
4.It's not gona stop me from watching
Feb 05 2012
Okay i got question 3.
But Q.1 Why becuz of ichigo?
and 4.?[/quote]

Because of Ichigo's immense powers, he affected his friends and family.
Feb 05 2012
MizuiChan Level 209 Galicia Buccaneer Justaway Guild
1. Because of their constant exposure to Ichigo's unrefined spiritual pressure.

2. ...Okay...

3. He used his Final Getsuga Tenshou in his battle against Aizen, which stripped him of his powers.

4. Well, Zanpakutos are the physical manifestation of spiritual pressure (reiatsu), which is a form of energy generated by spiritual beings. Only certain spititually-aware beings, such as Soul Reapers (shingami) are acutely aware of it enough to manipulate it at will. Ichigo became a shingami when Rukia infused him with her reiatsu. More recently, because of Ichigo's loss of reiatsu, he seeks aid from an isolated group of spiritually-aware humans, known as Fullbringers, who manipulate reiatsu by infusing it into "familiar objects". After being sufficiently trained, it becomes revealed that it was all a ploy to awaken the remnants of Ichigo's powers so that the group may eliminate him and harvest his energy. The biggest threat was Tsukushima, because of his Fullbring's ability to manipulate memories, turning Ichigo's friends against him, however, Ichigo, with the help of the Soul Reapers, is able to take out Kugo, the original Substitute Soul Reaper while Byakuya defeats Tsukushima. Blah-blah-blah. Supa-happy ending. Now the arc's over and the series is on break.
Feb 05 2012
SonGokuFood Level 72 Scania Hayato 3
1. It has something to do with that ball thing aizen wanted, Because when it was in Rukia ichigo wanted help or something so it noticed ichis wish and gave them powers. I think...
2. Ill answer when you remember.
3. Because he used that final attack of his.

Edit: Just look at what @MizuiChan said above me >____<

Edit: @MizuiChan: Wasnt it also because of that ball thing?
Feb 05 2012
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