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Blown up at 3%

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Access Level 135 Scania Shade 4
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand your wallet's empty
Jan 02 2015
jdbowman809 Level 200 Kradia Paladin
happened to my cape at the very first opportunity, star 6 /7 i think. was a terrible terrible day trying to be calm and gather up mesos and selling stuff to try and make it up and buy the only other cape on the server at the time..
Jan 02 2015
ImHereToHelp Level 208 Bera Xenon 4
Yea.. it blew up at 3%. There are also currently no tyrant pirate boots for sale, and if they are, they are at 15b.
Jan 02 2015
should have seen it coming since nexon
Jan 02 2015
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