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1redwhip2 Level 124 Kradia Night Lord
Can anyone help me kill Terramorphous? It's the last side quest I need and I can't bring my Siren into it because it's on the same account. PS4
Posted: January 2016 Permalink


newt236 Level 200 Scania Zero Transcendent
Well what i did is there's a ledge away from him with a rock you can hide behind, and just shot him from there with legendary weapons
Jan 25 2016
1redwhip2 Level 124 Kradia Night Lord
@newt236: I know about that, but my zer0 is only level 34 lol
Jan 25 2016
deadlystabxx Level 217 Demethos Shadower
Why not play through TVHM and get up to level 50 first at least? Unless you're geared very properly, fighting him at 34 is just way too hard. Plus zer0 has a lot of great skills the higher of a level you are.
Jan 26 2016
deadlystabxx Level 217 Demethos Shadower
@sirkibble: If you're farming for eridium, I think the warrior would be better. Not only is he easier to kill but I'm pretty sure he drops more per kill as well. Yes UVHM is quite a nightmare especially when you first jump into it as you become gear checked almost every 2-3 levels lol.
Jan 27 2016

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