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snakeshield Level 201 Elnido Crossbow Man
So me and my friends are deciding to try Chaos Pink Bean and Empress. It was just an idea since I doubt we will finish it but either way, my concerns are the following:

How much hp does Chaos Pink Bean and Empress have?
How many times do they heal?
Whats the suggest BOSS DMG and PDR for each?

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KyleHeII007 Level 250 Windia Night Lord
i think you will need a 1m range each with ~100% pdr and at least 175% boss or so for empress and for CRA 1.5m ea[/quote]

From experience empress is HALF of what CRA is man. The amount of HP those bosses have is absurd
Jan 02 2014
Expressnless Level 209 Chaos Night Lord
As long as you have enough dps you can do it with 500k-1mil range... cpb is fairly easy once you get past the statues, yes it has 13 forms but killing pb isn't that hard. As for emp you just need to watch out for dr and make sure you all stop attacking at the same time... It's more about the dps than anything... as long as your output together is decent then i don't see why you can't do any of them. People with 1-2m range can solo, regardless of dps.
Jan 02 2014
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