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Bossing Ranges

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kinghext Level 207 Windia Hero
I am level 199
  1. 24-1.44m damage
70% IED
153% boss

i am having some trouble beating some of the chaos bosses i used to do. I know that the bosses were buffed a while ago.
I am currently doing
Zakum, Easy Magnus, RA bosses, Horntail, Madman and 2x Regular Ranmaru, Normal Pap, Hilla, Krexel

i am unable to solo CZak, CHT, CPap
I havent tried Normal Magnus, PB, Hard Hilla

what do i need for ranges to solo these bosses
Posted: July 2018 Permalink


lordanubis Level 221 Scania Paladin
Well with that range u could easily kill CHT, normal magnus, normal Papulatus, Hard Hilla with some practice and maybe cygnus with ur main attack cores at lvl 25+, u can hard gollux too, pink bean, its just about practice.
Jul 16 2018

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