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Archer Training Reference

This guide is in the process of being updated, and therefore most of the formatting might be ugly/incorrect. However, thanks to solace, all training spots HAVE been included. If you wish to suggest a location, either PM it to me or post it in this thread:


This guide is intended to help bowmen find places to train, and tips on how to train there. Each map entry gives the map where the monster(s) can be found, ratings, and any important notes. Here is an example entry:

Map Name and link to map on

Trainable Monsters:
Recommended Level:
Map Name:
Rating: A, B, or C
Cash Flow: A $ scale of $-$$$$$ (Extremely Expensive, Costly, Decent, Great, Awesome!) Note: These levels should be relative to your level and should take rare/expensive items into account.
Notable Rare Items:
Recommended Skills:

Notes: (Here's where I explain the general formula of the map, how to train there, and other recommendations)

This thread will never be 100% complete, due to the fact that new training maps are found, new monsters are released, and new training methods are developed. However, I will do my best to keep it as updated as possible. If you want to send me an entry using the above format for a map that you think should be added, feel free to hit me up with a PM.

What is the EXP/HP ratio?

This ratio is explained by LordMufasa as follows:
LordMufasa: I calculate this ratio by dividing the amount of health a monster has by the amount of experience it gives.

Here is a Pre-Big Bang example: Brown Teddy's have 950 health, and they give 60 experience. 950 divided by 60 is 15.8. So essentially, it takes you 15.8 damage to get 1 point of experience.

As you can imagine, the amount of damage it takes to get 1 experience adds up. For instance, in the Brown Teddy example above, it would take around 65 damage to get 4 points of experience, while a monster with only an experience to damage ratio of 1/11 would only need to do 44 damage. And it goes up and up and up, with the more you train on a monster, the worse this difference gets between a monster with a high ratio and a monster with a low ratio.

An important note: any damage you do above the monster's HP does not count. For example, a Pig's EXP/HP ratio is 1/5. This apparently means that if you hit 2000 damage on a Pig, you'll gain 400 experience. This is misleading. Most of your damage is wasted, hurting the Pig after it is already dead. This is why you wouldn't train on Snails all day even though they have the best EXP/HP ratio. The key is finding a balance between high EXP/HP ratio and a minimum of overkill.

And in case of confusion, when I refer to high and low EXP/HP ratio in this guide, high means the denominator of the fraction is low. 1/5 is a higher ratio than 1/10. Think of it this way: a high ratio means you get more EXP for your damage, a low ratio means you get less.

1-hitting vs 2-hitting

This is a tougher question than it seems. Both types of training each have their own merits, and it all comes down to your playing style.

1-hitting, or training at monsters you can kill in one hit most of the time, is often considered the most efficient type of training before 3rd job, and the most commonly used. Lower-leveled monsters, in general, have a higher EXP/HP ratio, less defense, and require less potions to fight. Usually, 1-hitting a monster consistently means doing so at least 70% of the time, although in first job it's acceptable to 1-hit only 40-50% due to the lack of Mastery. More time is spent moving rather than standing and shooting, so movement speed is an important factor in 1-hit training rate.

2-hitting is training at monsters you kill in 2 hits most of the time. Since you spend twice the time on each monster, less time is spent moving and more time spent damaging (and therefore gaining EXP). Higher leveled monsters tend to hit harder and have more DEF, but have more valuable drops as well. Damage is more important than movement speed here, because an increase in damage will increase the chance of a 1-hit and decrease the chance of a 3-hit.

At later levels, 1-hitting and 2-hitting become irrelevant. Higher level monsters differ from those in previous level brackets in that they take many hits to kill, have better EXP/HP ratios the higher you get, and hit much harder. The archer's training style changes, focusing more on survival and efficiency of killing. The use of an Archer's defensive skills and characteristics (which bluebomber24 has dubbed the 'Archer Seikūken'), is explained in the Archer Skill Guide.

Regarding Wind Archers and training.

Cygnus Knights are much more powerful than their adventurer counterparts, but have most of the same skills. If the skill requirements for a particular training area are met, you may consider going to maps earlier than is recommended. Just make sure you have the skills in place before heading off, and that your level is high enough to hit the enemies!

Maps for Levels 10-25

This first level bracket is simple. You can kill anything anywhere, as long as you hit it and it doesn't kill you, and regardless of what you choose these levels will pass quickly. The options listed below are generally considered the better options, though.

[url=]Beach: Blue Ribbon Beach[/url]

[url=]Blue Ribbon Pigs[/url]
Exp/HP Ratio: 1/8.7
Recommended Level:13-25
Rating: A-
Cash Flow: $$$$
Recommended Skills: Basic 1st Job attack skills.

Notes: With a high exp/HP ratio, these pigs are an excellent start. Their common etc drop can be sold for 100 mesos each at NPCs. This can be fairly useful for new players that lack funding.

Maps for Levels 20-35

By now, if you're following the standard skill build, you should have a maxed attack skill and some points in Critical at this time, allowing you to take on more difficult maps.

[url=]Kerning Square: 1st Floor 2nd Floor Area A[/url]

[url=]Cherry Bubble Tea[/url]
Exp/HP Ratio: 1/13.6
Recommended Level: 26-40
Rating: A-
Trainable Monsters: Cherry Bubble Tea
Cash Flow: $
Recommended Skills: Max 1st Job attack skills. Mobbing Skills recommended if available.
Notes: Just outside of Kerning Square, this area provides quite decent experience early on, though it is quite pricey at early levels. As you level up and become stronger, money will slowly begin reeling in -- by this point, you should move on.

[url=]Mushroom Castle: Steep Downhill 1[/url]

[url=]Poison Mushroom[/url], [url=]Intoxicated Pig[/url]
Exp/HP Ratio: 1/11.9, 1/13.6
Recommended Level: 31-35
Rating: B
Trainable Monsters: Poison Mushroom, Intoxicated Pig
Cash Flow: $
Recommended Skills: At least 1 point in Mine.

Notes: This area is only good for Wild Hunters thanks to their ability to move quickly and spam mines. Run up and down the hill spamming Triple Shot/Ricochet while Mine is active. Never stop moving and be willing to take hits.

[url=]Mushroom Castle: Skyscraper 2[/url]

[url=]Helmet Pepe[/url]
Exp/HP Ratio: 1/14
Recommended Level: 32-40
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Helmet Pepe
Cash Flow: $$$
Recommended Skills: Mobbing Attacks

Notes: Stay in the middle bottom, spamming your mob skills in both directions. The spawn is massive on the bottom floor, and the monsters hit for very little if you have the Amdusias Helm. Just use the potions they drop, Orange/White Potions and Blue Potions. You must have completed certain Mushroom Kingdom quests to gain access to this area. The quests are awesome experience, so don't let that distract you.

[url=]Mushroom Castle: Skyscraper 2[/url]

[url=]Helmet Pepe[/url]
Exp/HP Ratio: 1/14
Recommended Level: 32-40
Rating: B
Cash Flow: $$
Recommended Skills: At least one point in Mine.

Notes: This area is only good for Wild Hunters thanks to their ability to move quickly and spam mines. Run around while Mine is active while spamming Triple Shot/Ricochet. Never stop moving and be willing to take hits.

Maps for Levels 35-50

As you level through this range, you will probably be leveling up Bomb/IA, and FA depending on your build. This is essentially where bowmen stop sucking.

[url=]Orbis: Orbis Tower <7th Floor>

Exp/HP Ratio: 19.7
Recommended Level: 38-45
Rating: **B
Cash Flow: $$$
Recommended Skills: Mobbing Attacks.

Notes: There are 4 flat platforms. Kill from the top to the bottom, then teleport back up to the top. They drop a lot of potions, so that should cover your potion money.

[url=]Kerning Square: 5th Floor 6th Floor Area D[/url]

[url=]Kid Mannequin[/url], [url=]Male Mannequin[/url]
Exp/HP Ratio: 1/19.1, 1/19/8
Recommended Level: 38-45
Rating: A-
Cash Flow:$$$
Notable Rare Items: 70% accessory scrolls, equip enhancement scrolls
Recommended Skills: Mobbing skills

Note: All the maps on this floor work, move up to higher level Mannequins if you feel up to the challenge. Maps are easy to navigate and fairly self explanatory. Additionally, the split level nature allows them to be easily shared.

[url=]Kerning Square: 7th Floor 8th Floor Area A[/url]

[url=]Latest Hits Compilation[/url], [url=]Greatest Oldies[/url]
Exp/HP Ratio: 1/20.2, 1/20.4
Recommended Level: 40-50
Rating: A-
Cash Flow: $$$
Notable Rare Items: Accessory for Dex / Int
Recommended Skills: Mobbing Skills

Notes: All the maps on this floor work, move up to higher levels if you feel up to the challenge. Maps are easy to navigate and fairly self explanatory. Additionally, the split level nature allows them to be easily shared.

[url=]Orbis: Garden of Red/Green/Yellow II[/url] (Accessible from here)

[url=]Jr. Grupins, Lioners, Cellions[/url], [url=]Grupins, Lioners, Cellions[/url] (Both sets have identical stats but drop different items)
Exp/HP Ratio: 1/18, 1/21.7
Recommended Level: 46-50
Rating: B+
Trainable Monsters: Lioners, Grupins, Cellions
Cash Flow: $$$
Notable/Rare Items: Purple steel-tip boots and glove att 100% (Cellions)
Recommended Skills: Mobbing Skills.

Notes: This would be best with a 2 man party with someone taking the bottom and the other taking the upper platform. Monsters drop a lot of potions, so you should not lose money here.

Maps for Levels 45-60

Many new training opportunities now open up for you. As you will notice, from here on out, more and more of the monsters you attack can attack you back rather than simply ramming into you. Also, most monsters you've run into before have a KB rate of 1, which means they'll flinch back as long as you hit them. This no longer happens with higher-leveled monsters. These, combined with lower EXP/HP ratios and more EXP needed per level, mean that training is no longer a walk in the park. However, what the maps here lack in user-friendliness they make up in sheer spawn, mobbability, and/or just raw EXP.

[url=]Orbis: Stairway to the Sky I[/url]

[url=]Grupins, Lioners, Cellions[/url]
Exp/HP Ratio: 1/18, 1/21.7
Recommended Level: 46-60
Rating: A+
Cash Flow: $$
Notable Rare Items: Black Magic Powder
Recommendations: Ricochet, Mines.

Notes: Because of the awkward slopes in this map, you will be missing quite a few monsters, therefore: you must complete it from bottom to top, you must be constantly spamming Ricochet, while Mine is active.

Recommended Level: 55+
Map Name: Korean Folk Town: Entrance to Black Mountain
Rating: A-
Trainable Monsters: Moon Bunny
Cash Flow: $$
Notable Rare Items: nothing good yet
Recommendations: Ricochet/Iron Arrow/Arrow Bomb, and It's Raining Mines is helpful
Notes: There is a hill in the middle of the map, most of the training involves around that. Ricochet and Iron Arrow are able to shoot through the hill. As a WH, it is best climb one side of the hill (while spamming ricochet like nuts of course) to the top, then quickly double jump down to the other side of the hill( rather than running down the other side). Remember that WH sucks horribly at attack downhill. Similar for Xbows, but it may be best just to stay on one slope of the hill to reduce movement. For Hunters, stay at the bottom centre of the hill, and bomb to each side (bomb should be able to hit bunnies on the hill and on ground-level).

Recommended Level: 60-70
Map Name: Toy Factory
Rating: A- till 65, and starting to slow down
Trainable monsters: Robo and Master Robo
Cash Flow: -$
Rare Items: Enhancement Scroll, Wisdom Crystal Ore
Not-so-rare items: Material Powders
Common items: various equips
Recommendations: Iron Arrow/Arrow Bomb max (IA tends to be a bit better for it's longer range), FA max, minimum 6 booster&2 SA, Double Shot
Notes: There are 3 platforms (like the platoon chronos map). You start from the bottom one from right to left, climb the ladder, kill what u reach on the middle platform, climb the ladder, go from left to right on top platform. At the end of it, jump down on middle and kill what u reach, jump down on bottom and kill everything going from right to left. Repeat. It's a good place to exp; I got from 60-64 in 2 hours. They drop various equips to NPC: Level 60 crossbow and level 70 bowman blue overall (male)

Recommended Level: 62+
Map Name: Korean Folk Town: Hidden Street: Moon Ridge
Rating: A+, IF you can afford a lot of all cures/ what ever else treats curses. IF not, then B-
Trainable Monsters: Samiho
Cash Flow: -$w/ all cures, +$$ w/o all cures
Notable Rare Items: you might get lucky and find some 3 lined unique 18% dex earings? good luck. but the other drops are good.
Recommendations: Ricochet/Iron Arrow/Arrow Bomb
Notes: You better have a lot of all cures ready... or you'll be cursed to hell. Control is the key, kill them neatly, any monster that you don't 2-3 hit ko could curse you. DON'T do this map in a circle, DO stay in the middle and move up and down the rope to attack.

Recommended Level: 65-7x
Map Name: Omega Sector: Kulan Field III
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Zeta Gray (exp: 263)
Cash Flow: Not much pot cost here due to equipments regularly dropping.
Notable Rare Items: Golden Hinkel, Bronze Gig
Recommended Skills: Arrow Bomb, Inferno/Blizzard, Rain/Eruption

"Hallway - Where are you?" -

Trainable Monsters: Hoodoo, Voodoo
Recommended Level: 55-67
Map Name:Sophilia's Bedroom [3]
Rating: A-
Cash Flow: $$$
Notable Rare Items: N/A
Recommended Skills: Iron Arrow/Arrow Bomb

Recommended Level: 66-70
Map Name: Ocean I.C.
Rating: -B or A depending on map utilization
Trainable Monsters: Jr. Seal and Scuba Pepe
Cash Flow: Not a lot of funds are necessary to train here, drops are ok, but not decent
Notable Rare Items: Steelies, Dark Focus, Asianic Bow, Blue Tai, Bronze Machine Arm
Recommended Skills: Power Knock-Back level 15+, Iron Arrow/Arrow Bomb (MAXED)
Notes: THERE IS A METHOD FOR THE BEST RESULTS IN TERMS OF EXP. I uploaded a link with a map showing the movement pattern I utilized which racks in decent amount of exp

Recommended Level: 70+
Map Name: N/A
Rating: B+
Trainable Monsters: Twisted Jester
Items: N/A
Recommendations: Strafe or 21+ Arrow Rain/Arrow Erruption

Recommended Level: 70-73
Map Name: Jr.Cactus Map connected to first map left of Ariant (sorry, I forget the exact name).
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Junior Cactus
Cash Flow: $$$$
Notable Rare Items: Tobis are a really common drop; in a half hour of 2X drop I ended up getting 6. This may have been somewhat lucky but it is good even so.*
Recommended Skills: INFERNO! The beauty of Cactuses in general is that they are now Fire Weak! So you end up dealing way more damage than in any other place.

Recommended Levels: 70-73
Map Name: Hidden Street: Mecateon Field
Rating: C
Trainable Monsters: Mecateon
Cash Flow: $$$
Notable Rare Items: None.
Recommendations: Level 4+ Arrow Eruption, Barbarian Elixirs, Sorcerer Elixirs.
Notes: This is not the best map layout. There are a lot of little platforms for you to walk all over. The map is rather large. The spawn will be sparse if you kill quickly. Freeze them or stun them if you want to save HP potions, as they have a magic attack.

Recommended Levels: 70-75
Map Name: Crimsonwood Mountain: Lower Ascent
Rating: C
Trainable Monsters: Windraiders, (Stormbreakers)
Cash Flow: $$$
Notable Rare Items: None.
Recommendations: Level 20 Iron Arrow (your main attack move), Level 1 Strafe (for stragglers), Barbarian Elixirs, Sorcerer Elixirs.
Notes: Just move throughout the map, using the teleport feature to help. Go to the end of one platform and then use Iron Arrow to kill the mob before moving on to the next. With the advent of the Big Bang patch, there are much better options available. In fact, I would only go to this training spot if the other maps were full, which is unlikely.

Recommended Levels: 70-75
Map Name: Hidden Street: Gray's Prairie
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Ultra Grays, (Chief Grays - only 1 spawns)
Cash Flow: $$$
Notable Rare Items: None.
Recommendations: Level 4+ Arrow Eruption, Barbarian Elixirs, Sorcerer Elixirs.
Notes: This is basically a flat map, as the Ultra Grays spawn along the bottom of the map. The top left platform and the bottom may sport an occasional Chief Gray. It is very simple to train here. Just spam Arrow Eruption when you see a sizable mob. The spawn may be sparse if you kill quickly. Also, to get more EXP, do the "Trading with Alien Gray" quest, where you find 3 Secret Documents to get 3 Alien Sacks, and then "The Effort to Make-up" quest from the Yellow Mesoranger, where you have to kill 120 Ultra Grays. In this way, you will be getting training EXP and the EXP from the quest.

Recommended Levels: 70-75
Map Name: Ludibrium: The Path of Time <1>
Rating: B
Trainable Monsters: Platoon Chronos
Cash Flow: $$
Notable Rare Items: None.
Recommendations: Level 20 Iron Arrow (your main attack move), Level 1 Strafe (for stragglers), Barbarian Elixirs, Sorcerer Elixirs.
Notes: The map layout is pretty simple. Just move up and down. Kill the mobs on each platform and then move to the next one. Do not worry about any stragglers. You can come back to them on your second time through that platform. Keep in mind that most of the mobs are concentrated on the last two bottom platforms. Once again, a stun or freeze would help you conserve your HP potions and increase your training rate.

Recommended Level: 70-90
Map: Name Chimney possessed by the clown/jester
Rating: A till late 70s then B
Trainable Monsters: Twisted Jesters
Cash Flow: $/-$ Due to Jesters hitting low and high MP usage
Notable Rare Items: Nothing
Recommended Skills: Arrow Rain/Inferno
Notes: Make sure you party I will guarantee you that if you don't party you will get KSed and your EXP/Hour ratio will significantly go down

Recommended Levels: 72-77
Map Name: Verne Mine: Shaft 2
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Big Spiders
Cash Flow: $$$
Notable Rare Items: Dark Raven, Marine Raven.
Recommendations: Level 1+ Blizzard, Level 20 Iron Arrow, Barbarian Elixirs, Sorcerer Elixirs.
Notes: This map is another simple one. It sports two platforms, both abundant with monster spawn. Simply rotate the map in a clockwise fashion. It is advisable for you to freeze the monsters first with Blizzard before using Iron Arrow to mow them down. This is because the Big Spiders may use their magic attack on you after you aggravate them, and a magic attack is never pleasant, even if it is a mild one. Before training here, please start the "Unpleasant Mechanical Doll" quest from Watchman Kwan, which requests 80 Big Spider Tentacles. (The quest requires your character to be at least level 72.)

Recommended Level: 73-77
Map Name: Hidden Street: Royal Cactus Desert
Rating: A-
Trainable Monsters: Royal Cactus
Cash Flow: $$
Notable Rare Items: These don't drop Tobis or Potential Scrolls and have few good drops; the Heavenly Katara is one of best ones. In general, not that great meso-wise.
Recommended Skills: INFERNO! The beauty of Cactuses in general is that they are now Fire Weak! So you end up dealing way more damage than in any other place.

Recommended Levels: 74-77
Map Name: Ludibrium: The Path of Time <4>
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Master Chronos
Cash Flow: $$
Notable Rare Items: None.
Recommendations: Level 20 Iron Arrow (your main attack move), Level 6 Arrow Eruption (to mob), Level 1 Blizzard (to freeze), Level 1 Strafe (for stragglers), Barbarian Elixirs, Sorcerer Elixirs.
Notes: The Master Chronos will quickly deplete your HP potions because of their magic attack. However, if you have a move to stop them from firing their magic attack so you can efficiently mob them--stun or freeze--then you will be alright. Train in a clock-wise pattern. You start from the second-level platform from the bottom and fire Iron Arrow to the mobs on both sides. Then climb onto the left ladder and get over to the middle platform on the third-level platform and kill the mobs on either side. Climb the ladder right above you and kill the mob on that platform. Do not bother with the fifth-level platform because usually only one monster spawns on it. Besides, there is very little space for you to kill, so you will probably be knocked off the platform by the magic attack. Jump to the bottom right side of the map. From there, use Iron Arrow to lure the Master Chronos to the far left of the map. Quickly freeze or stun the Master Chronos so they stop their magic attack. Then jump onto the top of the pile of bricks. From there, spam Arrow Eruption safely to kill the big mob. (If you do not freeze the Master Chronos, you will have a hard time jumping safely onto the top brick, as they will continue to fire their magic attack at you.) Start over from the beginning.

Recommended Levels: 75-80
Map Name: Mini Dungeon: Hill of Sandstorms
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Sand Rats
Cash Flow: $$$
Notable Rare Items: None.
Recommendations: Level 20 Iron Arrow (your main attack move), Level 9+ Arrow Eruption, Barbarian Elixirs, Sorcerer Elixirs.
Notes: This is a simple map layout. Use mainly Iron Arrow to kill the mobs on the bottom. For the two top platforms, stand on the edge of one of the tiny safe platforms and spam Arrow Eruption, so that you kill the Sand Rats while remaining unscathed. Use Strafe for any stragglers if you so please. Excellent EXP.

Recommended Levels: 75-80
Map Name: Verne Mine: Shaft 3
Rating: C
Trainable Monsters: Cart Bears
Cash Flow: $
Notable Rare Items: None.
Recommendations: Level 20 Iron Arrow , Level 1 Blizzard, Level 15+ Arrow Eruption, Barbarian Elixirs, Sorcerer Elixirs.
Notes: Ewww, not my idea of fun. Mediocre EXP, but the spot is worthy if other areas are crowded, and you want to just . . . be by yourself. There are a few more platforms on this map, and some that are not completely flat, which I dislike. (Flat maps allow Iron Arrow to be beastly.) Anyways, for the flat platforms, use one Blizzard to stop the Cart Bears' magic attack, and then use Iron Arrow to kill them before the freeze wears off. For the bottom-middle platform, you can step to the inside of the top step on both sides and use Arrow Eruption to kill the nearby Cart Bears. Obviously, you only use this if there are enough Cart Bears crowding around that area. For the two uneven platforms on the sides of the map, I just chose to use Arrow Eruption. As for the flat area on the bottom, you can obviously use Blizzard and Iron Arrow together, or leave it alone if you killed enough off on the middle platform with Arrow Eruption. Do the "Warriors Get Hungry, Too" quest from Chang, where you have to gather 100 Cart Bear Meats. Your character has to be at least level 75.

Recommended Level: 75-?
Map Name: Wolf Spider Cavern?
Rating: A(IMO)
Monster: Wolf Spider
Cash Flow:$$$ (WS normally drop 1k meso+)
Rare items: Unknown
Recommendations: Arrow Eruption/Arrow Rain
Note: Does 300 dmg if you want to know. Mobbing dream. I usually go down one side to the bottom middle, up and do the right side to bottom middle and repeat.

Recommended Level: 76-81
Map Name: Sahel 3? (First map outside of Magitia that's a desert)
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Sand Rats
Cash Flow: Since you are always getting hit here, it takes a toll on your mesos because you may be spending a large sum of money on pots. The amount of cash from meso drops is still unknown to me at the moment as I haven't been looting very much.
Notable Rare Items: Unknown at the moment.
Recommended Skills: Any mobbing skills due to no minimum range.

Recommended Levels: 77-82
Map Name: Verne Mine: Raccoon Nest
Rating: C
Trainable Monsters: Racaronis
Cash Flow: $
Notable Rare Items: None.
Recommendations: Level 20 Iron Arrow , Level 1 Blizzard, Barbarian Elixirs, Sorcerer Elixirs.
Notes: Mediocre EXP, but it is alright if you want to change things around for a while. The map sports basically three flat platforms for killing, with two safe platforms on the sides. Rotate the map in a counter-clockwise fashion. Start at the top-right corner of the map (on the safe platform), and then jump onto the edge of the elevated platform in front of your character. Hope that the Racaronis are not crowding the edge. Then use one Blizzard to freeze them, which will stop their annoying magic attacks and their stealthy speed. From there, use Iron Arrow to quickly plow through them, hoping that the freeze does not wear off. After you have killed the Racaronis on that platform, walk across the platform and jump down to the floor. Walk to the rope of the second elevated platform (the one on the left), and climb up to the edge. Use the Blizzard and Iron Arrow combination again. I even used Iron Arrow for stragglers. Walk across that platform as well, and then jump down to the floor. You will be at the bottom-left corner of the map. From there, you use the Blizzard and Iron Arrow combination to get through the mobs while slowly moving back to the right of the map. Then you climb up to the safety platform on the right, and do everything over again. Remember to activate the "Materials for the Experiment 1" quest from Gelimer before training here. Your character has to be at least level 77. Note that Gelimer is found in the middle of the mine, so you have to walk back to reach the Racaroni map.

Recommended Level: 79+
Map Name: Sahel 2
Rating: A+. 140%~180%/hour at level80
Trainable Monsters: Sand Rat (Lvl77), Scoprion (Lvl81)
Cash Flow: $$(?). You'll be taking a lot of touch damage (200~400) but each monster drops around 500 mesos, depends whether you feel like looting
Notable Rare Items: Unsure. Edit: Found a potential Green Cordon +10str +7 Dex
Recommended Skills: Max Iron Arrow, Lvl1 Blizzard, Lvl1 Strafe OR Max Double shot, Arrow Erruption as high as possible.
Hunting style: Fairly routine, a completely flat map, crazy spawn. Use iron arrow for its long range to lure, arrow erruption to kill. It shouldn't make a huge difference, I was cycling through Bliz/IR/AE pretty randomly and was still getting a most yummy 140/hour.

Recommended Level: 80+
Map Name: Zenumist Research Institute: Lab - Unit 103
Rating: B
Trainable Monsters: Triple Rumo
Cost: Low - Moderate
Items: N/A
Recommendations: 21+ Arrow Rain. 1 Inferno can help lure monsters.
Notes: There are a few safe spots in here.

Recommended Level: 80+
Map Name: Rex/Hoblin PQ
Rating: A+
Trainable Monsters: Rex?
Cash Flow: -
Notable Rare Items: Red Rex Earrings, Hyena Mount (Super rare)
Recommendations: High level Strafe (for boss) and a decent mob move- Inferno seems better in this case since there aren't any really big mobs you'll need to deal with.
Notes: Gave very good experience at lvl 90, cash flow depends on how well you loot (in Mardia, I was able to sell blue/green earrings for 8m easily)

Recommended Level: 80+
Map Name: Practice Field: Beginner
Rating: C+
Trainable Monsters: Straw Target Dummy
Cost: Low
Items: N/A
Recommendations: I recommend you get 1+ Inferno and 21+ Strafe.
Notes: This map is flat so AR will not work that great here. I was able to use Inferno and Strafe to go from one end to the other. Good alternative to some spots.

Recommended Level: 82+
Map Name: Zenumist Research Institute Lab-Unit 103
Rating: A+ (Got 9% in five minutes at 84, with only 1 point in AR)
Trainable Monsters: Triple Rumo (Level 82)
Cash Flow:$$$$ (The drop around 500 mesos each, and there are some items as well. I made a little over 700k from 84-85)
Notable Rare Items: Unknown Yet
Recommendations: High AR/Inferno
Notes: High spawn, slow moving mobs, and lots of sniping spots. They give a little less than 700 exp each, but there's a lot of them. Inferno is good here, AR is better. There is an area boss, but it's not that strong. Besides the boss, you'll probably never need 1v1 damage. It's a large map, you might be able to party here. (I can't check this, if someone could, it would be great)

Recommended Level: 80-85
Map Name: Singapore: Mysterious Path 1
Rating: B+ (3000-3600 hp for 400-450 exp)
Trainable Monsters: Tippo Red(80)/Tippo blue(83)
Cash Flow:$$$ - Very low touch damage (around the 100 or less)
Notable Rare Items: Didn't get anything wow worthy
Recommended Skills: Arrow Erupt/Rain
Notes: Simply go round the middle platform casting your mob spell. Jump 110% (more or less) is useful to help getting onto platform to mob.

Recommended Level: 80 - 85
Map Name: Lab Area B-3
Rating: A-
Trainable Monsters: Iron Mutae (Level 83)
Cash Flow: +$$
Notable Rare Items: Lots of DEX crystal ores, diamond ores, and a variety of NPC-able equips
Recommendations: AR/AE, maybe 1 inferno for luring.
Notes: I recommend you stand on the platform just beneath the portal that will lead you to Lab Area A-3 (The map with Reinforced Iron Mutaes). Kill the mobs beneath you as they spawn and use Inferno/Arrow Blow to lure mobs to the left and right of you. Dropping down and looting once in a while is a good idea. The beautiful thing about this map is that you will use next to no HP pots as you snipe away with AR/AE.

Recommended Level: 80-90
Map Name: Lab - Area B-3
Rating: A (165% an hour at 83, 140% at 88. Pretty much your best bet besides gallos/jesters)
Trainable Monsters: Iron Mutaes
Cash Flow: $$$
Notable Rare Items: not much of anything rare, but they drop DC and diamond ores a lot. They drop marine ravens for any snipers out there looking for one
Recommended Skills: AR/AE, preferably maxed. Inferno/thrust are always nice too

Recommended Level: 80-94
Map Name: Haunted House: Chimney Possessed by the Clown
Rating: A- (because of heavy crowding)
Trainable Monsters: Twisted Jesters
Cash Flow: Looting your drops can cover your costs.
Notable Rare Items: None.
Recommendations: Bomb/Iron arrow are good. Strafe is nice. Arrow Rain/Eruption is great here!
Note: Infeasible to train here at popular times in popular servers. The solo exp on this map is approximately two times every other equivalent. At crowded times, this is packed. Not recommended for the people who lack the might for ks wars.

Recommended Level: 82-88
Map Name: Mu Lung: Practice Field: Advanced Level
Rating: A-
Trainable Monsters: Wooden Target Dummies (Level 83)
Cash Flow: $$$
Notable Rare Items: None
Recommendations: If Jumpshoot: Max Arrow Rain. If unable to Jumpshoot: Max Inferno
Notes: Never crowded. If you can jumpshoot, mobbing and killing the WTD (Wooden Target Dummies) becomes a fairly simple task, but if you can't, then Inferno is good enough to replace Arrow Rain when standing still.

Recommended Level: 82-90
Map Name: Lab Area B-3 (ROIDS)
Rating: A+
Trainable Monsters: Roids
Cash Flow: items that drop sell for 36k
Notable Rare Items: Level 80 drops for thief/warrior/mage
Recommended Skills: AE , thrust to move faster (helped a lot)
Notes: There are 2 basic platforms you just spam AE on one, then move to other and spam it back and forth
at level 87 I was getting 10%/5 min.

Recommended Level: 82-90
Map Name: Lab Area C-2
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: rois,neo huroids
Cash Flow: ok
Notable Rare Items: white fangz
Recommendations: inferno, arrow rain

Recommended Level: 84 - 100
Map Name: Mysterious path 3
Rating: A+
Trainable Monsters: Slimy, Jr. Selkie
Cash Flow: $$$$$
Notable Rare Items: Steelies.
Recommendations: Arrow Rain/Eruption.
Notes: They give 600/680 per kill, and one of the best spawns I've ever seen. AR/AE hitting 10 mobs is often used, but I've done the map the blizzard just as fine.

Recommended Level: 85 - 95
Map Name: Lab Area C-2
Rating: A- or B+
Trainable Monsters: Roid (Level 88) Neo Huroid (Level 89)
Cash Fow: +$$
Notable rare Items: Bunch of NPC-able equips that will at least pay for your pots.
Recommendations: AR/AE, maybe 1 Inferno for luring
Notes: There is a platform a near the far left side of the map. On that platform, AR/AE should hit the two monsters on the tiny platform above you and the whole mob beneath you. You can stay there and spam AR/AE while luring monsters on the left/right of the platform. Combined with a training buddy to take the right half of the map, you can blast away at the Roids.

Recommended Level: 85-95
Map Name: Roid Mini Dungeon (Fatal Error)
Rating: B+
Trainable Monsters: Roids
Cash Flow: $$$, most of the money you will make here will be from NPCing drops. Looting there is awkward since you don't walk around too much here, so a pet will help.
Notable Rare Items: Female lv 80 Bowman Overall (does that count?)
Recommended Skills: AE/AR, You can just hang in the middle platform and spam away.

Recommended Level: 85~95
Map Name: C-2
Rating: B
Trainable Monsters: Roid,Neo Huroid
Cash Flow: is ok would be alot better if you had pet
Notable Rare Items: tobis, 80~90 equipments
Recommended Skills: Rain/ Inferno

Recommended Level: 88+
Map Name: C-2
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Roid & Neo Huroid
Cost: Moderate.
Items: Scrolls.
Recommendations: 21+ Arrow Rain. 1 Inferno can help lure monsters.
Notes: There are a few safe spots in here.

Recommended Level: 90-100?
Map Name: The one before gallapera's for got theme park-3 or something
Rating: probaly a A getting 1.9/2%/min there
Trainable Monsters: Vikerola
Cash Flow: $$ dont lose much dont gain much, except if lucky<--srsly.
Notable Rare Items: Dark ore crystal count ?o-o
Recommended Skills: Strafee, and some ocassionly AR/AE
Notes: Sorta crowded had 2-3 ch open at peak hours

Recommended Level: 90-115
Map Name:Mysterious Path 3 (MP3)
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Slimy and Jr. Selikie
Cash Flowecent, Great, Awesome
Notable Rare Items: Diamond Ore, Black Crystal Ore, Gold Ore
Recommended Skills: Arrow Rain, Inferno (Either work)
Notes: They do about 300-500 damage on me (i have about 900-1000 wdef). Touch damage is the only hurting thing. Give around 1100~1400 exp. I was able to gain about 50% at 1.2x in 30min at level 10x

Recommended Level: 90-120
Map Name: Malaysia: Fantasy Theme Park 3
Rating: A- (Moderate crowding)
Cash Flow: Not good.
No rare items.
Note: I recommend Strafe, Arrow eruption/rain, Iron Arrow/Bomb/Blizzard/Inferno. Good for when you cant find a gallopera channel.

Recommended Level 93-98
Map Name: Herb Town, 50-year old Herb Garden? I forgot. ( just count 2 maps after the last portal on the way right of the town.)
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Jar/Ginseng Jar
Cash Flow: Moderate/Decent
Notable Rare Items: 4th job mastery books probably (Found a Divine Charge 20 there, useless lol) and some lvl 80-100 equips. I also found a Kage.
Recommendations: Inferno is very useful here. and Arrow Rain. A mount will really help because if you're gonna round up mobs, then you're going to need speed.
Notes: Has 2 platforms that spawn monsters, good spawn. So far, I haven't seen anybody training on this map lol That's why i love it. Easy Kill, prob 3-4 hit kill on a mob spamming with arrow rain or inferno.

Recommended Level: 94-120
Map Name: Malaysia: Entrance to the Spooky World
Rating: A-? (because of super heavy crowding)
Trainable Monsters: Galloperas (NERFED)
Cash Flow: Good! Lots of power crystal ore drops, which can be refined.
Notable Rare Items: GFA 60% is a very rare drop.
Recommendations: Arrow Rain/Eruption is great here! Strafe for clean up, and blizzard is nice for freezing.
Note: Infeasible to train here at popular times in popular servers. The solo exp on this map is approximately three times every other equivalent. At crowded times, this is packed. Make sure you have good contacts, because as a level 94 your sunk with ks wars. Party with a powerful person, if possible.

Recommended Level: 94-100
Map Name: Zenumist Research Institute - Lab - Unit 202
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Homunculus (Lvl98)
Cash Flow: They hit around 600 on me (I have 736 DEF), Around 800 mesos drop
Notable Items: Steelys, Gold Engines, Red Arzuna, Red Brave Hamal
Recommended Skills: AR ---> Wind Walk ---> Walk across map repeating AR and Wind Walk ---> Walk to the right, stand on the platform and AR ---> Repeat
Notes: So far, no one has been competing with me for the map in Ch1 most likely because many people have not found out about it yet

Recommended Level: 95+
Map Name: Deep Sea Gorge 1 or 2
Rating: B+
Trainable Monsters: Bombing Fish House, Bone Fish, Gobies
Cash Flow: $ (Not including equips-more on this later)
Notable Rare Items: Chaos Scroll (Bone fish), lvl90 archer gloves, Purple Giles Cape, Black Giles Cape, Seraph Cape, Rose Earrings
Recommendations: High level Mortal Blow, decent strafe, max arrow rain and decent inferno
Notes: These monsters can cast weapon cancel- it shouldn't be a problem though since you'll be able to kill it or almost kill it by the time monsters casts it. Mortal Blow works through weapon cancel and inferno's burn effect can still damage the monster while it has weapon cancel on. Decent strafe for the stragglers. A lot of higher level, common to all class equips drop here which makes for decent potential farming. Also, with 10 levels to go until Maker 3, etc. drops make for nice monster crystals.

Recommended Level: 95+
Map Name: Singapore: Ghost Ship 6
Rating: A-
Trainable Monsters: Mr. Anchor (lvl 98)
Cash Flow: -$
Notable Rare Items: None (The drops are really bad lvl 60 warrior armor, ~400 mesos per kill)
Recommendations: Max Arrow Rain, Inferno (any level)
Notes: There is a spot on the stairs where you won't get hit and can AR reducing hp pot needs (other than looting) Inferno for luring. However, these aren't as popular as MP3 and give very good exp (trained from 102-105 there)

Recommended Level: 95-100
Map Name: Zenumist Research Institute - Lab - Unit 202
Rating: A-
Trainable Monsters: Homunculus
Cost: Very High (since the hit like 600, Grilled cheese from NLC recommended +30 def for 30 mins)
Cash Flow: $$ (due to high damage they give)
Notable Rare Items: Red Arzuna(Male), Gold Engine, Steelies
Recommendations: AE/AR? Max
Notes: 4 Platforms and a bottom level, the top two platforms have Homunculus, the middle two are safe. The bottom level has mobs and mobs of homunculi, mob them up with a mobbing skill and lead them under one of the safe plats. I know AE works for sure but im not too sure about AR.

Recommended Level: 97+
Map Name: The map where the Gobies used to be at
Rating: B-
Trainable Monsters: Bone Fish, and some Bomb Houses
Cash Flow: +$$
Notable Rare Items: no idea.
Recommendations: MAXED Inferno Mortal Blow are a must.
Notes: at around lev 97, you SHOULD be able to kill (or come very close to killing) a mob of Bone Fish BEFORE they cast their weapon cancel. IF they DO cast weapon cancel, dont worry. 1: Inferno's Burn can get the Bone Fishes' hp down to 1 do that you'll still be able to kill it. 2: You can rely on mortal blow for you since you should have decreased their hp to less than 30%. You should be standing on stable ground for this to be successful.

Recommended Level: 98+
Map Name: Red Nose Pirate Den 3
Rating: A+
Trainable Monsters: Kru (Level 103) and Captain (Level 105)
Cash Flow: +$ to +$$$ depending on if you have a pet to pick up your drops and money
Notable Rare Items: Unsure.
Recommended Skills: Arrow Rain/Eruption, Inferno/Blizzard, some puppet

Notes: This spot is absolutely amazing. On the railing by the staircase, near the end of the boat, there's a spot where you can stand that lets you hit all the platforms around you, except the very top one. Having puppet as a distraction is sometimes useful here while you pick off the mobs. Mortal blow helps here if you're lower than the mobs as you can just pick them off easily with the 1HKO. Training with someone here may be a good idea, as they can help to clear out the areas where Rain/Eruption cannot reach.

Recommended Level: 100+
Map Name: N/A
Rating: B-A (undecided)
Trainable Monsters: Dreamy Ghost
Cost: High
Items: N/A
Recommendations: 21+ Arrow Rain
Notes: I like to bring a friend along here.

Recommended Level: 100+
Map Name: Minidungeon(Forgot name)
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Captains
Cash Flow: $ out of $$$$
Notable Rare Items: Level 65 earring and cape, some nice scrolls.
Recommendations: Max arrow rain.
Other: You will burn a LOT of HP pots here, but the EXP is well worth it. Plus I find it fun to train there Easy mobbing platforns. Inferno hits two platforms at a time, same with arrow rain. With the 10 monster hit arrow rain you will dominate this map.

Recommended Level: 100+ Ranger
Map Name: Encounter with the Buddah
Rating: B
Trainable Monsters: Dreamy Ghosts
Cash Flow: +$ if looting, -$$ w/o looting
Notable Rare Items: no idea
Recommendations: AR, Inferno, Thrust(or maxed speed), Evasion, high jump, jumpshooting helps a lot
Notes: Now that they do around 650-700 dmg, it is entirely possible to lure with AR/Inferno from one side to another.
This is an alternative to MP3/Pirates, but gives more exp that Mr.Anchors

Recommended Level: 100-105
Map Name: Ghost Ship ( Numbers 6 and i think 2.)
Rating: B-
Trainable Monsters: Anchorman, Slimys
Cash Flow: $$
Notable Rare Items: Don't remember
Recommendations: AR/AE, Blizzard, most likely inferno ( I play sniper, so no idea.)
Notes: Decent alternative to Mp3 when it is packed and its right beside. There are teleporters to quickly get from the top to the bottom platform. The mobs are decent, but a bit spread out. The spawn is Mp3 like. Also, its possible to solo Captain Latanica in about 5min at 96 ( when I first did it ). Grabs 10-15% so might as well do it, twice daily. The quest to get the summoning item is just killing Slimys, Jr.Selkies, and Anchorman.

Recommended Level: 100 -110
Map Name: Red-Nose Pirate Den 2
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Captains & Krew
Cost: Very Expensive.
Items: Scrolls, Earrings, Capes.
Recommendations: 21+ Arrow Rain. 1 Inferno can help lure monsters.
Notes: At level 110 I am getting 1 level every 1h 30m. Not to bad, when i started at 100 I was getting 1 level every 40m give or take.
This place can be expensive BUT IF you have a pet like me you can easily make a few mill here (not including drops.)
They still drop Chaos Scrolls also - got one yesterday.
This place is AMAZING.

Recommended Level: Around 103-105+
Map Name:Red nosed pirate den 3
Rating: B
Trainable Monsters: Kru and Captain
Cash Flow: Decent enough, making money per training session to cover potion costs, not including sold equips
Notable Rare Items: White Fangz, Gold Drop Earrings, Berserker, various other equipment drops
Recommended Skills: Arrow Rain, Puppet, Inferno
Note: Stand on the pirate ship and lure with inferno. Arrow rain can hit two platforms from the second step, and only monsters on the platform can hit you (with magic attack). Hit the ones on your platform with inferno, then turn and puppet them. Fire off a few more infernos to hit all the monsters on the bottom two rows, and when they all stand beneath you, arrow rain away! Clear the top with a few infernos every once in a while. Stop to loot during the few seconds of lull between mob spawns.

Recommended Level: 105+
Map Name: Red Nose Pirate Den 2
Rating: A-
Trainable Monsters: Kru and Captain
Cash Flow: $$
Notable Rare Items: Havent found any, but I only trained there for one level.
Recommendations: Arrow Rain/Eruption, Thrust, Blizzard for snipers.
Notes: The map is as good as it has always been, but Kru and Captain give 14xx exp per kill. Max AR/AE hits 10 mobs now and at this map, you will be hitting 10 mobs every time.

Recommended Level: 105+
Map Name: Mini-dungeon: Pillage of Treasure Island (In Pirates Den 2)
Rating: A-
Trainable Monsters: Captains
Cash Flow: $$$ (If you have a pet for looting), $/-$ (If not)
Notable Rare Items: Chaos scrolls
Recommendations: Max Inferno/Blizzard and or Max Arrow Rain/Eruption; Puppet at 5+
Note: This map is suggested to those on a training budget or for those that don't like the crowdedness of the dens. I've noticed that at Pirate Den 2 I was going through pots extremely fast. In the mini-dungeon I only used about 150 barbarian elixirs in an hour and gained around 60% in an hour as well at 105. Great training spot for those who find the dens to be too crowded or overwhelming. My technique involved being in the middle of the 3 platforms; walking from left to right spamming Inferno and then putting a puppet in the middle to lure the Captains away and finishing them off with Arrow Rain. Helps save lots of pots and occasionally I'd jump to the bottom and collect mesos, items etc.

Recommended Level: 105-120
Map Name: Red Nose Pirate Den 2
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Captains and Kru
Cash Flow: $$$
Noteable Rare Items : Chaos Scroll
Recommended Skills: AR and a skill to lure

Recommended Level: 105-120
Map Name: Mini Dungeon: Pillage of Treasure Island
Rating: A [105-110] / B [110-120]
Trainable Monsters: Captains [Lvl 105/1495 EXP]
Cash Flow: $$
Notable Rare Items: Red-Osfa Pants, Gold Drop Earrings,
Recommendations: AR &/or Inferno Maxed.
Notes: LESS pot usage than any other spots at this level [115+]. They hit about 700, instead of 1400 on Vikings. Map has three platforms, and you'll always hit two of them [AR/Inferno].

Recommended Level: 105-135
Map Name: Mini Dungeon: Pillage of Treasure Island (Located at Red-Nose Pirate Den 3 in Herbtown)
Rating: S
Trainable Monsters: Captain
Cash Flow: -$ if pet with loot, -$$$$ if no pet
Notable Rare Items: None so far
Recommended Skills: Rain/Eruption
Notes: Extremely simple training here, just stand where the Captains are and spam that Arrow Rain/Eruption. You will not have time to manually loot so the best recommendation is to get a pet with loot if you want to save some money. Exp here is almost 70% an hour at level 105 (averaging) to around 50% at 115 going down to 25-30% at 125. It's best to find a better spot by 120 but it is still quite possible to train here at that level.

Recommended Level:110-115
Map Name: Ludibrium: Warped Path of Time <3>
Rating: A-/A
Trainable Monsters: Ghost Pirates
Cash Flow: $$$
Notable Rare Items: No idea
Recommended Skills: Arrow Eruption/Arrow Rain, Bliz/Inferno, possibly puppet
Notes: The map layout is very similar to spirit vikings, so there are a lot of sniping spots with arrow eruption/arrow rain. You shouldn't be losing money here, even if you barely loot.

Recommended Level: 110 -125
Map Name: Ludibrium: Lost Time
Rating: B
Trainable Monsters: Master Death Teddy
Cash Flow: $ with Pet? and -$ without Pet
Notable Rare Items: no idea
Recommended Skills: Dragon's Breath, Puppet, Arrow Rain/Eruption, Inferno/Blizzard, Phoenix, Dodge, Strafe
Notes: It's probably best to go through this map in top-down fashion. There's a portal at the bottom that takes up back up to the top. Master Death Teddies hit pretty hard (1200-1600), while you're in a giant mob of them. I recommend a giant mob for the bottom platform and trying to use Puppet as often as possible even though it dies within 8 hits. These monsters cannot be frozen which make them annoying for Snipers and Marksmen. FrostPrey lures too many monsters from each side, while Phoenix may be useful enough to be kept around.

Recommended Levels: 117+
Map Name: El Nath: Sharp Cliff I
Rating: B+
Trainable Monsters: Yeti/Transformed Yeti
Exp: 1,855 Per
Cash Flow: $
Notable Rare Items: None.
Recommendations: Max Inferno, Max Arrow Rain, Max Mortal Blow(Very Useful) Barbarian Elixirs.
Notes: Yetis are pretty strong now and they spawn in hordes on this map, up to about 10 per platform. Since they're Fire Weak they eat inferno in the face. They also die very quickly with added mortal blow. Puppet also works well here as there are a few platforms to place it on safely. Yeti does about 1300 damage to me so Barbarian is useful. An alternative could be Unagis, but I like to have full hp.

Recommended Level: 118-125
Map Name: Leafre: Battlefield of Fire and Darkness
Rating: B+
Trainable Monsters: Red and Black Kents.
Cash Flow: Negative, medium potion burn.
Notable Rare Items: None that I have found/know of.
Recommendations: Arrow Rain/Eruption is great here! Blizzard the best damage dealer on the red once, but feel free to clean up with ultimate strafe/strafe. Frostprey is nice.
Note: Great! No crowding worries. Should be a nice change. Less experience then galloperas, but better mobs and no killstealing wars.

Recommended Level: 119+
Map Name: Ludibrium: Warped Path of Time (4)
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Spirit Viking (Exp: 1912)
Cash Flow: $$$ (Potion cost should be very low due to the high amount of Unagis they drop).
Notable Rare Items: Not too sure on this at the moment.
Recommendations: Strafe, Iron Arrow, Frostprey/Phoenix/Blizzard, Arrow Eruption/Arrow Rain.
Note: Pretty much a mobber's dream with AE/AR hitting 10 mobs now. Plenty of snipe points as usual. At 124, I was getting 0.02% per kill.

Recommended Level: 120+
Map Name: The one where Manon Spawns
Rating :A-
Trainable Monsters: Blue Kentaurus(118)
Cash Flow: +$
Notable Rare Items: forgot, and manon's drops
Recommendations: Hurricane, DB, Inferno
Notes: Small flat map with a fair spawn, geared mostly towards hurricane... Beware of Manon...

Recommended Level: 120+
Map Name: Crimsonwood keep
Rating: B+
Trainable Monsters: Crimson Guardian
Cash Flow: It's alright, no equips however
Notable Rare Items: none, I think.
Recommendations: These guys can be easily killed in 2-3 hits with strafe and be sure to puppet and bring a lot of all cures if you gonna Pierce them or erupt. The map layout is weird, so you might want to think about it. You should compare this place to Vikings, they have same exp and good spawns, with a LOT more moving around at Vikings,

Recommended Level: 120+
Map Name: Ludibrium: Warped Path of Time (4)
Rating: A
Monster: Vikings!
Cash Flow: Very nice drops and plenty of spots to snipe from.
Rare items: haven't found any 'spectacular' ones
Recommendations: AE/AR and puppet when needed. Since AE/AR hits 10 targets now, it's very useful.

Recommended Level:122+
Map Name: Hidden Steet: Twisted Time (Ludibrium)
Rating: B+
Trainable Monsters: Gigangtic Spirit Viking (exp: 1996)
Cash Flow: Pretty much nothing as they rarely ever drop equips. Money and ETC drops sorta cover pots though
Notable Rare Drops: Enhancement Scroll
Recommended Skills:Ultimate Strafe, Hurricane, Blizzard, Rain/Eruption, Dragon Breath
Notes: Although bowmasters are able to train here, I do not believe it is as effective for them a marksman. Marksmen can freeze which is extremely effective as it is strong against Gigs. Use Dragonbreath on each platform to mob them together. Marksmen that raised Pierce first can easily train here (my level 1 pierce can like kill in 1 shot lol) using 1-2 pierces (depending on the level) and a blizzard or so.

Recommended Level: 124+
Map Name: Wolf Territory I - pretty much the first map you walk into with the werewolves.
Rating: B+ at my level (136), but I'd assume it'd be more like an A around early 4th job.
Trainable Monsters: Werewolves.
Cash Flow: $ if you loot, otherwise you'll most likely be losing money.
Notable Rare Items: Nothing notable as of present.
Recommendations: Pretty simple layout - there're about 4 platforms covered in werewolves. The general idea is you use eruption or rain which should be able to hit the werewolves on more than one platform due to their height. For maximum exp, you'll most likely be standing in the middle of a mob, and if you haven't got the right shoes, you'll be slipping around and taking lots of touch damage anyway, so I wouldn't say Hawk is very useful. They do about 1600-2000 damage so it's not too bad. There's a teleport at the bottom of the map, so you just rotate from top to bottom.

Recommended Level: 125+
Rating: A+
Monsters: Papulatus
Cash Flow: Depends on drops
Recommendations: A build for single target DPS. Since everyone's damage got buffed so much and bomb's exploding damage is non-lethal (very weak), it is worth trying.

Recommended Level: 125-130
Map Name: Dragon Forest 1
Rating: B
Trainable Monsters: Red Dragon Turtle
Cash Flow: $$$
Notable Rare Items: None
Recommendations: Train at bottom and/or three middle platforms. If most items are picked up, cash flow can be 120%-150% of your cost to train there.

Recommended Level: 125-130
Map Name: Entrance to Dragon Forest
Rating: B+
Trainable Monsters: Blue Dragon Turtle
Cash Flow: $
Notable Rare Items: None
Recommendations: Party if possible. Use of Phoenix depends on whether you want to take more damage. Mainly use Inferno. You can also herd the bottom and near the rising platform on the right. Once herded with or without the aid of puppet you can spam the mob with AR/Inferno. Remember that you can jump down from any platform.
Notes: It may take a couple of minutes to adjust to the map, but once you do, the exp can be satisfying. Partying can make life easier as well.

Recommended Level: Level 127+
Map Name: Dragon Forest I
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Red Dragon Turtles
Cash Flow: If you can loot, its decent.
Notable Rare Items: Nothing so far.
Recommendations: BLIZZARD! Blizzard has some ownage damage here, with some nice fire weak mobs. I was hitting 60k's with blizard on mobs at level 138. Circle the map.

Recommended Level: Level 128+
Rating: B+
Trainable Monsters: Red Dragon Turtles
Cash Flow: Decent amount to make back money from drops and possibly make profit. Pot burn though.
Notable Rare Items: Steelies, Mechanic Drops.
For Bowmasters: Hurricane, and slide while you're using it. Dragon Breath helps to pack in the monsters and arrow bomb helps stun them to avoid pot damage.
For Marksmen: Pierce/Blizzard will work just fine. You can also use Dragon Breath to pack in monsters.
Note: This map is a circular map. Meaning you can rotate throughout the map in a circle. The map is flat so using Dragon Breath/Pierce should work relatively well.

Recommended Level: 128-132
Map Name: El Nath: Wolf Territory 2
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Lyanthracope, Werewolf.
Cash Flow: $$$
Notable Rare Items: Ilbi
Recommendations: Inferno and Phoenix are very good tools to use here. Climbing should be kept to a bare minimum, utilize jumping down and teleporting back to the top of the map via portals.
Note: Healthy spawn rate and very mob friendly.

Recommended Level: 129-137
Map Name: El Nath: Wolf Territory V
Other elnath maps are not as good, but still decent.
Rating: A-
Trainable Monsters: Lyanthracope, Werewolf.
Cash Flow:Negative, large potion burn.
Notable Rare Items: None that I have found/know of.
Recommendations: Arrow Rain/Eruption is great. Stand in the mobs. Requires some potions to burn. Just drop down, AE stuff, drop down, AE stuff. Clean up with ultimate strafe/strafe.

Recommended Level: 130+
Map Name:
Rating: B
Trainable Monsters: Coolie Zombies
Cost: Low pot consumption
Recommendations: 1v1 skills

Recommended Level: 133+
Map Name: Showa Armory
Rating: A-
Trainable Monsters: Bains

Recommended Level: 133-140
Map Name: Leafre: Dragon Forest III
Rating: A-/17%-13%/an hr as you progress through the 13x.
Trainable Monsters: Brextons
Cash Flow: $$
Notable Rare Items: Bow Expert 20
Recommendations: Any fourth job attacking skill

Recommended Level: 138+
Map Name: Leafre: The Burning Forest
Rating: A+
Trainable Monsters: Green Cornians
Cash Flow:Negative, large potion burn.
Notable Rare Items: None that I have found/know of.
Recommendations: Arrow Rain/Eruption is great. Stand in the mobs on the upper platforms. Requires some potions to burn. AE/R snipe from the nose. Clean up with ultimate strafe.
Note: Great! Bringing allcures/antidotes can save some potions. Best exp for a while. I was pulling 20% an hour at level 138 on 1x experience, which I considered pretty darn good. Not crowded at all. Snipe from the nose, and the tail of the skeleton with AE/R to save potions.

Recommended Level: 140-150 depending on your funding
Map Name: Gigantic Spirit Viking map... forgot name
Rating: B+
Trainable Monsters: Gigantic Spirit Viking
Notable Items: none yet
Recommendations: 30 MMB, 21+ Piercing Arrow, 10k minimum range
Notes: I went to it maybe too high up for it to be the best exp; but this is a great place to train if ToT is crowded during some sort of event.

Recommended Level: 145+
Map Name: Mini Dungeon: Newt Secured Zone
Rating: B+
Trainable Monsters: Jr. Newtie, Nest Gollem
Cash Flow: Anything from costly to moderate, depending on your method.
Notable Rare Items: Assassinate 20
Recommendations: Hawk/Phoenix - Eagle/Frostprey, Puppet, Blizzard/Arrow Bomb, AR/AE.
Notes: Jr. Newties are level 145, while Nest Gollems are level 150. Due to the new accuracy formula, you should be at least level 144-145 to efficiently kill them/get the best exp. At level 144 I get about 19% p/h, missing every now and then. There are three different platforms; the first one I'd recommend for those who have good stun methods/skills as to avoid getting hit a lot (here is when Puppet, Hawk/Phoenix - Eagle/Frostprey and blizzard/arrow bomb come handy). The second platform is the only snipe-able spot. You basically stand at the left and spam-attack.

Recommended Level: 150+
Map Name: Dangerous Dragon Nest (Not completely sure, but it's that or something similar)
Rating: B+
Trainable Monsters: Nest Golems (post-transformation type with 3750 EXP)
Cash Flow: A definite loss of mesos on a marksman and probably not worth it on a BM
Notable Rare Items: N/A
Recommended Skills: Pierce, Blizzard, Dragon's Breath, Frostprey, (U)Strafe
Notes: It's a flat map that has 2 main platforms with an extremely abundant spawn of Nest Golems. At least 21 Pierce is recommended, but I found that using blizzard as a main attack works fine too because of its buff. Killing is pretty self-explanatory. Clump the Nest Golems with DB, freeze/stun them, and pierce away. You'll rarely get a chance to use your single target skill, thanks to the great respawn rate. Although, training here will eat away at your potions at a higher pace than usual. The Nest Golems attack at first provocation and have a magic attack nearly as long as a bowman's firing range, hurting around 2.7k. For a BM, without a high level of stun from Phoenix, I'm writing them out for this map.

Recommended Level: 165+
Map Name: The Nightmarish Last Days
Rating: A
Trainable Monsters: Bodyguard A, Bodyguard B, The Boss
Cash Flow: $$$$$$$ could be anywhere from 15m a day to 300m a day
Notable Rare Items: Gold earrings, Violet snowshoes (these are the real money) And a varies of scrolls
Recommendations: For the first bodyguard, Stand as far back as you can while using hurricane(Not sure if strafe can keep it pinned, never tried =) ) To avoid the instant stuns by the first bodyguard. The 2nd one is way easier, just spam away. And the 3rd is a bit trickier, it does 1/1s and seals. At level 166 I miss it around half of the time. However it's the 3rd body you are after, that is where the cash is.

Party Quests

Party Quests (abbreviated PQ) are an alternate way of gaining EXP. Each PQ has a specific level range allowed. Basically, a party of 3-6 people (it varies for each PQ) must complete a series of stages within a certain time limit, and gain EXP and prizes. Only one party per channel can participate in PQ at any one time, which means that in crowded servers it may be difficult to get in.

PQs include the Henesys PQ (10+), Ariant PQ (20+), Kerning PQ (21+), Carnival PQ (30-50), Ludibrium PQ (35+), Orbis PQ (51+), Ludibrium Maze (51-70?), Carnival PQ Season 2 (51-70) Herb Town "Pirate" PQ (55+), Magatia PQ (71+), and others.

More in-depth info can be found in guides specific to PQs.

##Training on bosses
Especially in later levels, bosses are a viable training method with both pros and cons. On the plus side, bosses give high exp and often very nice drops. Unfortunately, they rely heavily on the amount of damage you can deal quickly, are often hard to find or require difficult prequests, and usually have some sort of time limit. For information on bosses, check the [url=]Bowman Bossing Guide[/url]

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