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Bowman Bossing

I NEED NEW INFORMATION FOR BOSSES! Since I am not able to get on Maple much, any information on bosses after the Big Bang patch would be MUCH appreciated! Just reply to this guide, or send me a message. I will update when I see new information!

Bosses - Some of the toughest monsters you'll ever see on Maple Story. If you've ever wondered how, where, and when to take them out, this guide is for you.

Please! If you see any errors or omissions, tell me, and I'll be happy to correct them as soon as I can. Also, if you have any extra tips to take down these bosses, feel free to share and there's a good chance it will make it in.

Note: Party Quest bosses have not been included because I believe that guides for the PQs should have covered enough information on their bosses. I may decide to include them later. The only exception to this is the Versalian Grandmasters.

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Things to be implemented in future revisions

  • Any information on boss changes would be very much appreciated!

How To Use This Guide!

Each boss's name is highlighted. Some bosses also have nicknames/shortened versions of the name/untranslated versions of the name, included in parentheses.

Each boss then has a description, starting with its location and going onto how much damage each delivers, how the fight commences, and any really notable drops at the end.

Spawn Time or Summoned By: This part lists the spawn time of each boss if they are naturally spawning. Note that all times are approximates! So it won't be guaranteed that a boss will spawn if you wait at there map for exactly that amount of time. If the boss has no spawn time, then the boss will have description on how to summon it.

Level Recommended: A rough estimate on the earliest a player should go challenge a boss. The criteria for this are whether a player can fully hit a boss and whether the player can take out the boss in an efficient amount of time. The (partied) levels are with an HB, a healer, and the rest of the party filled with other attackers (typically our ranged brethren). The (solo) levels are when a player can take the boss on him/herself. Depending on your equips, you may go earlier or have to wait a bit later than the Level Recommended. If you are below the monster's level, you WILL suffer a damage penalty - this penalty is 1% per level below. Therefore, if you are level 120 at Anego, you will suffer a 10% penalty off of each and every shot, because Anego is level 130.

HP Required: The amount of HP needed to survive the boss fight (you may use Hyper Body to reach these HP requirements). Note that these are just rough estimates, your value may be higher or lower based on your Def/M. Def. Whenever it says "Any", it means this boss is snipeable and you can go through the entire fight without being hit! Damage values are included afterwards, just in case you screw up or are curious. If you are curious as to how much base HP you need before Hyper Body on some of the harder hitting bosses, simply take the HP value i've provided and divide by 1.6

Boss HP: How much damage you'll have to deal to a boss before it goes down.

Boss Exp: Exp rewarded for defeating a boss. The Exp amounts are on 1x Exp and full exp (not party dividends). Most of these bosses have absolutely terrible ratios, with the exception of some of the later mobile bosses.

Notable Drops: Some awesome items that can potentially drop from a boss. The items can be anywhere from common to super rare! This is not a complete drop list, just stuff you might find useful for some extra meso or scrolling.

Tips From The Pros: First-hand experience and tips from all 2nd, 3rd, and 4th job archers that have fought these bosses before is critical to maintaining this guide's accuracy. If you have any tips of your own, or another way to handle a particular boss, please tell us so it can go in the guide and you can get credited!


Here they are, listed in order of level for easy finding. Remember, any extra tips and/or suggestions are appreciated!


Found at Port Road: Forest Trail 2 near Lith Harbor. High levels may be hunting for the Rainbow shell, so this boss is actually rather difficult to find. A blue notice accompanies the boss when it spawns.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 10
KB value: 10
HP Required:
Boss HP: 1250
EXP: 180
Notable Drops: Rainbow Shell

Notes: This boss has no magic attacks, however he can cast slow.


After doing all the Episode 1 quests, you will be asked to defeat this boss. You must be under level 40 to enter the area where Amdusias is, so do finish all the quests before your level gets too high. A blue notice accompanies the boss when it spawns.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 25
KB value: 500
HP Required:
Boss HP: 2500
EXP: 60
Notable Drops:



A large Stump found at North Rocky Mountain: Gusty Peak of Perion. A blue notice accompanies the boss when it spawns.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 35
KB value: 1
HP Required:
Boss HP: 7000
EXP: 405
Notable Drops:

Notes: Stumpy has quite a few abilities for being such a low levelled monster. It can buff up the other stumps, heal its minions, and has two magic attacks that are avoidable. This boss is auto-aggro.


Hail the almighty cactus! Deo spawns at the --, and his spawn is announced with a blue notice.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 80
KB value: 800
HP Required:
Boss HP: 250000
EXP: 6940
Notable Drops:

Notes: His level raised drastically after Big-Bang. Beware.


The Chaos scroll dropping clamshell of the Seaweed Tower in Aqua Road.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 63
KB value: 500
HP Required:
Boss HP: 67000
EXP: 2480
Notable Drops: Chaos Scrolls

Notes: His level raised by 20 levels after Big-Bang.


The gigantic evil monkey spawns in Cursed Forest: Polluted Tree. A blue notice accompanies this boss when he spawns.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 50
KB value: 600
HP Required:
Boss HP: 9800
EXP: 410
Notable Drops:

Notes: Faust is capable of Attack up, Defense up, and Magic Attack up. He is also capable of summoning three zombie lupins at a time, and casting weapon cancel. Faust can heal himself, although I'm not sure for how much he heals himself.

King Clang

This giant blue-shelled boss can be found at Warm Sand in Florina Beach. At first it is in its sleeping state, simply a big blue shell, but when provoked wakes up and is ready for a fight! He drops a surprising variety of 60% scrolls. A blue notice accompanies the boss when it spawns.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 55
KB value: 1000
HP Required:
Boss HP: 25,000
EXP: 1210
Notable Drops: Glove Attack 60%, Overall Int 60%

Notes: This boss is the first boss that low levels can fight that has a placeholder monster - that is, you must kill the first form to access the second. This is similar to Papulatus' time sphere, and the Psycho Jacks in Haunted House. He has an unavoidable magic attack - as an archer, you will learn to hate these with a passion. This boss is auto-aggro.


Timer is frequently killed by higher levels on the way to pap, so don't expect to be able to cc and kill them all like the other minibosses. A blue notice accompanies this boss's spawn.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 75
KB value: 700
HP Required:
Boss HP: 150,000
EXP: 4550
Notable Drops:

Notes: This boss' level raised by 25 levels after Big-Bang.

Mushmom (MM)

Mushmom can be found at Singing Mushroom Forest: Mushmom Forest Trail, the other portal from the second map south of Henesys. When fighting MM, you can avoid its groundshaker attack simply by jumping/jumpshooting at the right moment. In order for this boss to spawn, you must kill at least one other monster in her map.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 60
KB value: 1000
HP Required:
Boss HP: 20,000
EXP: 1200
Notable Drops: Ilbi Throwing Stars, Overall Dex 60%, Earring Int 60%, Glove Attack 60%

Notes: This boss has a magic attack that does around 700 damage, and does about 400 touch if you get overrun. When you cc, you get returned to Henesys and must walk back 3-4 maps to get back to the Someone Else's House - because of this and the fact that people are lazy, Mushmoms are frequently KS'd.

Zombie Mushmom (ZMM)

She can be found at Singing Mushroom Forest: Zombie Mushroom Hill, which is the other portal in the map before Mushroom Castle. In order for this boss to spawn, you must kill at least one other monster in his map.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 65
KB value: 1500
HP Required:
Boss HP: 35,000
EXP: 1500
Notable Drops: Hwabi Throwing Stars, Ilbi Throwing Stars, All Weapon 60%'s

Notes: She's the same as Mushmom - just a bit more damage and HP this time around. Use the same strategy to kill her, and watch for the wavy ant tunnel terrain disrupting your shots. When you cc, you get returned to Ant Tunnel Park.


Dyle spawns in --, along with a blue notice.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 65
KB value: 1500
HP Required:
Boss HP: 31000
EXP: 810
Notable Drops: 60% crossbow, 60% overall LUK, 60% Claw, 60% Dagger, 10% Claw

Notes: No magic attack! This alone effectively disarms this boss. Physical Attack, Magic Attack, and Defense up are becoming a running trend in the set 3 area bosses, and it's no surprise that Dyle can cast these as well. Dyle can heal and cast Weapon cancel as well.


Zeno spawns at --, and his summon is accompanied by a blue notice.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 78
KB value: 800
HP Required:
Boss HP: 210000
EXP: 6000
Notable Drops:

Notes: Zeno's sole skill is a superKB which hits for about 600~700 damage, but the good news is that it is an earthquake attack - therefore it's simply jumpable. His KB value is also unobtainable for a second and early third jobber, so it is possible to be overrun by him.

King Goblins

There are three colours of these: blue, green and yellow and they each have different drops. The blins in the map complicate the summoning procedure somewhat. These bosses have no HP bar.

Summoned By: (Pre-BB, needs to recheck) Placing the correct food items provided by the townspeople of Korean Folk Town in the correct spots (Rice Wine on the Lantern, Buckwheat Paste on the hole in the tree on the left side of the map, and Roasted Pork on the pile of rocks on the far right).
Level Recommended:
Level of Bosses: 70
KB value: 1000
HP Required:
Boss HP: 25,000 (each)
EXP: 400 (each)
Notable Drops:

Notes: You can snipe on this map, where the entrance is. None of the bosses attacks reach you here, so you should have no problem fighting this boss.

Nine-Tailed Fox

This large white fox can be found at --. This boss's appearance comes with a blue notice, and is auto-aggro.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 70
KB value: 1500
HP Required:
Boss HP: 89,000
EXP: 1300
Notable Drops: Overall int 60%, Glove Attack 60%, Earring Int 60%, Staff 60%, Wand 60%

Notes: She can cast Seal/Darkness, so bring All Cures unless you don't mind being in these status ailments for 10 seconds. This boss can heal itself, and has an unavoidable magic attack. The normal samiho cast curse, which will halve your exp gain for about twenty seconds.

  • - The rest are not updated yet. --

Tae Roon

This giant Kung-Fu grizzly can be found at Territory of Wandering Bear in Mu Lung. This boss is accompanied by a blue notice, and is auto-aggro.

Spawn Time: 45 minutes
Level Recommended: 70+
Level of Boss: 71
KB value: 1500
HP Required: 1500+
Boss HP: 45,000
EXP: 1580
Notable Drops: Dagger 60%, Staff 60%, Cape Dex 60%, Cape Luk 60%, Chaos Scroll 60%

Notes: Tae Roon has a couple things you'll start seeing at the higher and higher levelled bosses. The main one you'll notice is his weapon cancel, signified by a giant yellow icon above his head. This renders all your attacks to do 1 damage. Tae Roon also has a superKB skill, which sends you flying a good distance backward (over a screen length). He also has the ability to buff his minions.

King Sage Cat

The giant cat which sits on a cloud can be found at both Goblin Forest 1 and Goblin Forest 2. This boss is similar to Tae Roon, it also has an attack that can fling you a distance and it can also heal and buff the Sage Cats around it as well as Super W. Def. Up. This boss is accompanied by a blue notice, and is auto-aggro.

Spawn Time: 45 minutes
Level Recommended: 70+
Level of Boss: 77
KB value: 2500
HP Required: 1500+
Boss HP: 108,000
EXP: 2280
Notable Drops: Xbow 60%

Notes: Has a super KB attack, buffs minions, and can cast weapon cancel. He only spawns on the bottom of the map, so if you have puppet feel free to use it on a platform above you. This boss fight is identical no matter which map you find him in.

Jr. Balrog

The strongest boss on Victoria Island can be found at Ancient Sanctuary deep in the Ant Tunnel.

Spawn Time: 6 hours
Level Recommended: 70+
Level of Boss: 80
KB value: 3000
HP Required: Any (See Description)
Boss HP: 50,000
EXP: 2500
Notable Drops: All weapon 60%'s, Red Katana, Gross Jaeger, Red Hinkel

Notes: There are two strategies that you can perform:
  • AR/E strategy: Stand on the sniping platform, and fire away. This method is slow, but it's impossible to get hit.
  • Tanking strategy: Go down to rog's level, and obliterate him with strafe. If you puppet behind him, he will attack/walk in the other direction, leaving him open to for you to attack unharmed. Alternatively, if you have a decent length of time on puppet, you can hit him with AR (see above), puppet on the platform, and drop down and fire away.

If you get hit, you will take around 2.8k from magic damage - you won't have this until around level 110 naturally. His attacks are capable of hitting multiple targets. These include your puppet, and then you.


The Goddess' pet's shadow can be found at Stairway to the Sky II in Orbis. This boss is auto-aggro, and a blue notice accompanies her spawn.

Spawn Time: 45 minutes
Level Recommended: 75+
Level of Boss: 83
KB value: 3000
HP Required: 1500+
Boss HP: 87,000
EXP: 2800
Notable Drops: Cape Dex 60%, Wand 60%, Dagger 60%, Spear 60%, Cape Hp 60%

Notes: Eliza is capable of summoning, which can cause you to get overrun. In addition, the normal Lucidas that are present have an unavoidable magic attack - you will most likely be knocked around like a beanbag tanking 700+ hits during this fight. AR/E is recommended for when you are overrun.


Kimera spawns at Lab - The Secret Basement Path. This map requires you to have completed a large portion of Magatia's quest chain to access, though. As standard with the area bosses, Chimera gets a blue notice.

Spawn Time: 45 minutes
Level Recommended: 80+
Level of Boss: 85
KB value: 3000
HP Required: 1100+
Boss HP: 96000
EXP: 3000
Notable Drops: Earring Int 60%

Notes: Kimera uses a missile attack as his magic, so this means it's dodgeable. Magic Attack, Magic Defense, Avoid up and Weapon cancel are his buffs. If Kimera casts Magic up (symbol is a yellow circle in a diamond) then his magic attack goes up to around 1800 damage.


The area boss of El Nath can be found at Valley of Snowman, a hidden-street off of Ice Valley I. This boss drops a lot of Orbis exchange quest items, which can be sold in the free market in sets of 100 for about 300k, depending what server you are on. In order for this boss to spawn, you must kill at least one other monster in his map. Snowman is auto-aggro.

Spawn Time: 15 minutes
Level Recommended: 80+
Level of Boss: 90
KB value: 3000
HP Required: 1700+
Boss HP: 120,000
EXP: 5200
Notable Drops: Metus, Fairfrozen, Glove Attack 60%, Cape Int 60%, Overall Dex 60%, Wand 60%, Staff 60%, Chaos Scroll

Notes: This boss can be difficult for lower levels, and even higher levels that aren't paying attention.

This boss has an poison-myst type attack which deals 500 damage per second that you are inside of it, AND DOESN'T RENDER YOU INVINCIBLE LIKE STANDARD ATTACKS. I cannot stress that enough. His range attack is a projectile which deals around 1500 damage. He's also capable of summoning jr yeti's to assist in battle, which just makes me laugh. The animation for summoning is when the wolf on Snowman's head throws a snowball into the ground.

Of note, the terrain itself is quite a pain - if you are using anything except for snowshoes, you are needlessly complicating this battle.

Blue Mushmom (BMM)

This boss does not have an HP bar.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended: 85+
Level of Boss: 90
KB value: 1000
HP Required: 1700+
Boss HP: 200,000
EXP: 10,000
Notable Drops: Sword Earrings (from its quest), Blue Metus, Bow 30%

Notes: (Zipangu and Korean Folk Town are the two places people have seen Blue Mushmom spawn, however the Korean Folk Town Mushmom is said to be a fake version. Time range between spawns is not confirmed as well.)

This is one of the two monsters in MS that an archer is actually capable of missing, due to its high avoid. This boss does between 1500~1700 on touch damage, and considerably less on it's earthquake which is 600~1000.

Crimson Balrog (Crog)

This boss attacks in pairs on the ship ride between Victoria Island and Orbis (both ways). Crimson Balrogs spawn at about 2 minutes into the ride or else not at all. Sometimes, their ship will appear but the crogs will not - I have no clue what triggers this.
The Crimson Balrog is indeed more powerful than the Jr. Balrog. Its touch damage is a bit stronger (over 2,000 a touch) and almost double the damage with its Magic Attacks (over 4000!).

Level Recommended: 80+
Level of Boss: 100
KB value: 5000
HP Required: 2200+(AR strategy), 4000+(tanking strategy)
Boss HP: 100,000
EXP: 3500
Notable Drops: Hwabi Throwing Stars

Notes: These guys are a pain; while other classes can solo with ease at around level 100, we're stuck using ineffective and horridly slow measures if we want to kill that early. Most archers just run inside the ship when the boat starts. If you are crog hunting and they don't spawn early (about 60s) into the ride, simply relog and you will be back where you started instead of wasting more time on the boat.

  • AR strategy: stand inside a rog, and use AR until it dies. You WILL be taking constant 2k+ damages from this, although it sure beats the 4k!
  • Tanking strategy: just stand on the flat part of the sail's beams, and wait till the rog is within your firing arc. Once it is, hold strafe/hurricane until it dies, which is only a couple of seconds.

Here is a video of another method, this one involving strafe+puppet combo. This method might take a bit of time, but as long as you are careful, you will be able to prevent yourself getting hit.

His attacks are capable of hitting multiple targets. These include your puppet, and then you.

Captain Latanica

This ghost sailor boss can be found on the last map of the Ghost Ship in Boat Quay Town. White Essence is required to enter the map, and you can only enter the map 2 times per day.

Summoned By: Dropping a White Essence in the center door of the room.
Level Recommended: 100+(party), 140+(solo)
Level of Boss: 100
KB value: 10,000
HP Required: 4000+
Boss HP: 2,000,000
EXP: 210,000
Notable Drops: Cape Luk 60%, Cape Dex 60%, Cape Str 60%, Cape Int 60%

Notes: This boss deals around 4k damage, so HyperBody is pretty essential for lower levels. He's pretty quick and can cast some status effects on you, but he is unable to physically touch you if you are on either of the upper platforms. He heals himself often and quickly, so his 2m hp is more like 2.3m or more depending on how fast you can kill him.
Solo, this guy is a joke. Sniping, and 4th job skills just tear this boss apart. Shouldn't take more than a minute to take him down.

It's possible to solo him by standing inside and casting arrow rain. However, this will be a pot burn for no reason. His attacks are roughly the strength of a Crimson Balrog - around 2k touch, and 4k magic.

He is capable of casting status effects like weakness on you.

Headless Horseman (HH)

The easier of the two bosses of the Phantom Forest, he can be found at Hallowed Grave, the three Crossroads, Creeping Evil, Forgotten Path, and Evil Dead. HH at lower levels is VERY good practice for fighting the higher end mobile bosses like Anego or Black Crow. Snipers, Rangers, and Marksmen - remember that you have a 100 attack limit and then you have to move before you can attack again. He also has no HP bar.

Crossroads and Creeping Evil are the 2 easier maps for this boss, since Crossroads only has a few Cursed Trees to get in your way and Creeping Evil only Cursed Trees and Leprechauns, so he is easiest to pin in those maps. Hidden Evil is almost identical to Creeping Evil, except it only has 1 Leprechaun spawn and a couple Jr. Wraiths to get in your way. Hallowed Ground has plenty of Jr. Wraiths to get in the way, but a quick mob attack can clear them out. Evil Dead is the toughest map for HH! Not only do Elder Wraiths spawn in large mobs there, but Big Foot does as well, making this map a tougher one to manage HH in. Evil Dead shouldn't have anyone below level 120 there, as Dragon Breath and max Puppet is pretty much a necessity to keep the wraiths off you while you focus on the boss.

Spawn Time: 6 hours
Level Recommended: 90+
Level of Boss: 101
KB value: 1500
HP Required: Any (See Description)
Boss HP: 3,500,000
EXP: 300,000
Notable Drops: Dark Arund, Casters, Magicodar

Notes: If you're good enough to not get hit, this boss is a joke. His attack range is tiny, and by the time you can fight him you have at least level 1 puppet. I haven't determined how he attacks yet, whether it's counted as a physical or magic attack with his sword slash. Either way, the sword slash and head throw both deal around 2800~3000, pending what equipment you are wearing.

HH is FAST, so if you don't have the hp requirement to tank a hit, you'd better be able to puppet well or use the mobs in the map to avoid hh's attacks. On a side note, if you encounter HH at Forgotten Path, you can simply snipe him, just watch for Bigfoot spawning (both spawn in the same spot, along the bottom)!


This giant Griffon can be found at Griffey's Forest in Leafre. Spawns with Kents that can get in your way.

Spawn Time: 2 hours
Level Recommended: 130+ (solo), 120+ (partied)
Level of Boss: 105
KB value: 5000
HP Required: 3600+
Boss HP: 3,700,000
EXP: 13,500
Notable Drops: Overall 60% Luk/Dex/Int

Notes: Griffey is a dispel ho. Puppet works well for incapacitating him, just be sure to throw it behind you as opposed to in front. Watch for moles on the ground, because they stun you (or your DK, lethal when combined with a dispel). Griffey also possesses a 1/1 attack.


This red dragon boss can be found at Manon's Forest in Leafre. Similar to Griffey, this boss spawns with Kents and similar stats.

Spawn Time: 2 hours
Level Recommended: 130+ (solo), 120+ (partied)
Level of Boss: 105
KB value: 5000
HP Required: 3600+
Boss HP: 3,700,000
EXP: 13,500
Notable Drops: Spear 60%, Bow 60%, 2h Sword 60%, Xbow 60%, Phoenix 30, Pinaka

Notes: Essentially the same fight as Griffey, except that Manon tends to use dispel less (and conversely, uses 1/1 and his normal attack more). Watch for moles on the ground. Manon is hunted far more frequently due to his Quest item Manon's Cry, which is needed for entrance to Horntail. Manon's drops are also worth something, more than Griffey can say for himself!

Big Foot (BF)

The harder of the two bosses of the Phantom Forest, this boss can be found at all five Twisted Path maps, Forgotten Path, Evil Rising, and Evil Dead. This boss is not easy for the ill prepared, and certainly not easy for marksmen. Keep your distance, and never forget about puppet!

Spawn Time: 24 hours
Level Recommended: 100+ (partied), 120+ (solo)
Level of Boss: 110
KB value: 2000
HP Required: Any (See Description)
Boss HP: 32,000,000
EXP: 2,660,000
Notable Drops: Big Foot's Toe

Notes: He'd rather run you over than use his attack, which supposedly does around 4k. This boss is able to jump, keep this in mind when fighting him in Forgotten Path, and watch for HH spawning. Fighting two snipeable bosses at once is easy in theory, harder in practice. Do not stand on the platforms above BF in Forgotten Path, as now even his hair and his lollipop string are lethal... I know we're frail, but it's still ridiculous that a piece of string will do over 2x our normal hp.

Despite its low KB rate, it is actually hard to pin down for most due to its missing hitboxes and there is no map where it spawns alone without any other mobile monsters to get in your way. Evil Dead is particularily hard for this reason - instead of the weak jr. wraiths, you get stuck with elder wraiths, and the possibility of fighting HH too!

Both BM's and MM's will have some difficulty until they can do minimum 2k damage per arrow - this is roughly equivalent of having a 2500 minimum damage on your stat page before warrior elixir.

Bigfoot is weak to fire, and impossible to stun - Bowmasters, this is a perfect opportunity to use phoenix, which at level 1 deals about 6~8k passive damage and helps keep him kb'd if you lag! As well, summons automatically attack the weakest monster around - use this to keep the wraiths at bay while your arrows are aimed at the boss.

If you noticed that I have not told you how much damage he does, the reason is simple - it's an OHKO unless you have 7500 base HP and have a HB'er nearby. Basically it does 11k+ hp.

Chris9292: I found an easy way to kill BF... It might take a while but it's a possible killing method:
[url=]Opposite side[/url]
[url=]Kill, repeat[/url]

Chris9292's strategy will only work in forgotten path. Be aware that you can jump down from above onto Bigfoot. [url=]Video version of the same method.[/url]

[url=]Another method[/url] that takes time but works at Twisted Paths, especially for MMs with Snipe. Basically you puppet and fire, and when you get to the end of the map go to cash shop, and when you respawn you will return back to the centre of the map.


This gigantic fish can be found at The Cave of Pianus in Aqua Road. If both sides spawn when you enter the map, prepare for insanity, death, and mayhem; it's gonna be a long and deadly fight.

Spawn Time: Right Side, 24 hours. Left Side, 36 hours.
Level Recommended: 140+
Level of Boss: 110
KB value: None, as this boss is immobile.
HP Required: 3800+ (Left Side) 4800+ (Right Side)
Boss HP:
Left Side: 24,000,000
Right Side: 30,000,000
Left Side: 900,000
Right Side: 1,300,000
Notable Drops: Sharp Eyes 20(left), Sharp Eyes 30(right), blue arnah/armis, Overall Int 60%, Overall Luk 60%, Fraute

Notes: Blood Booms are universally lethal to archers. To be able to safely ignore them (and pianus's animation that precedes their summoning), you must have a 4k minimum range, as well as max MB. Otherwise, you need to pay attention to a large yellow book-like symbol, and stop attacking IMMEDIATELY when you see it.

Blood Booms do not move, and operate similar to pap's bombs. Do under 1k to them, they don't set off. Do 1001~9999, they set off and autokill you. Do 10k+, and the bomb will be safely destroyed (10k+ is achieved with 4k min range and max MB, or 2.5k min range and max strafe... sorry bow users, this is one instance that hurricane is as much of a curse as it is a 1vs1 blessing - use strafe for the bombs, ignore hurricane). Much like the Pap fight, there is a limit on the number of bombs in the room; once you hit the limit, feel free to ignore the booms. Obviously, ignore the ones that get summoned behind you, much as you ignore the top bombs at pap.

Phoenix is interesting here - it treats booms as priority, yet cannot deal damage to them (while pianus is fireweak and gets ignored...). Frostprey is simply a bad idea unless it's at level 30, where it safely does 10k+ per hit.

The left side, in my opinion, is the harder of the two fights - it can seal, dispel, and pull off all of its other attacks. There is more paying attention to do here than at the right fish.

Right fish is straight forward - attack till it dies. You don't have to worry about special status effects or dispel here, because it has glitched skills (finally, a monster having problems with its skills ) Be wary not to zone out too much and forget about the summon animation! If both sides spawn together, then Righties' seal and dispel WILL work - this is what makes fighting both of them together so difficult. Twice the dispelling action and all of the booms and 4.8k right side laser hits!

Of note is both side's 10 ton weight attack - this is dodgeable. Little markers appear on the ground denoting where the weight will fall, and most of the time you can simply just walk to evade the attack. Fishy lasers, on the other hand, are completely unavoidable - it looks like you can duck them, but TRUST me on this, you can't. Otherwise it'd be completely possible for a 12X archer to solo with hp below 3600.

For those of you that are curious, the right sides touch damage is a solid 5k, so a bit higher than his magic. Learned it the hard why, trying to avoid a bomb by jumping into the fish...

Black Crow (Tengu, Crow)

This deadly boss can be found at Encounter with the Buddha in Mushroom Shrine (Zipangu). He spawns among Dreamy Ghosts (Himes) and is a threat to even very high leveled players. Doesn't have an HP bar, so it is difficult to determine how much hp he has lost.

Spawn Time: 23 Hours
Level Recommended: 110+
Level of Boss: 115
KB value: 1000
HP Required: 1800+ (for the himes)
Boss HP: 35,000,000
EXP: 1,780,000
Notable Drops: Shoe Jump 30%, Mystic Shield, Black Emerald Earrings
Tips From The Pros:
Kakashi9091: (Night Lord) Be careful. He's faster than he looks.

Notes: Don't get hit. Seriously. 8k damage with his ranged attacks and more with his touch, this is one of the bosses you seriously don't wanna give a love touch to. Getting a lurer to help with the himes spawn is highly recommended - most priests know how to do this. Himes spawning randomly can REALLY ruin your day, interrupting shots and allowing this extremely speedy boss to close the gap enough to use his attacks.

He has a low KB though, so BM's should be able to pin it pretty easily. Use your strongest potions, abuse puppet, and above all else pay attention! Marksmen, you're gonna have more than a bit of trouble here - Frostprey will save you from the himes, but your slower firing rate will screw you over from the crow.


Leviathan is likely the hardest area boss. A blue notice accompanies his arrival at Leviathan's Canyon, a hidden street off of the Dragon Canyon (map with Raul the Knight)

Spawn Time: 2 hours
Level Recommended: 140+
Level of Boss: 120
KB value: 10,000
HP Required: 3900+
Boss HP: 13,400,000
EXP: 47,355
Notable Drops:
Tips from the Pros:
CtrlPlusZ: I've been killing Leviathans, and I discovered that you can use the same method of Puppeting as with Pap. KB Leviathan to one side, Puppet in the opposite corner. All this does is prevent him from using his ice attack, but I found it saves a ton of pots since the fire attack is avoidable by jumping, while the ice attack isn't. All you have to do is watch out for Weakness and Reverse, and jump-Strafe over his fire.

Notes: Leviathan only has a few skills. He can summon two of any colour wyvern, cast weakness, reverse control, and... That's it. Leviathan is puppetable at all times, simply throw a puppet above or below him and he wont use his fire superKB attack or his ice attack. Both of his attacks are identical in terms of damage dealt.

Quick note on reverse control - normal jump becomes a jump down, and you much press down+jump to climb a rope. Reverse control also takes a second or so to appear, and it's symbol is a mentally retarded skull whose eyes can somehow go clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time.


This is the boss of the memory section of time temple, and spawns at the top of Road of Memories 5. You must kill a monster in the map before the boss will spawn, and this boss is autoaggro.

Spawn Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Level Recommended: 120+
Level of Boss: 121
KB value:
HP Required: 4.1k+
Boss HP: 5,900,000
EXP: 20,850
Notable Drops: Piece of Time, 1% clean slate

Notes: Dodo apparently has a 4k attack and a special attack that sends you backward a full map. However, if you use puppet (either behind yourself or on the platform below) he never actually uses them. Dodo also casts W.Def up; this is a MASSIVE damage reduction. If you hit 15k arrows, you should expect to hit 11k's after he buff's up. Dodo is incredibly slow as well. Dodo's attacks are range-sensitive; if you are close, he will use his 4k attack and his map-return. If you are far, he will shoot a 3.4k skeleton fish projectile at you (meaning it's easily jumpable).

It is very possible to solo him as early as 110+, due to the fact that his fish projectile is avoidable. Even though you may not have the HP to tank him, as long as you keep your distance between him, you will have enough time to jump down when puppet is gone before his fish attack hits you. You will also be too far away from his 4k attack. [By enough distance it mean that you will be seeing 2-3cm of his body.]

Do note that if you try to puppet on the platform below, the puppet will be thrown within touch range of the chief guardians; that being said, do not expect your puppet to last the full 60s if you decide to do that, or keep killing the cheif guardians until there are none left/very little spawn.

Papulatus (Pap)

The easiest of the Big 4 bosses on GMS, this boss can be fought at Deep Inside the Clock Tower in Ludibrium. The recommened level to take this boss on in a party is Lvl 90+, and 120+ as a solo.

Summoned By: Placing a Cracked Piece of Dimension on the correct spot in Deep Inside the Clock Tower. This map can only be entered twice a day.
Level Recommended: 120+ (solo), 95+ (partied)
Level of Boss: 125 for both forms
KB value:
1st Form: 10,000
2nd Form: 12,000
HP Required: 4000+
Boss HP:
1st Form: 23,000,000
2nd Form: 1,590,000
1st Form: 596,000
2nd Form: 970,000
Notable Drops: Casa Crow, Bow Expert 20, Hurricane 30, Pierce 30, Cape Int/Luk/Dex/Str 60%, Stance 20, Boomerang Step 30, Green Armis / Arzuna, Brandish 30, Red Arcina, Red Arnah Shoes

Notes: Of the more serious bosses in maple, Pap is the one that is the biggest joke. However, he can be absolutely NASTY at lower levels. Being one of the main bosses, he also possesses a myriad of attacks. The time sphere is a placeholder monster that doesn't attack or move - the only purpose of it is to give the party the chance to close the door to pap's room, and give them time to strategize while inside. However, don't touch the sphere as you WILL die.

The first form is large in size, has 23 mil HP, but has three magic attacks that only deal around 1700 damage. Pap can dispel, cast slow, and stun with a pretty similar animation for all three - this is when he claps his hands, and a blue burst comes out. The debuffs, however, sound like someone is trying to use a cheese grater on a piece of rebar - this horrid sound will usually accompany a gravestone if you are relying on HB and the Dk is a slowpoke at recasting HB.

This form can also summon bombs that deal significant damage. The Low Dark Stars summoned on the ground deal up to a bit over 4k, are mobile, and can buff themselves to do up to 5k if you hit between 2k~6k. High Dark Stars, summoned on the top platforms, can deal over 8k and are immobile. These bombs are unique in that they use their physical attack values to determine their exact damage; this means that you can use grilled cheese (from NLC) or pain relievers (from omega sector) to reduce the damage the bombs do to you by around 60 (cheese) or 100 (pain reliever). The summon animation is a clap with a red circle - learn to fear this. There is a limit to how many bombs can be in this map - once you get the limit and pap does his animation (and no more bombs are summoned), feel free to ignore this animation. It takes about 8 minutes for bombs to get maxed. Bombs are resistant to fire - generally phoenix is a bad idea. A weak phoenix forces the bombs to buff themselves, which then can rip you apart.

Obviously, as an archer you have NO business standing on the top platforms; bombs will rip you to shreds just for... what? Evading a slow? The only purpose to standing up top is for classes with less range (essentially everything except us, corsairs and NL's) from being dispelled, slowed and stunned - as an archer, you can just stand far back and these attacks will just miss you.

The first form also has the ability to guard, where it retreats inside its shell and become invincible as long as it is inside. In its guard, it cannot perform attacks, so take this time to re-buff and talk to your party if needed. Whenever pap goes into guard, he casts a 1/1 which is signified by yellow daggers striking your character. If you pot fast enough, you can hit him while he is retreating, as his hitbox doesn't disappear until he fully finishes the animation.

If you are capable of dealing 10k+ per normal critical, you have a new strategy present that involves puppet. Right when pap is summoned, start knocking him left and throw down a puppet in the right corner. Continue knocking him left, and you'll notice that he will completely stop using his annoying fire/ice/lightning spells as long as your puppet stays up. He will, however, still use his debuffs/dispels on you, and summon darkstars, so you still have to pay some attention. When you get the little "Puppet's time has run out, and will disappear", hit pap again and replace the puppet on the right, and go back to pounding him against the left wall. When you have him against the left wall, if you stand behind the second platform, his debuffs cannot reach you.

Once the first form goes down, the second form emerges. Smaller, but faster moving. It can be autoaggro'd if you stand too close, but I am not sure of the exact range. It has no attacks, it will simply try to run you over with its touch that can deal about 5,000 damage. This can be avoided by simply ducking (in a weak party), or by using puppet. With only 1.59 mil HP, this form lasts only a small fraction of the time of the first form. Of note, stronger attacks by other party members will KB pap downward, into you, and most likely killing you (if you had to duck, you probably don't have the hp to tank a hit ) I once had a bishop kill me with Bahamut, revive me, then kill me again with angel's ray.

For the second form, it literally revolves around keeping puppets down and alive - take this opportunity to laugh at anyone who didn't max this critical skill. If you duck, pap will fly over you indefinitely. If you stick a puppet behind you and duck, pap will fly over you and terrorize the poor puppet. Take advantage of the distraction and dish out some pain until puppet wears out. Rinse and repeat until pap is nothing but a pile of drops. The alternative is to pin pap, but that requires constant 12k+ per crit'd arrow - strong as archers are, we really aren't capable of pulling that off until our 15X's.

A special note is that SE can kill you here. I've seen it critical a bow whack, resulting in a buffed bomb that auto-detonated in my face because it was so close. Be careful around bombs!

Female Boss (Anego)

A very deadly boss. She can be found at The Parlor in the Yakuza Hideout in Showa. This boss is auto-aggro, and doesn't have any form of HP bar.

Spawn Time: 5-8 hours
Level Recommended: 120+
Level of Boss: 130
KB value: 1000
HP Required: Any
Boss HP: 75,000,000
EXP: 3,900,000
Notable Drops: Female Boss's Comb, Casters, Yellow Snow Shoes

  • *Notes: [b/]Anego's DEF screws over low level bowmasters, and her speed screws over Marksmen. Most bowmasters will have difficulty dealing the required 1k damage per arrow until after they get hurricane to 11 and they are above level 130. Marksmen are pretty much unable to pin, and have to resort to strafing+sniping from the couch. Her attacks are rather lethal, so don't get hit. 4.8~5.2k 'gun', 18k slap, 11k touch.

Anego-jumping is a good skill to learn. Basically, you clear all the summons on the left hand side (between the wall and the bar), attack anego, puppet behind you, and start strafing/hurricaning to push her back. After she gets pushed back a couple centimetres, mount your hog and jump her. Serious note: Don't even dare trying this without a LOT of speed and a LOT of jump, hence why I said mount your hog. You might as well just walk right up to her and get slapped in the face if you're trying to jump her without it. After anego jumping, feel free to pin her to the left wall, and enjoy sniping a boss to death. After pinning, however, do NOT buff more than one buff at a time! This will cause the crazy lady to run out of the wall and rip you a new one!

Versalian Grandmasters

These are the bosses of the MasteriaPQ, in the Crimsonwood Keep.

Summoned by: Clicking the NPC in the Grandmaster Hall, after defeating the initial mobs.
Level Recommended: 150+ (This is for a different reason, however - it is almost impossible to pass the stage before this without higher-levelled bowmen)
Level of Boss:
Margana, Hsalf, Rellik and Red Nirg: 130
Azure Ocelot and Scarlet Phoenix: 120
KB value:
Margana: 20,000
Rellik: 15,000
Hsalf: 15,000
Red Nirg: 80,000 (!)
Azure Ocelot: 50,000
Scarlet Phoenix: 50,000
HP required: 6000+
Boss HP:
Margana (Anagram, mage) - 200,000,000
Red Nirg (Grinder, warrior) - 255,000,000
Hsalf (Flash, thief) - 233,000,000
Rellik (Killer, archer) - 231,000,000
Scarlet Phoenix - 5,000,000
Azure Ocelot - 5,000,000
Margana - 4,300,000
Red Nirg - 4,550,000
Hsalf - 4,510,000
Rellik - 4,450,000
Scarlet Phoenix - 250,000
Azure Ocelot - 250,000
Notable drops: Mark of Naricain, one from each boss

Notes: These bosses, while barely doing ranged damage, are lethal for a few different reasons. One is the absolute myriad of abilities that they have. Another is they are all mobile, and have relatively high KB values. The third is... you fight all four at the same time.

It is generally agreed that Margana must die first, due to the amazing ability of Zombify to completely kill everyone. She also summons Dark Menhrirs, which absorb your 1vs1 attacks. The menhrir is around 100pixels wide - as you are likely a 4th job, you probably know to stand as far back as possible from a boss while still being able to hit, which is around 400 range. Margana also has a poison cloud ability, which I believe does around 2200 damage, and does 30 damage per second that you are inside the cloud. In order to attack when she has summoned a Menhrir, you must switch to your mob attacks. She also has the ability to heal the other bosses for 500k hp, but I am unsure what this looks like.

Rellik is a goddam destroyer of worlds. Or archers. Take your pick. All of his attacks have some unique ability attached to them. His arrow rain is seal+1.8k damage. His Exploding shot is 1.8k+ and stuns you for around 5s, but if he stuns you again it resets the stun timer. He has a 1/1 (orange glow at the tip of his gunbarrel), which comes with the added effect of poisoning you for 300 damage per second. Needless to say, his poison nuke is lethal if you have slow reflexes, but can be dodged by jumping! I'd honestly say leave this guy till last, as the warriors in your group should drag him down to about half hp when you finally target him.

Red Nirg casts w.atk up, which boosts all of the grandmaster's touch damage up to around 5.5~6k. Combined with his rather impressive tornado spin skill, which has a range of around 250 pixels, this boss will likely kill you without HB. This guy is also capable of summoning different cwk monsters - most noteable of which are the notorious Crimson Guardians, capable of hitting just under 5k with their jumping attack. He respawns into Azure Ocelot and Scarlet Phoenix upon death - these guys hardly last a minute though, and barely do any damage. He starts summoning at about 75% hp, and starts casting w.atk up at 50%.

Hsalf is sadly the most boring of the bosses. He has great range on his attacks, and moves quickly, but has a *fairly* low KB value. If you're on the left side snipe platform, Hsalf's Shadow Meso Explosion is incapable of hitting you. His attacks deal around 2.8k damage, and they seem to drag you toward Hsalf instead of pushing away. He is capable of casting haste on himself, pushing his already insanely high moving speed even higher. In character terms, after his haste he would be moving at 245%! NL's+SE and most warriors are capable of keeping him pinned, so his speed actually isn't an issue. I do not know if his haste affects the other grandmasters or the summons, as anytime I have fought him, our group left Hsalf for last or he was too far away from the other grandmasters for his buff to reach them. He starts casting haste at around 75% hp.

As there are differing strategies between groups, it is usually best to ask your run organizer for the order. My group lets ranged kill the mage while the melee deals with the 3 bottom bosses, then we slowly seperate out the bottom bosses one at a time until only Rellik is left. We then stick Rellik in the center of the map, and attack from two sides so that the stun doesn't stop all attacks at once, but only half of the groups attacks.


This is the boss of the regrets section of time temple, and spawns at the top of Road of Regrets 5. You must kill a monster in the map before the boss will spawn, and this boss is autoaggro.

Spawn Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 131
KB value: 13,000
HP Required: 4200
Boss HP: 7,600,000
EXP: 26,850
Notable Drops: Piece of Time
Tips from the Pros:
Tatufiuz: Just a quick few tips for Lilynouch considering Bowmasters~
  • If you use hurricane and Lily casts damage reflect, you are toast. You probably won't have time to react.
  • Buuut, I figured out a pattern It first casts DR when it's HP is down to 50%. A good way to measure this is to have seven buffs on ( Soul arrow, Booster, Focus, Maple warrior, Sharp eyes, Speed pill, Warrior elixir for example ), and then think of one "buff lenght" ahead, and that's when it will cast DR for the first time. I tend to stop using hurricane when the health bar lowers to the last buff I have on. [url=]Like so.[/url]
  • When you know he is about to cast Reflect, switch to Strafe instead of Hurricane. You will still do damage to it, but if DR is activated and you don't have time to react, you only take about 2k damage.
  • After the first DR buff wears off, you have about 45 seconds to fire your hurricane. I used interwebs stop watch, and I measured that after 45-47 seconds since the first DR buff wore off, it would cast it again no matter whether I did any damage to it or not. So if you have a watch somewhere near you, you could probably just keep hurricaning quite safely if you think like 10 seconds ahead and stop attackign before buff re-activates.
  • It will depend on your own killing speed, but for me I had to stop attacking with hurricane again when Lily was down to about 10% of his max HP. Just to be safe.

Notes: Unlike Dodo, the boss is puppetable on the platform below and you will NOT want to puppet on the same platform as Lilynouch. Lilynouch possesses three attacks, one of which is essentially a giant "screw you" to bowmasters. His first attack looks and acts exactly like a mage's Ice Strike; pretty simply, a piece of ice falls on you for about 4.1k damage. Second attack is an earthquake style attack in much the same vein as Zeno, so 4.1k+ superKB. His third "attack" is damage reflect, a new buff that only certain bosses can perform, and is denoted by a purple emblem. When Lilynouch uses reflect, the blue stones that hover around the ice knight will turn purple and fly up - this is your cue to stop attacking at all costs.

Damage reflect is painful, to say the least. For each ATTACK you perform, Lilynouch's reflect does 2000 +/- 500 map damage to you (you are NOT invincible in between attacks like normal). As well, all attacks deal 1 damage while reflect is up. Summons are ignored by damage reflect - as they are not actively controlled by you and have no HP, they cannot be victims of reflect. They still do only 1 damage, however. For Marksmen. Snipe still does 199k to Lilynouch during reflect and deals back 2000 ([url=]as seen here[/url]).


Almost being constantly fought, Zakum is probably the most popular to fight of the Big 4. Despite having much more HP and being higher leveled, Zakum's attacks actually deal much less than that of Pianus. It is suggested to start on the arms on the right, then the ones on the left. Pound away at the body's 3 forms and this boss will go down. This boss has a myriad of attacks and abilities, so be prepared for anything! Its body when fought can summons large mobs, none of monsters really significant enough to actually ruin a party, they just get in the way. Some groups will allow attackers as low as Lvl 100, but most only go for Lvl 120+.

Summoned By: Dropping an Eye of Fire at Zakum's Lair. Only on channels 4,5,6 on GMS. This map can only be accessed twice every 24 hours.
Level Recommended: 110+ (partied)
Level of Boss: 140
KB value: None, as this boss is immobile
HP Required: 3200+
Boss HP:
(Arms are numbered top to bottom, right to left)
Arms [monster=Zakum's Arm 1]1 and [monster=Zakum's Arm 2]2: 33,000,000 each
Arms [monster=Zakum's Arm 3]3 and [monster=Zakum's Arm 4]4: 22,000,000 each
Arm [monster=Zakum's Arm 5]5: 27,500,000
Arm [monster=Zakum's Arm 6]6: 30,000,000
Arms [monster=Zakum's Arm 7]7 and [monster=Zakum's Arm 8]8: 25,300,000 each
Body 1: 66,000,000
Body 2: 88,000,000
Body 3: 110,000,000
Total: 482,100,000
Arms 1 and 2: 1,344,000 each
Arms 3 and 4: 896,000 each
Arms 5 and 6: 1,120,000 each
Arms 7 and 8: 1,030,400 each
Body 3: 7,000,000
Total: 15,780,800
Notable Drops: Zakum Helmet (1), Gold Nisrock, White Neschere, Bow Expert 30, Marksman Boost 30, Concentrate 20, Snipe 20

Notes: During arms, Zakum's body will not deal any damage, so you can safely walk to the other side when the arms are still up. Body touch damage is 8k(1st), 9k(2nd) and 10k(3rd), so I'm pretty sure you do not want to hug Zakum after arms are defeated at all cost.

All of Zak's attacks (including arms) knock you left, so people usually stand on his left and face to the right while fighting to avoid hugging him; however his summons knock you both directions. Zakum's fire pillars (at bodies) stun and do about 2.8k damage. Blue lightning is 2.8k + seal.

Blue summons are resistant to both ice and fire, so Phoenix and Frostprey are both not really useful while clearing up summons. They show up at around halfway through second body and split into two when defeated.


Would appreciate any inputs from those who have fought him.

Summoned By:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 140
KB value:
1st Form: 10,000
2nd Form: 15,000
3rd Form: 50,000
HP Required:
Boss HP:
1st Form: 50,000,000
2nd Form: 75,000,000
3rd Form: 125,000,000
Total: 250,000,000
1st Form: 268,800
2nd Form: 403,200
3rd Form: 1,344,200
Total: 2,016,200
Notable Drops: N/A
Tips from the Pros:
Ender969: About Targa, it really is a problem. During one of it's attacks it will charge at you swiping it's claws while dealing touch damage (it cannot be KBed during this animation [which also means rush is ineffective], forcing all ranged classes to move away) then when it reaches it's distance, it does a jump attack then backflips back to it's original attacking position (forcing all ranged classes to get closer again). This is a problem because when it goes back to it's original position, it's usually too far and therefore, off screen so you have no idea what attack is coming next.
Also, it's laser attack stuns and has a large AoE, like Scarlion's attack. Targa literally spammed this attack on my party for about 30 seconds. Taking 2.5k damage and being constantly stunned was not fun....

Notes: Section incomplete at the moment.


Would appreciate any inputs from those who have fought him.

Summoned By:
Level Recommended:
Level of Boss: 140
KB value:
1st Form: 10,000
2nd Form: 15,000
3rd Form: 50,000
HP Required:
Boss HP:
1st Form: 50,000,000
2nd Form: 75,000,000
3rd Form: 125,000,000
Total: 250,000,000
1st Form: 268,800
2nd Form: 403,200
3rd Form: 1,344,200
Total: 2,016,200
Notable Drops: N/A
Tips from the Pros:
Ender969: I've gone on many Scarlion runs already and I think the max damage I saw was 2.6k ish. Ranged classes don't even need HB for Scarlion, just don't get too close. Having a rusher is vital to a successful Scarlion run as well. Even if you can KB it, it's in a constant change between Cancel Wep Att and Cancel Mag Att and you cannot KB it doing 1s.

Notes: Section incomplete at the moment.


This is the boss of the oblivion section of time temple, and spawns at the second-to-top of Road to Oblivion 5. You must kill a monster in the map before the boss will spawn, and this boss is autoaggro.

Spawn Time:
Level Recommended: 120+
Level of Boss: 141
KB value: 15,000
HP Required: Any (see description) or 5500+ to tank Flame Pillar attack
Boss HP: 9,300,000
EXP: 32,865
Notable Drops: Piece of Time

Notes: There are two key elements to soloing Lyka: Puppet and clear, empty platforms. Lyka spawns on the long middle platform in the map, make sure there are no Chief Oblivion Guardians on this platform. There also a few 'sub' platforms underneath, try to keep the two left-most of these platforms clear as well. Use them to put puppet out of reach of Guardians and to distract the Lyka above.

Strategy is simple: Puppet will distract Lyka, hit him with everything you got, re-puppet when necessary, rinse and repeat. The hard part is getting Lyka's attention without getting seduced or having the deadly Pillar attack dropped on you. These are his two main attacks. You can't use an all-cure on Seduce, you are completely immobile (Hero's Will may work, not sure). This status will make you jump to the left repeatedly until it wears off (takes 10-30 seconds). Lyka glows Purple when he casts Seduce, if you're too close, you will be seduced. You can go to the Cash Shop (hotkey ~) or logout and return, I don't recommend logging out because you will lose your casts. Set up the playing field correctly (keeping the platforms clear) and it won't matter that you're seduced, just wait it out because there won't be any hazards around you.

The other deadly move is the Pillar/Column/Stone Drop thing, similar to other bosses (Golem in the Dojo, Zakum). Stones appear on the screen, and a second later, if you're standing in the same spot as the stone appears, WHAM, major damage. Sometimes it will MISS, most times it will hit 5500 Damage, something most Bowmen can't take. So do your best to clear out of the way (either walking foward/back or jumping on the platforms below). Strafe, Frostprey, Phoenix, Snipe, Hurricane will be your best tools here, but PUPPET IS THE KEY. See Youtube video here for a visual.

Bodyguard A (Fist Boss, BGA)

The first of two bodyguards to The Boss, main boss of Showa. This boss specializes in close-ranged attacks and is deadly to most melee characters.

Summoned By: Dropping Female Boss's Comb (dropped by Anego) on the map The Nightmarish Last Days
Level Recommended: 140+
Level of Boss: 152
KB value: 250
HP Required: Any
Boss HP: 400,000,000
EXP: 13,800,000
Notable Drops: N/A

Notes: His arsenal contains two attacks. The first attack is a punch that does 1 damage, but the deadly thing about this skill is they cast 100% Stun, so players hit with it are pretty much stuck as long as they continue to get hit with these punches. The second attack is a deadly kick, able to deal over 27,000 damage, but is also said to cast Instant-Death, where a player hit with this skill automatically dies after 20 seconds of being hit with this skill. In a group and as a solo, you will probably just try to push this boss into the far right wall and just wail away at him.

Just like Anego, this boss has a very small KB rate (Only 250) and unless many mistakes are made, should be easy for a party of ranged characters. Various Showa monsters also spawn on the map which can get annoying. The simplest way of downing this guy is to get all that attackers to try to force him towards the far end of the map and corner him.

Bodyguard B (Gun Boss)

The second of two bodyguards to The Boss. This boss appears after Bodyguard A is defeated. This boss specializes in ranged attacks.

Summoned By: Spawns after the defeat of Bodyguard A on The Nightmarish Last Days
Level Recommended: 140+
Level of Boss: 155
KB value: 250
HP Required: Any
Boss HP: 500,000,000
EXP: 10,500,000
Notable Drops: N/A

Notes: Despite specializing in ranged attacks, this boss is also dealt with in pretty much the same method and difficulty as Bodyguard A. This boss also has three attacks. This boss originally had a bazooka to use in other versions of MS, but is instead replaced by some weird fist movement that fires a projectile, much like anego's 'gun'. The boss seems to only fire the projectile if un-KB'ed, but even if it fires the projectile, players can easily duck under or jump over it to avoid about 5000 damage.

This boss has the unique ability to reduce players' HP down to 1, but fill their MP. This attack is only deadly if the party is somehow unable to keep this boss KB'ed or if the player for some reason does not refill his/her HP afterwards and runs into one of the spawning monsters in the middle of the map. This boss also has the little push skill that Bodyguard A has.

In GMS, this is impossible to solo due to the missing hitboxes.

Horned Tail (HT)

The most powerful boss on GMS, this three-headed gigantic dragon is a challenge for even the mightiest of Maple players. This boss will require HP washing/blood building as in doing so will allow you to go as early as 150, but as late as 180 if you don't do so. To defeat this boss, you must go through each of its forms.

Summoned By: Only in Cave of Life on Ch 8 on GMS. This map can only be accessed twice every 24 hours.
Level Recommended: 150+ (partied)
Level of Boss: 160
KB value: None, as this boss is immobile
HP Required: 7500+
Boss HP:
[monster=Horned Tail's Left Head]Left Head (Preliminary): 330,000,000
[monster=Horned Tail's Right Head]Right Head (Preliminary): 330,000,000
[monster=Horned Tail's Head A]Left Head: 330,000,000
[monster=Horned Tail's Head C]Right Head: 330,000,000
[monster=Horned Tail's Head B]Middle Head: 490,000,000
[monster=Horned Tail's Wings]Wings: 270,000,000
[monster=Horned Tail's Left Hand]Left and [monster=Horned Tail's Right Hand]Right Hands: 230,000,000 each
[monster=Horned Tail's Legs]Legs: 130,000,000
[monster=Horned Tail's Tails]Tail: 80,000,000
Total: 2,280,000,000
Left Head (Preliminary): 9,732,030
Right Head (Preliminary): 9,732,030
Left Head: 13,902,900
Right Head: 13,902,900
Middle Head: 20,673,700
Wings: 11,375,000
Arms: 9,689,900 each
Legs: 5,467,900
Tail: 3,370,400
Total: 107,536,660
Notable Drops: Horned Tail Necklace, Nine Spirit's Egg, Maple Warrior 20 & 30, Concentrate 30, Snipe 30, Dragon Bow, Dragon Xbow, Dark Neschere, Dark Nisrock, Gold Neschere, Gold Nisrock

  • Left Preliminary Head: Casts Ice attacks and the ability to summon Wyverns. Also can become invincible for short periods of time. Can perform the very dangerous Seduce!
  • Right Preliminary Head: Casts Lightning attacks and same abilities as the Left Head.
  • The Whole Body: Now that you've defeated 2 heads, you'll have to fight them again, along with a third head and the rest of its body. The third head is fire-based, can Dispel at 50% hp. This head also has the ability to become resistant to attacks. Both arms have the ability to Seduce at 50% hp as well as drain 3,000 MP as it attacks. The right arm can perform Seal and Darkness as well as increase the whole body's M. Atk power, while the Left can perform Dispel and increase the whole body's W. Atk. The Wings have the ability to regenerate HP and MP for the whole body as well as increase both Magic and Weapon Defense. The Legs and Tail are the real damage dealers, easily taking out ranged characters. The Legs can perform two attacks. The first a stomp that can cause 2 seconds of Stun and the other a stomp that sends you flying back at around 10k hp. The tail (80 mil HP) can be raised and slammed to send players flying back, and does about 7.8k.

For the start of the main body fight, you will most likely be on the tail side. There is a small point in it's tail raising animation where it's hitbox disappears - this means you could aggro the legs by stray arrows, and get them sending the aforementioned 10k attack toward the ranged teams. Obviously, this is lethal for almost all of the ranged teams, and should be avoided at all costs.

After the legs, tail and wings (which casts m.atk up), the damage drops from 7.8k max to around 5.5k. This means you can switch off some of your hp armour (if you needed it in the first place) and go to your attack armour.

Do NOT let black wyverns touch you at ANY cost. They dispel, and this is beyond lethal here.

Here is a more in-depth guide to Horntail.

Royal Guard Type S

Spawn time: 12 hours
Recommended level: 150+
Boss level: 160
HP: 200 000 000
Exp: 15 500 000
KB value: 55 000

Notes: Using apples is highly recommended at lower levels.

Basically this guy is the single best way to rack up some insane experience for archers. Other classes are having way harder time, so enjoy it Like many other bosses out there, this is only soloable with Puppet so the damage the boss does isn't really relevant. Touch damage is 18-19k, magic 7-8k so getting hit is a big nono.

There are two ways to kill this. Both methods start the same.

Aggro the Boss by summoning Phoenix / Frostprey, and then climbing to the rope and jumping down so that the bird attacks the boss. Sometimes it's not even neccessary for the bird to hit it to get Guard's attention. Then walk left on the second highest platform, below the boss and place puppet to the left side, not neccessarily all the way to the left but at least so that it's further away than the boss' platform is wide. Then walk away form puppet, maybe stop for a second under the rope to see that the boss clearly is attracted only to the puppet and not you. Then climb up and start shooting.

Now comes the part that seperates the two methods.

1# Method, the safe way ( recommended )

Figure out a timing pattern that suits you. What you are looking for, is to find a way for you to easily calculate around 50 seconds so you can jump down before puppet's timer runs out. Me, personally at level 153 use my Mana bar as an indicator when to jump down. From my full MP, I can shoot hurricane as long as the mana bar runs out fully one time. Once this happens, Puppet has about 10 seconds left on the timer.
After that, you jump down and cast Puppet immediadetly un-aggroing the boss. Re-cast your Phoenix / Frostprey if it isn't summoned yet, and get the boss' aggro again, place the puppet and repeat.
Sometimes using bird isn't neccessary, but I personally boss with a Bishop friend so the aggroing part can be a bit more complicated at times.

2# Method, the not-so-safe-way

Pretty much the same as first one, but instead of counting roughly 50 seconds, you shoot untill Puppet's timer runs out completely and then quickly jump down to re-cast it before the boss kills you. This method saves me about 5 minutes from the total killing time, since sometimes it can be hard to re-aggro it when using first method. Either way, I don't recommend this method unless you can seriously time the Puppet correctly and stare at your text box without getting headache. It may also be more risky for Marksmen than Bowmasters, for with Hurricane you can stop shooting at any moment you want, but with Strafe you have to stand still until the animation ends.

Dunas Type D

This boss is pretty simple, but not really worth killing. 100million HP and 2mil exp is pretty horrible ratio for a boss of this level, but I guess killing it can be considered as one of those "achievement unlocked"-things. I haven't heard anything special about drops either, just seen loads of pots.

Spawn time:
Level of boss: 174
Recommended level: 170+ for quick kill, 155+ for just a kill
KB value: 55000
HP required: 4000
Boss HP: 100,000,000
Exp: 2,000,000

Notes: It's not hard at all to smash this dude. Your only worry are the other monsters in the map. If you are a Marksman, you can just Snipe the monsters away, but as a Bowmaster you have to be a bit more careful so you won't die.

The key with this boss is not to jump. Ever. If you don't jump, there's no way this boss can kill you. You can walk over it but it still does hit Puppet. So, once you have cleared the platform the boss spawns at, aggro it and go stand in the middle of the platform. Then place puppet either to left or right, and start shooting away. Puppet should fade away pretty fast, but then just turn around and place Puppet again and shoot. That's it.

You can ask a mage friend to slow this guy to make puppet last a bit longer but it's not really needed.

The Boss

The Boss is the main and most difficult boss of Showa. This boss does not have as much HP as either Bodyguard A or B, but he can heal himself and is much harder to fight due to his insanely high Avoid and level, almost double what bmm's is!

Summoned By: Spawns after the defeat of Bodyguard B on The Nightmarish Last Days
Level Recommended: 170+ solo, 140+ party
Level of Boss: 175
KB value: 5000
HP Required: Any
Boss HP: 150,000,000
EXP: 17,500,000
Notable Drops: Gold Emerald Earrings, Violet Snowshoes , Wu Sun, Earring Dex 70%

Notes: Basically, if you're doing a The Boss run, you're here as an SE mule (before 15X) - the thing is, if you are here, on the last form you actually have a higher chance of hitting The Boss than the Night Lords your level do! To 100% hit this behemoth, you need around 700 accuracy at level 170! This high avoid is why you typically need NL's with you - odds are they're higher level, and they attack faster (more chances to KB as even their non-crits are capable of putting him into a state of kb).

Also, unlike the Bodyguards, this boss has well-ranged attacks, meaning players will most likely take hits. However, this boss's attacks are exclusively 1/1's - meaning it's impossible to die if he keeps hitting you with them. Purple lightning storm is just 1/1, but the tornado attack is a 1/1+seal. The only real test to this boss in a group is not running out of pots to finish the battle.

The Not-Quite Bosses!

These guys aren't formally listed as bosses so I am unsure of whether they have boss tags. If they do not, then poison, stun, burning, freeze, and basically any other player-inflicted status effect should work on them.


This guy spawns in The Hidden Tower, a hidden-street off of the 8th Floor of Eos Tower in Ludibrium but also can be encountered in Carnival PQ. Its groundshaker attack can be avoided by jumping and jumpshooting, but it deals only minor damage. This boss spawns on two platforms - one near the top, and one near the bottom. It will also spawn only after you kill at least one monster in the map. This boss has no HP bar.

Spawn Time: 60 minutes
Level Recommended: 40+
Level of Boss: 47
KB value: 1000
HP Required: 1000+
Boss HP: 11,000
EXP: 720
Notable Drops: Dark Guardian, Blood Slain

Notes: This guy is a pain. Minimum range is an archers main weakness, and towers in general are horrible to fight in for us due to them being vertical, rather than horizontal maps. Expect to abuse PKB (if you have it) or walk through him often.

Chief Gray

Uncommon monster spawn rate at Kulan Field IV, Kulan Field V, and Barnard Field (despite uncommon spawn, up to 3 can spawn on a map at once). One must kill a monster to make them spawn in Barnard Field. This boss has normal monster HP bar.

Spawn Time: 30 minutes
Level Recommended: 35+
Level of Boss: 49
KB value: 1
HP Required: 1000+
Boss HP: 9000
EXP: 580
Notable Drops:

Notes: Chief Gray has an attack that resembles AR/E, both in looks and in how it hits (both in front and behind). Chief Gray is capable of summoning Barnard Grays. There are a few spots in the map to snipe him from, as well.


This odd looking boss spawns at "Defeat Monsters," a hidden-street on the map Boswell Field VI in Omega Sector. you must kill at least one monster before it's summoned, and it can spawn on any of the platforms except the tiny little platform. This boss has normal monster HP bar.

Spawn Time: 30 minutes.
Level Recommended: 40+
Level of Boss: 54
KB value: 300
HP Required: 1000+
Boss HP: 13,500
EXP: 980
Notable Drops:

Notes: This boss isn't too tough. You need to kill a couple for quests, and that's the only reason he's in this guide, as I'm pretty sure he doesn't have boss tags. His ranged attack is rapid fire missiles - his attacks fly faster than normal projectiles, and he fires them one after the other.

Male Boss

The easiest boss in Showa can be found at both Showa Street 3 and The Armoury. He does not have an HP bar.

Fighting him on Showa Street 3 is much easier since there is a lot of space to fight him on and only Extras and Leaders spawn with him. If he does corner you, there are many pipes to climb up to safety. If you do fight him in the Armoury, mob up and puppet the Bains so they don't get in your way.

Spawn Time: 30 seconds after defeats at Showa Street 3. Random Spawn(?) at The Armory and every 10 Minutes at The Nightmarish Last Days.
Level Recommended: 70+
Level of Boss: 95
KB value: 1000
HP Required: 4500+
Boss HP: 85,000
EXP: 5500
Notable Drops: Steely Throwing Stars, Japanese Map
Tips From The Pros:
Xxbrandon: (Night Lord) It is possible for 2 male bosses to spawn together in Armoury.
I was luring bain to my attacker. When I'm at the tank, suddenly a male boss respawn, after a minute, another male boss respawn.
Sorry, no screenshot to prove what I said.
But the chances of 2 to spawn together is low I guess.

Notes: Just don't touch him. His attacks aren't too bad, his KB and HP value is low, and he summons. Summon animation is him calling his thugs on his handy cell phone. His spawn animation is rather elaborate; you'll know to put on your A game when you see his shnazzy limo pull up.

If you're in the armoury for some reason other than going to Nightmarish Last Days, the bains in the map will likely annoy you. The bains can be Dragon Breath'd away, and the boss cannot - this will put the bains farther away, and then the male boss will be your first and only target.

If you're in Nightmarish Last Days, odds are you're in a BGA+BGB+Boss group (Party made up of NL's, SE, and a Bishop). Since you won't be attacking anything except the bosses, male boss will never spawn after the first time - this is akin to how Mushmom works. Only worry about him if you're gonna solo, which would be handled by puppetting the stronger boss, killing the male boss (should take under two seconds), and turning back to the stronger boss.

If you decide to touch him or get spawned on, he deals around 4500 touch. His actual attacks are far weaker than his touch.

Disclaimer: MapleStory belongs to Nexon, Wizet, and all the other companies involved.

Credits: IcedFire for writing (almost) all of this up for you all. Special note goes to orangeking11, who gave me the idea of doing this for archers from his NL bossing thread. Thanks go out to Spiritrival, Raveinferno, thetyphoon, iamfull, LaIotun, starwolf, Crayola555, Joost1987, wdiablo2004, yellowc, pavchka, azntrumpet, mashavipir, Ender969, ultraloincome, pastel, WazzaScooba, hyperbolicj and Yukiko for revisions and additions. Additional thanks goes to killerfan, who saved this thread from being reverted to a month old copy.

This is still incomplete! Please do feel free to contribute your views on the bosses, and add in your own ways of taking the boss!

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