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Bowman Frequently Asked Questions

##Legal Information
This F.A.Q. was originally created by GrifMoNeY, who has given me permission to repost and edit this F.A.Q.
GrifMoNeY: By order of the Grif, I give Sapphire8, Spiritrival and Technolink the rights to copy and repost my guide, under the condition that proper credit for its creation and maintenance is given, to myself and the other archers. You guys can choose ownership.
Thank you very much GrifMoNeY.
Copyright: This FAQ was written by spirtrival and GrifMoNeY and is Copyright 2008 spiritrival. You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your own. You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask first, and that includes putting it in HTML format or plain text. Please don't post this on your site unless you have expressed consent by me, spiritrival.


[url=]The Stickied Training Guide[/url]. The training guide thread was developed by the Archer Guide Forums (link above), this is an ever-improving compilation of training places. You can suggest and submit new places so it stays accurate.

[url=]Bow or Crossbow | The Ultimate Decision[/url]. This was also developed by the Archer Guide Forums and answers the ever-important question: Bow or Crossbow? This gives you the most objective facts about each class that you can possibly find.

[url=]Archer Skill Build Guide[/url]. A very intensive guide written by bluebomber24 and coauthored by Kevvl. This is a great place to view and ask questions about your skill build.

[url=]Bowman Damage Ranges[/url]. A thread where you can use it to compare damage, HP, and MP.

[url=]Skyseeker90's Comparison[/url]. A damage comparison between a Bow Master and a Night Lord.


There are a number of questions in this forum that would be considered redundant. Typically, they involve common myths and questions and biased arguments. In this article, I hope to address as many of these questions as possible, in as much depth as is necessary to come to a conclusion. This article is not meant to be read start to finish. It is intended to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on this forum, accurately and intuitively. If you find that some information is inaccurate, please, don't hesitate to point it out.

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1) AP Distribution

By no means do you have to follow any of this, these just show what people commonly do.
Regular Str
A Regular Hunter will have Str equal to his level + 5. So, if a Hunter is level 30, he should have 35 Str. A Regular Crossbowman will have Str equal to her level. So, if a Crossbowman is level 30, she should have 30 Str. From there on, you should add 4 Dex and 1 Str per level. However, when you plan carefully, you should only add Str before you get your new weapon. For example, say you're level 40 and at level 50 you need an Olympus. You can add Dex using the AP from levels 40 to 47 and add Str from levels 49 and 50. That way, you should have 55 Str right when you need your new weapon. Remember, you'll need to plan in advance in order to do this properly.

Low Str
Being a Low-Str Bowman is easily accomplished. Basically, you use Str from equipment to boost your Str up high enough to wear your current weapon. Say you have an Olympus that requires 55 Str and you only have 50 Str. You'll need 5 more Str to wear that Olympus. If you buy a Red Kismet (or Blue Lumati) you'll get 4 Str. You can get that last 1 Str from a pair of Blue Steel Tipped Boots. Now, you have 50+5 Str. Unfortunately, 100% Scrolls for Overall for Str are not in as wide availability and cheapness as their counterparts, so you can just scroll your Red Kismet (or Blue Lumati) with 100% Scrolls for Overall for Dex. Always get the better deal unless you really need the extra Str. If there was a Blue Maro (adds 2 Str and 1 Dex) that cost 500k and there was a Green Maro (adds 3 Dex) that was only 100k, you're better off buying the Green Maro. When you're buying equipment, Str equals Dex, excluding cost. Also, with equal funds, a Low-Str Bowman is stronger than a Regular Bowman. A Low-Str bowman will be able to save more Meso when buying equipment, and therefore, have more Meso to buy stronger equipment. There is another advantage to Low-Str Bowmen. Maple Warrior works better. Maple Warrior only affects your base stats. Since Low-Str Bowmen have a higher base Dex and lower base Str, they get more Dex added on. The new feature of automatically adding AP for you will automatically make you Low Str.

For Str-less Bowmen, or Pure Dex Bowmen, see [s=]here[/s].

Capping Str
Capping Str is a wise thing to do, but requires attention and planning. First, you'll need to know what your final weapon will be. In this case, let's use the Casa Crow, which needs 90 Str. As soon as you get 90 Str, simply stop adding Str. But it gets a little more complicated. If you're Low-Str, you'll need to make sure that your equipment with Str will not be replaced with equipment with lower Str, otherwise, you can no longer equip the Casa Crow. You may also want to anticipate certain events. If you're going to get a Zakum Helm at level 91, you'll be better off either replacing your current Str equipment with Dex ones, or leave your base Str lower. Common stopping points for Rangers are 105 and 125 Str for the Nisrock and the Reverse Engaw, respectively. For Snipers, Str is generally capped at 100 for Neschere and 120 for the Reverse Black Beauty. Remember, this is total Str, not base Str. For base Str, you'll probably want 60-80 Str. You generally won't go over your limit, and if you need more Str, just add some Str.

Remember that the amount of Str you have does not affect your total HP. If you compare 10 Str-less Bowmen with 10 Regular Bowmen, you should see a very small difference, which only comes because HP is randomly given every level. However, the amount of Int you have does affect your MP. For every 10 Int you have, you will gain an extra 1 MP. If you have 9 Int, it won't count. Also, this is based on total Int.

Other Builds
Now for the unorthodox builds. Some have decided to create a Pure Str Bowman (a Bowman with only 25 Dex and the rest in Str). Their main attack would be Power Knockback because they believe it is based on Str. However, Power Knockback is based off of Dex. Various tests have been performed and proven this. Bowjabber, a Pure Str Bowman, became level 30 and used Power Knockback. The highest amount of damage he could deal on a Snail was 29. Surely if it was Str based, the amount of damage would be higher. So, Dex-less Bowmen have practically no advantage. They're just unique.

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2) Arrows and Soul Arrow

Some people claim that if you equip arrows that add effects (like Diamond Arrows which add 4 Attack), but cast Soul Arrow, you will keep the Attack benefit without losing arrows. Unfortunately, this is not true. While a physical arrow is equipped and Soul Arrow is activated, the change from the physical arrow is still registered in your stat window, but your actual damage will still be calculated as if you were using a normal arrow. Please note that this has been tested multiple times.
In this example and this example, you'll see that they have Bronze and Steel Arrows equipped. The damage is registered in their stat window and Soul Arrow is active. Snails and Blue Snails have 0 Def, which means that it should be impossible to hit below their damage range. That means that the status effect from the Bronze and Steel Arrows has been negated. Here are some more recent tests with Diamond Arrows.
[url=]Critical Damage of 408[/url]
[url=]Critical Damage of 408[/url]
[url=]Normal Damage of 202[/url]
[url=]Recent Big Bang Check[/url]
More Screenshots coming soonish~

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3) Booster

When you put points Booster, every skill level increases the duration by 10 seconds, and decreases the MP cost by 1. Investing more points into Booster does not increase your firing speed. While Booster is in effect, your firing speed will increase by the same rate whether the skill is at level 1 or 20; it is only the cost and duration that are affected.

By the way, Booster knocks off 2 ranks of speed. For example, Normal (6) + Booster = Fast (4). Currently, you can only go as high as Fast (2) and as low as Slow (8).

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4) Hurricane

Hurricane is unique, because the anti-bot doesn't work with it. The anti-bot kicks in when you fire 100 consecutive shots in the same direction without making any significant movements. If the anti-bot kicks in, you can jump around for a few seconds or fire in the opposite direction, so that you can resume shooting as you were. With Hurricane, 100 consecutive shots would happen in just 12 seconds. So, Hurricane has a different anti-bot: MP. When you run out of MP, you'll have use an MP Potion and start Hurricane up again.

With the introduction of Pet Auto MP, your Pet can refill your MP for you without you having to stop Hurricane. However, this will only work once if you keep holding onto the Hurricane key. You'll have to use an MP Potion by yourself to refill your MP.

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5) Double Summon

With the addition of 4th job, came another skill we could use to summon. Some have been wondering whether you can summon two at once; the answer is no. We would be just too powerful with both available at once. If you try to summon Golden Eagle while Frost Prey is out, Golden Eagle will take its place.
Note: Puppet does not count as a summon.

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6) Jumpshooting

Jumpshooting is a technique that takes advantage of a glitch (the designers of Maple Story did not intend for jumpshooting with any ranged weapon other than Claws and Guns, therefore it is a glitch). Normally, Bowmen cannot shoot an arrow while airborne. However, pressing both the attack key and the jump key simultaneously will cause a Bowman to shoot immediately before jumping. Jumpshooting makes it so the arrow is fired where you were last on the ground and you are able to move in the air while the arrow is being fired. This technique does not work with all keyboards. In addition, you may want to move your keys around so that you are more comfortable with jumpshooting.

Since it maintains a Bowman's motion while shooting, it adds a useful game play element and can make you slightly faster in battle. You can dodge magical projectiles, ground-based attacks, and move forward while shooting an arrow. You do this by moving forward and then pressing both Jump and Attack (while still moving). If completed correctly, you should be able to shoot an arrow and move from your original spot.

A simpler way to use this is to use the Alt GR key. Unfortunately, this key is not available to most American keyboards. This key is used to type foreign symbols not used in the English language, like or . Now, if you put your attacking skill on Alt and Jump on Control, when you press Alt GR, you will be able to jumpshoot without any hassle.

Another technique, called "reverse jumpshooting" or "backshooting", involves walking forward, then suddenly changing direction while pressing Jump and Attack. Your character will appear to be jumping backwards, and firing an arrow opposite to his motion. It takes advantage of the character's sliding backwards during the turn, and is therefore easier to perform on slippery maps. It is near impossible on Snowshoes, because the instant you turn around, you are moving at full speed in that direction. From that point you can only forward jumpshoot.

There is another method of backshooting that can be performed with Snowshoes or any other Shoes. In this maneuver, you jump forward and change direction while in mid-air, then do a normal jumpshot the moment you land. This variation of the backshot is more elaborate and somewhat less effective, because you lose backward momentum as you land and must use your jumpshot as soon as possible; however, it all comes down to skill and playing style in the end.

Now, earlier on I mentioned that jumpshooting was a glitch. Due to players being suspended from abusing the game's glitches, people are worried that they will get banned from jumpshooting. This is highly unlikely. Firstly, I doubt they could detect someone jumpshooting as it can be misinterpreted as lag on another computer. Secondly, too many players jumpshoot or telecast (they're both very similar). Nexon would never want to lose that much of their population because of a glitch that doesn't even have that great of an effect. You'll save a few potions and train (insignificantly) faster.

Also, to clear up some more confusion, this is not the same as with Claws. They were meant to jumpshoot. If they were not meant to jumpshoot, Nexon would have prevented them from attacking, while in midair. The only weapons where you cannot use skills in midair are Bows, Crossbows, Wands (some skills may work in midair), and Staffs (same as Wands).

For even more information, check out [url=]Kevvl's Mini-Guide on How to Jumpshoot[/url].

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7) Walkshooting

Walkshooting is a Bow Master only technique, as it is done with Hurricane. Hold either the left or right button and tap the hotkey for Hurricane as you're moving. Your character will slide, almost as if it was on ice/snow. Therefore, you can't walkshoot with Snowshoes equipped.

Each time you tap Hurricane, arrows will fire. The amount of arrows you fire depends on your Speed. With 108% Speed, you'll only be able to get off a single arrow. With 137% Speed, you should be able to fire 2-4 Arrows. After you fire about 6 arrows, your character will stop moving, so you'll need to let go of Hurricane. After you release Hurricane, you will resume walking, as long as you keep holding on to the directional button.

You can also turn around quickly and fire Hurricane arrows in both directions. Since Hurricane fires several independent arrows at high speed, you should be able to fire an arrow to your left, fire one to your right, and then fire another to left before either of them disappear.

Walkshooting with Hurricane can be faster than jumpshooting with Strafe (or any other skill). As you become more experienced at this technique, you should be able to walkshoot at about the same rate as regular walking.

Credit for this section mainly belongs to Icedfire.

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8) Dex v. Attack

Some argue that Dex adds more damage than Atk and others argue the opposite. The one arguing that Atk adds more damage is correct. Atk simply has more of an impact on your damage because of how your damage range is calculated.

Bow Damage = 1.20*((Dex*4)+Str)*(Atk/100)
Crossbow Damage = 1.35*((Dex*4)+Str)*(Atk/100)

If Dex is less than 1, that means Dex adds more damage. If Dex is more than 1, than Atk adds more damage. In general, from around level 30-70, 1 Atk = 3 Dex. From 70-100, 1 Atk = 4 Dex, and from 100-130, 1 Atk = 5 Dex.

For the shortcut method, you can divide Dex by Attack to see how much Dex is worth.

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9) Fast Bows v. Strong Bows

There are certain levels where you can equip two types of Bows: Bows that are fast, and Bows that have more Atk. To figure out whether the attack Speed balances out with the increase in power, much like Bows and Crossbows, the math is shown below. The Red Viper and the Vaulter 2000 is used as an example.

An average Red Viper is Fast (5), with Booster it is Fast (3), with only 50 Atk. On the other hand, an average Vaulter 2000 is Normal (6), with Booster it is Fast (4), with 55 Atk. Let's assume that Character A is using the Red Viper is level 40, has 175 Dex, has 40 Str, and has 50 Atk. Let's also assume that Character B is using the Vaulter 2000 is level 40, has 170 Dex, has 45 Str, and has 55 Atk. The reason Character A has 5 more Dex is because he needs 5 less Str to equip his Bow.

Character A's Damage Range: 222 ~ 444
Character B's Damage Range: 239 ~ 478

Character A's Average Damage Over Time: 30,269
Character B's Average Damage Over Time: 29,863

In this case, just the difference of 5 Dex, 5 Str, and 5 Atk will make the Red Viper better. However, just adding a measly 1 more Atk to the Vaulter 2000 will beat the Red Viper. As you can tell, this is a very situational experiment.

Most often, you'll be deciding between two Bows where you'll have the same Str and Dex, but have a different attack speed, then you can use a simpler method that Firestone160 devised. Multiply the Weapon Attack by the Attack speed. For quick reference:
Bow Faster (3) - 660 ms ~ 90.9 spm
Bow Fast (4) - 720 ms ~ 83.3 spm
Crossbow Faster (3) - 690 ms ~ 86.9 spm
Crossbow Fast (4) - 720 ms ~ 83.3 spm

However, each Bow has certain qualities. The Red Viper fires faster than the Vaulter 2000 does, meaning that in a situation where both Bows one-hit kill, the Red Viper allows you to move to the next monster faster. But because the damage range on Bowmen is quite broad, the increased Attack of the Vaulter 2000 helps ensure that you kill in less hits, and allows you to fight tougher monsters sooner.

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10) Str-less Bowmen

A Str-less Bowman, sometimes called a Pure Dex Bowman, is exactly what it sounds like: a Bowman without Str, or in this case 4 because that's the minimum. Str-less Bowmen were made possible with the release of the Maple weapons. A Str-less Bowman uses a level 10 War Bow until level 35, when he can then switch to a Maple Bow, and then to a Maple Soul Searcher at level 43. At level 55, the Winkel is available. The Maple Kandiva can be equipped at level 64. Finally, at level 65, Str-less Hunters can equip a Bow of Magical Destruction (BoMD). It should be noted that the Bow of Magical Destruction and Maple Kandiva both have the same average Atk, but the Maple Kandiva fires faster. With the advent of the Unwelcome weapons, there are four more Bows a Str-less Bowman can equip.

Scrolling rare items isn't cheap, so equipping a Str-less Bowman can be costly. Many consider the short lasting "thrill period" of high damages not worth the cost. Others point out that being a Str-less takes the excitement out of important milestones (level 50, for example), because there is no change of weapon. As mentioned earlier in the [s=]AP Distribution[/s] section, Maple Warrior will add more stats due to higher base Dex.

Due to the new damage formula and the Unwelcome weapons, if a Str-less Bowman gets a hold of the VIP Bow or VIP Crossbow, then he/she would never be outdamaged, assuming similar scrolling and equips. The VIP Bow yields 115 Atk, while the Timeless Engaw only yields 107 Atk. They fire at the same rate as well. This means that overall, a Str-less Bowman will outperform a 'Regular' Bowman.

For copyright/plagiarism reasons, this has been put here to prove that spiritrival and GrifMoNeY were the ones who wrote this.

Str-less Crossbowmen were usually considered less practical than Str-less Hunters, mainly because there was no Crossbow equivalent of the Bow of Magical Destruction. Without any high-leveled Str-less Crossbows, a Str-less Crossbowman has no future after level 60. However, the Maple Nishada and the Unwelcome Weapons were introduced, making them on par with their brethren.

In addition, it should be noted that only the following equipment have a Str requirement (excluding weapons):
Hunter - level 25
Hawkeye - level 30
Pole-Feather Hat - Level 35
Lockewood Hat - level 35
Distinction - level 40

Tops and Bottoms
Bennis Chainmail - level 25
Bennis Chainpants - level 25

Woodsman Boots - level 15
Huntertop - level 20
Jack Boots - level 25

This means that, after level 40, a Str-less Bowman does not have to worry about not being able to use Bowman equipment.

To sum it up, becoming a Str-less Bowman is an option for those who can afford decent weapons, have the patience to get through the first 35 levels of "hell", and want a new challenge in the world of MapleStory.

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11) Strafe v. Double Shot

Level 20 Double Shot with Enhanced Basics (400%) is stronger than level 1 Strafe (368%). However, when does Strafe pick back up? Because Criticals are multiplicative, they can ignored without harm to the mathematics. Final Attack can also be ignored since they fire the same number of attacks in one minute. Final Attack does not activate on a per arrow basis, but rather a per attack basis. Well, the answer is simply level 6.

Level 5 Strafe deals 400% damage, which is equivalent to Double Shot's damage. However, the MP cost for the same damage would increase by 8 MP per shot.

Level 6 Strafe deals 408% damage, which beats Double Shot. Level 7 is 416% and so on. When the extra damage outweighs the MP cost is up to you, but most people stop using Double Shot as soon as possible, opting for the "better-looking" and stronger skill.

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12) Strafe v. Hurricane

As we all know, maxed Hurricane is better than maxed Strafe. We can tell that already without math by using common sense. However, when does it become more beneficial to use Hurricane over Strafe? Hurricane always fires 500 arrows per minute, whether you have Booster or a Fast Bow, it will still be 500 arrows per minute. Strafe fires 83.3 times in a minute, or 333 arrows per minute, but 4 arrows are always bundled together. We'll be looking at damage over time to compare. To note, level 1 Hurricane deals 142% damage per arrow and Strafe deals 100% damage per arrow.

Level 30 Strafe with Normal Bow: (150% * 4) * 83.3 = 49,980%
Level 30 Strafe with Fast Bow: (150% * 4) * 90.9 = 54,540%
Level 1 Hurricane: 142% * 500 = 71,000%

The damage gap is large. Level 1 Hurricane clearly beats Strafe. The only advantage Strafe has is that it's attacks are bundled (all 4 arrows count as one attack) as opposed to Hurricane's one arrow per attack. This means that for Dark Stars and Blood Booms that need to be killed in one attack of 10,000 damage, it will be better to use Strafe. However, Strafe's only advantage is also it's largest downfall. Final Attack activates on a per attack basis, meaning that Final Attack will be six times better for Hurricane than for Strafe.

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[url=]Glitch - A minor malfunction, mishap, or technical problem[/url]
As derived from the above definition, a glitch is an unintentional malfunction. There appears to be many annoying glitches that affects the Bowman class. (Thus, many people think that Nexon hates us Bowmen. Using common sense, that isn't the case.) The following sections will be dealing with glitches that pertain to the Bowman class. I know, I know, glitches aren't frequently asked questions. However, they often lead to questions like, "Am I the only one who _? Why does _ happen to me? Why does _ do this?" I will attempt to describe these glitches, and their solutions (if any), as accurately as possible.

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1) Jumpshooting

See [s=]6) Jumpshooting[/s].

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2) Summons

This glitch involves all Bowman summons. When you go through a portal on a map while a summon is active, it is possible that your summon will automatically go to the middle of the map and stay there. You can either cast it again or walk within its range. This range is the same range of characters showing on your mini map. Imagine that someone was in the middle of the map, as soon as you see the person on the mini map, they will transport back next to you. Simply replace that someone with your summon and that's the glitch.

There's another glitch that involves Silver Hawk, Golden Eagle, and Frost Prey as well. On occasion, your summoned bird will pretend to attack a monster. By this I mean that it will show the attack, but no damage or status effect will occur. It's almost as if it is attacking nothing. Simply enter the Cash Shop, exit, and resummon it to fix the glitch.

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3) Puppet

Puppet, the skill that summons a scarecrow (ironically, there's a crow on it) is designed to distract the monsters' attention away from the user. For this skill to properly work, one must attack a monster and then cast Puppet, preferably in a direction so that the monster no longer attacking you. Normally, you would only have to attack the monster once. However, if another person is in the map, it may take more than one hit for the monster to be attracted to the Puppet instead of you. Most people, including myself, believe it is lag induced. The presence of another person makes it so that the monster does not immediately go to the Puppet. The situation is easily remedied. Simply attack it more than once, preferably so that it is in its flinch state at least once. You can also ask the person to leave, or leave yourself.

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4) Phantom Arrow

When you use Arrow Rain or Arrow Eruption, it's possible for another user to see a regular arrow shoot right before you use Rain or Eruption. You yourself can't see this phantom arrow, but it's possible for other people. It does not cause any extra damage or anything else

It's the game's way of calculating where to shoot, which is why you may see the arrow acting erratic. It's just that it's not supposed to be visible. All skills need to know which direction to go to and what monsters to hit. That is why when you cast Soul Arrow on a rope or ladder, it always faces to the left.

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5) Disconnecting with Pierce

As you can tell from the name, some people have been disconnecting with Pierce. Fortunately, we already know the cause. The game's server will automatically disconnect you if you hit more than 199,999 damage. This was to prevent hackers from dealing huge amounts of damage. However, Pierce was meant to be able to surpass 99,999 damage. Currently, Pierce can deal damage up to 248,849, but anymore than that, and the user will disconnect.

Also, some people may have been confusing Pierce with Snipe. I assure you, it is not Snipe that makes Marksmen disconnect. Snipe always hits 199,999 damage.

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6) Hurricane and Window Mode

While playing Maple Story using window mode and while shooting Hurricane, if you click outside of the Maple Story window, you will continue to fire Hurricane until you run out of MP. It's slightly handy for multitasking while you're shooting in a safe spot.

If you have a Pet with Auto MP, your Pet will only recover your MP once while using Hurricane. So you can't just bot forever. You will have to use an MP Potion by yourself.

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Special thanks to these contributors: wdiablo2004, sapphire8, smacksaw, intoxic, luckymango, illogik, zedex, vortexx01, kalderon, TechnoLink, link545, sybaris, tzkbowman, Reginleif, bluebomber24, kevvl13, sometinynuts, phoenix23, Armonia, Genrou, player1or2, Xenith, sum41, Icedfire, and others who I may have forgotten to mention. A lot of thanks to GrifMoNeY again for letting the Archer Guide Forums repost his original F.A.Q.

I would like to thank all of the members of this forum for their incredible effort in making this thread both accurate and accessible. LazyBui of not-NorthPerry helped a bunch with his Attack Speed Reference. I would also like to thank bokuwaomar for recognizing the thread as useful to the forum and making it a sticky. mrbasil deserves some thanks as well for creating such an awesome site.

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